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Victory      December 12, 2012

Beloved Victory
David Christopher Lewis
December 12, 2012   3:58–4:04 pm MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Beloved Victory Multiplies the Light through the Causal Bodies
of Participants in the Thirty-Three-Day Vigil

I, Victory, come to seal this session within the thirty-three-day vigil. And though the vigil will continue till midnight mountain time this evening, I am sealing this session, even as I will come energetically at the midnight hour to seal the entire vigil, dearest ones.

Legions of Victory now stand around each and every one of you who has offered through your heart's fire love and abundance. There is multiplied the light of freedom through the violet band of your causal body now. There is multiplied also, by God's grace, through the emerald band of your causal body the light of abundance. And there is multiplied through the golden light and band of your causal body now the light of wisdom and that Solar energy that you may utilize from this day forward to accelerate on your path and to deliver the goods of your own being and your own victorious sense to this Earth, through your life lived to the glory of God.

Therefore there is a three-partite action of sacred fire delivered to each one now. Dearest ones, you should see the light of your causal body glowing and emanating these cosmic-ray energies of love through the freedom flame; power through that same ray; faith and your belief, as well as your wisdom, through the emerald ray; and your own sunny-ness and divine character through that yellow-golden fire of victory.

Finally, dearest ones, it is my privilege to provide a new impetus of light to each one who has given on a regular basis Vesta's Solar Rosary. I accelerate the light of your own Sun Presence here in your midst. And there is a tangible manifestation of Solar fire delivered directly to you, O sons and daughters of God, who are attempting to outpicture your own Solar nature of light through all of the sacred sciences of the Spirit manifest through the Sun-light of God within you.

As you attend to the sun, you attend to the light of victory and the fire thereof from within your heart. As you gaze upon the sun, the ray of Victory descends directly from the heart of Helios and Vesta unto you. As you allow the sun to sing through you and its sacred-fire wisdom to blaze through your minds, there the light of Victory is, and there you will have greater God-consciousness and Solar awareness manifesting through your lives.

Study your Presence; speak to your Source. Invest yourselves in the workings of the Spirit. And then, as Lanello has said as Longfellow, your lives shall truly be sublime and, I add, victoriously divine. Therefore I seal you in my light, which is the light of God, and thank you.

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