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Queen of Light      December 10, 2012

Beloved Queen of Light
David Christopher Lewis
December 10, 2012   12:30–12:50 pm MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

Angels of the Queen of Light Serve a Spiritual Communion of Light on Sankta Lucia Day

Most Gracious Hearts,

It is my great joy and love to be with you in the spirit of purity and hallowedness and light. Light is the nature of God; the very being of the Creator is what light manifests through in so many beautiful ways. And when you attend to light, when you are invested in God's light-works, there resides within your heart and being the sublimity and the magnanimity of that light, which is God's great gift to offer you, each one.

In sacred moments such as these, wherein you invoke that light on behalf of millions of souls, seeing yourself as a vessel, as a chalice, crystalline in nature, through which that light may be expanded throughout the cosmos to many, there is born within you a new essence of God through your own Selfhood within that spirit of beingness.

O precious ones of the North and hallowed ones of all nations throughout our great Earth, on this day that you celebrate, through the candles of light that you hold and through your own internalization of what those bearers of light represent, I wrap you in my wings of light and draw you to my heart in order that you may truly feel your own divine nature now.

When you recognize this great truth—that you are already God in manifestation—then your life changes from one lived only from the human viewpoint to one in which you accept, through your divine nature, the miraculous, the wonderful, the awesome. In this, blessed ones, every ascended master understands the totality of God's being effused throughout the cosmos. And you may enter into that selfsame reverential spirit and buoyancy of light as you embrace this path, as you model what it means to be a conscious soul living upon Earth to give glory to God through every moment of your experience.

On this Sankta Lucia Day, I have brought many angels from my retreat to serve you a type of spiritual communion that is beyond what most humans are able to understand or imbibe. It is the very light essence of your Sun Source, your own I AM Presence, in a distillation of concentrated spiritual energy, light itself. Now receive this elixir of crystalline, divine substance and drink, dearest ones. Take it into your beings and feel the currents of God's consciousness flowing through your electronic body, revivifying you in your Christ state of beingness within God's heart. Feel the intelligence of this light as it permeates your being, energizing your chakras to a new level of acceleration and bringing wholeness to every cell of your being, both within the physical dimensions in which you live and within the multidimensional aspects of your higher bodies of light that exist beyond the veil and beyond human sight and feeling.

O precious ones, I am emboldened this day to share with humanity at large something of their own Godhood through this experience so that every soul will be raised during this Christ Mass season; so that families will feel a greater connection, heart to heart; and so that through understanding of each one's path and divine destiny, there may be common ground for harmony, discussions and sharing to ensue at a new and higher level than each one had previously even imagined was possible.

Yes, your families are special, and the dynamics of your relationships are so essential to understand and master so that you may move on into higher realms of experience with the greater family of the Universal Great White Brother/Sisterhood of Light. We cherish each word that arises from the heart of God within us. We feel the connection continuously with the great Source of all, and in this our lives, even as ascended beings, are glorious and beautiful.

Imagine, even as you imagined as a child, that you could have anything that you desired and required instantaneously by thought and by the sacred process of its delivery to you by angel beings of light. Well, dearest ones, it is not so difficult if you choose to make the transition to an understanding that every divine gift, every virtuous offering from your own I AM Presence is yours to accept, claim and utilize in your lives for the asking simply because it is God's great desire to give you all that you require each day. God is an effulgent God; God is a giving God. God is a universal Spirit that provides, as providence, all that is essential for all of his children upon this Earth.

Yes, God is the great Sinterklaas, Santa Claus, the great Saint Nick of all creation, bestowing upon all, even the seemingly naughty ones, what is required for their victorious life, for their divine happiness, for them to return to his very heart. And the Divine Mother of all that is, like Mrs. Claus, provides a joyous, aromatic aura of beingness within the family experience so that each one may feel treasured, appreciated, accepted just for who they are.

Did you know, blessed ones, that in my retreat we even have a type of spiritual eggnog? Ha-ha! And it is composed of the essences of light from the great Cosmic Egg itself, which, when poured out of a sacred crystal glass and intermixed with certain divine substances that are like those that you would call spices upon Earth, provide for your soul nourishment at a higher level of existence.

So I invite you all to my chambers of light this night to participate in a great cosmic dining experience and an extravaganza of divine entertainment, in which each one will have bestowed upon him or her numerous frequencies and spiritual gifts, as blessings from our angelic hands, so that you may move forward in the new year consciously to accomplish your goals, your dreams and your greatest God-desires.

O dearest ones who have gathered in Bergvik and who are listening to my message this day or who will in the future hear my message via recording, let me close my message by simply saying to you, each one: I love you. God loves you. Your Higher Self, which each day wraps you in light, loves you. And when you discover the secrets hidden within your heart of how to love each lifestream, each life-form upon Earth with a greater intensity and more natural means, then we will reveal greater secrets of how you may engage and expand that love within you to rise higher on your path of light.

The Presence of God is here in your midst. Cherish it, know your oneness, believe in yourselves and all shall be well during this holy season and throughout the new year and every year to come, O holy ones. May God bless and keep you ever. I AM your Queen of Light.

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