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David Lewis      November 24, 2012

David Christopher Lewis (Inspired by Beloved Saint Germain)
November 24, 2012   8:16-8:34 pm MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

Saint Germain Adds Mighty Victory to Our Current 33-Day Novena
144 Heartfriends Must Participate So That El Morya Can Continue to Sponsor Our Movement

            Saint Germain just came to me a few minutes ago with a message that we are in the cycle of victory in Sagittarius, and some of you even on this call tonight and participating are Sagittarians, a very important sign. The archer sends his arrow into the future within the eternal Now with a charge at the very point of the arrow that is committing all from his heart to the Lord God in the thrust and the momentum that the bow sends forth through the arrow to begin a new spiral for victory for the coming year's cycle.
            And the commitment that Saint Germain is making is amazing for The Hearts Center movement. And he is saying that for the duration of our 33-day vigil, in addition to calls for freedom and abundance, he suggests that we also invoke the light of Mighty Victory because we are in the cycle of God-victory. Mighty Victory himself is committing to work with us. And everyone within our movement during this cycle who commits to giving all that he or she can in time, in energy, in love, in prayers, and also in abundance will receive the blessings of Victory. And whatever they give in any of these modes will be multiplied by the power of twelve because we will shortly be in the twelfth month of December. And the cycle of God-victory is the twelfth line of the clock before we move into Capricorn—that twelfth cycle being that of Sagittarius. So even though Lord Maitreya is the master on the 11:00 o'clock line, it is the cycle of God-victory. And Mighty Victory is also invested in this quadrant, leading it off on the 9:00 o'clock line.

Saint Germain suggests that we give our all during this cycle; and in giving our all, it may be very specific for each individual. Some may consider that they are already giving their all. And yet, for all of us, there is something more that we can reach down inside of ourselves and give. There is something yet that we have not completely offered to God in terms of our inner life or our outer abundance.
            Saint Germain has shown me some aspects of the future tonight and of what is destined to come upon the Earth and within the United States of America. It is imperative that our heartfriends in the Chicago area, the heart chakra of America, step up and work as one heart, as one heartfriends community and Hearts Center, as one body, to be there for the Master Saint Germain during these upcoming four years. There is something about the heart center of America that is important. And that is why Saint Germain is coming tonight because many of you are focused in this service for invoking that light for the heart of America and the heart of the world.

There are miracles waiting to happen. There is abundance that is in a latent state of veritable precipitation, and it simply requires the heart commitment of a few, and of more as we magnetize more, to allow the tipping of the scales for a miraculous amount of abundance, radiance and light to come our way for the expansion of our movement.
            What I am seeing is that Saint Germain is kneeling before the Solar Lords because of what he sees on the horizon. He is again offering the momentum of his causal body on behalf of the Earth and all lightbearers. He is contacting many lightbearers on the inner to make this greater leap in surrender and in givingness. I am seeing the record of the complete surrender of various individuals to the divine plan of the Universal Great White Brotherhood and of what transpired as a result of their decisions—including Mark Prophet, Elizabeth Clare Prophet; previous messengers Godfre and Lotus; myself; and of others.

The same level of commitment that I have offered to the Brotherhood in my complete surrender to the will of God is what Saint Germain is asking each and every heartfriend within our movement to consider. Please kneel before your God tonight before you retire and look into your heart, look into your being deeply, and ask yourself what is it that you have not quite let go of. With an impassioned zeal give it to God. Drawn forth from our collective level of givingness and surrender, the Master Saint Germain with Mighty Victory can draw forth a dispensation of divine energy, radiance, and abundance that will bring us to a new victorious cycle for 2013 and beyond.
            What this will require is that every heartfriend within our movement consider the previous request of the master, given through me at the beginning of this 33-day cycle. If every one of us can offer something in terms of our abundance, even if it is $10, then he will be able to respond. Very few people, as of now—probably less than a dozen people—have given to that fund that is on our website, that is the Freedom and Abundance Donation. And if you look at the Freedom and Abundance Vigil visual on the home page on the right, and you click on “Donate now,” that is what I'm talking about. Less than twelve people, to date, have clicked on that and given any money. In other words, for whatever reason, people are ignoring Saint Germain's message through me.
            Friends, divine compatriots, blessed servitors of the masters, if there is not a response from 144 heartfriends within our movement, El Morya will withdraw, starting at spring equinox next year, from his sponsorship of this movement. This is what Saint Germain is telling me tonight. Saint Germain is going to bat for El Morya. If there are not 144 who respond by the end of our 33-day vigil on December 12, 2012, El Morya will have to withdraw and will not be able to carry with his causal body the momentum essential for the ongoing delivery of HeartStreams through me past the spring equinox. I cannot even tell you how serious a matter this is for the Brotherhood. We cannot allow this to occur.
            It is also essential that we release two or three books next year, and part of my assignment is to focus on publications rather than on too many other initiatives. This message is imperative for every heartfriend within our movement to hear within 48 hours. Therefore the audio file must be posted and a link to it emailed out by Monday evening at 8:30 p.m. Mountain Time.
            Saint Germain is intense tonight. The fire in his eyes is blazing with a brilliance and an intensity. He desires to save America and the world. This is his heart desire. And yet the forces of anti-freedom are on the march. The plans of the nefarious ones are accelerating. And if we are to meet head-on the challenges of 2013 and beyond, there has to be an upsurge and upswell in commitment and in complete surrender to the will of God within the lives of heartfriends. Remember that this is a freedom and abundance vigil, and freedom comes first. And now we add victory to this equation.

            In the name of Mighty Victory, Saint Germain, Fortuna, El Morya and the sponsoring masters of our movement, we call to the entire Spirit of the Universal Great White Brotherhood to come to the aid of Terra and of The Hearts Center movement in this hour. Let there be that greater commitment of heart fires from every heartfriend who considers themselves a part of this dispensation. Let each one give from their hearts, even the widow's mite or the widower's mite.

Let each one respond to this great master of Aquarius and lend the momentum of his or her heart fire to the masters for our collective victory, our collective freedom and abundance.

O Lord God, I impel each one to come up higher. I rededicate and reconsecrate my life to the cause of eternal freedom. I give to the utmost and to the fullest all that I am and that I can let go of and surrender and offer on the altar of the Most High this night. And I ask humbly on bended knee now as I kneel before the altar of the Most High. And I kneel before the hearts of every friend of light in this movement to please respond to this great master in this hour.

And I call to beloved Clare de Lis and Lanello to assist now in the implementation of every strategy of light that is required to get Saint Germain's message out. And I accept it done in the name I AM THAT I AM, and I affirm its completion and complete victory. Amen.

            Thank you, heartfriends of Chicago. Thank you, Tucker, and all those who have participated tonight in this World Freedom and Abundance Vigil and heartstreaming prayer session.

In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, we seal this session in the grace of the Holy Spirit and in the blessings of eternal liberty, freedom and vigilance. Amen.

Thank you, everyone.

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