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Kuthumi      November 08, 2012

Beloved Kuthumi
David Christopher Lewis
November 8, 2012  7:10-7:30 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

Angels of Peace Fabricate Around You a Garment of Light
Set Aside a Time of Stillness Day After Day in Order to Access the Higher Virtues

Gracious Hearts,
            In the living light of God, in the living reality of his Presence, in the living radiant stream of her being, I am here with you, manifesting all that I can in this hour to support your personal path of advancement, soul development, and spiritual unfoldment. The essence of my being I share with your heart. The radiance of my Solar Presence I bestow upon each of you. And the glory of God in which I live and move and have my being I offer as a freewill gift, in order that you may understand the exigencies of the hour, the requirements for greater attunement, and how you may employ every virtue for your greatest opportunity.
            The light of peace is here. The power of the Presence shines forth. And the radiance of soulfulness that you have garnered through many long hours of prayer, devotion, praise and thanksgiving to the Source are now multiplied by angels of the Lord who echo and reflect back to you, amplified by a quotient of God-gratitude, what you have given to the universe in the way of love, compassion, and kindness. Yes, I am Kuthumi, and I reveal to you from within the secret chamber of your heart keys so that you may always embrace the light of cosmic Christ peace and Buddhic awareness, as I do.
            Many seek solace and refreshment in the Spirit, sealed from the interpositions of darkness from the unconscious ones in the world, a sacred space where they may make contact with the perfected being that they know as God within their own hearts. It is mete for you, each one, to consider setting aside this time of stillness day after day, in order to access the higher virtues that come when you live in that supernal light of grace. Therefore, I provide this day an opportunity for you at inner planes to abide in my presence throughout this cycle, for you to feel at a deep soul level encouragement, the value of your being in the arms of God, your true identity one with your Source.
            Yes, I will highlight this in ways that will provide you, each one, with that sense of inner peace that will bring about a new harmonic field of light. And when you can generate this light field yourself—around your aura, throughout your being—and maintain the civility of its radiance and the gentility of its power by lovingkindness, you will make greater progress, even beholding God face to face through your inner sight. And there will come to you many opportunities for you to commune directly with a number of ascended masters, both in the retreats of the Brotherhood and as they alight in your presence, feeling welcomed by this state of cosmic equipoise that you now manifest.
            Yes, there are brothers of the shadow who attempt to ensnarl you and entrap you in all manner of diversions from this living reality of God-grace. Give them no attention or focus and speak not of their evil ways again and again. For even this at a certain level magnetizes their attention and their attempts to embroil you in their strategies. Focus solely on the pure reality of your highest Self, the brilliance of the star of your God-beingness, and live in the effulgence of this great light through every thought, word, and deed, and every experience that comes your way. You magnetize the ascended masters' presence and consciousness by focused love, by acceptance of grace, and by a humble heart wed to the Lord's eternal love-fires.
            Each and every one of you has the ability, yea, even the inner mandate, to live as gods and goddesses, sons and daughters of the Most High. For this is your birthright. And your destiny, as you choose to accept it day by day and hour by hour, is to know God, to live a godly life and to enjoy the fruits of the Spirit that are always yours to employ through a life of harmony, blessedness, and peace.
            Angels of Peace come now to fabricate around you a garment of light with many stitches consciously woven from the living reality of the flame of peace itself. You may don this completed garment any time, anywhere, as you shun violence, ignorance, and the intrusive forces of the not-self and embrace every form of godliness that you may focus upon within your heart-mind connection.
            Yes, blessed ones, I am here for you always as one of the World Teachers to coach you and to coax you ever onward. Know that the path is not so difficult when you embrace God-love and kindness as your norm, as your way. There need not be a sense of strife, division, or an embattled consciousness through anxiety and a sense of struggle that at times besets you if you will remember who you are and allow God's light, God's love to vibrate where you are and to enfold you within this greater garment of peace and harmony.
            O precious ones, if you could only experience for a moment the eternality of your soul as every ascended master knows it, having fully embraced the allness of God's Presence, you would be at peace with yourself, in harmony with nature, smiling with the World Mother, and always prepared for that which God is effulgently giving to you, offering to you from within your own sacred heart each moment.
            Yes, Jesus, Omraam and I have many a plan prepared, both for the expansion of this movement and for the expansion of the light within our servitors and heartfriends. Therefore, be at peace and prosper in that still state of being, that quiescent environment that you may access simply by uttering a gentle prayer, requesting support from the Lord and his angels and surcease from strain and stress within the heart of the Divine Mother.
            O, how she listens to the heartbeats of her children and to their inner cries, the callings of the soul. Yes, she feels them and she responds gently with light, with her maternal caress of Presence, and with an overabiding reverence for who you are as a God-created one, to lift you up, to raise you on wings of angels, to hold you in the light, and to see you through to your victory.
            O, gracious hearts, I thank you for your love. And I bestow again and again throughout this day and every day God's Presence, blessing you and enriching your lives with spiritual joy and the transcendence of simply knowing and loving God dearly. I thank you.


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