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Astrea      October 31, 2012

Beloved Astrea
David Christopher Lewis
October 31, 2012   7:30–7:47 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Align Yourselves with the Sword—the Sacred Word—and Choose to Be Your True Self

Beloved Ones in Whom the Light of God Manifests Effulgently,

I come in answer to the prayers of some who would be vehicles for the instrumentation of divine light within this world. I see you as authentic, beautiful, heavenly creatures, those created by the light of God, who embody Solar consciousness, who radiate the perfected light and holy glory, the virtues of God day by day.

This is All Hallows Eve, a day originally consecrated as one of expectancy, whereby the soul would prepare herself for an investment—yea, the sacred sacrament—of light, through which the holy manifestation of beingness, outpictured within the lives of the saints of heaven, would also manifest within the soul through the spiritual quintessences carried by these great divine beings. Yet in this day and age, there is the perversion of this holy ritual and holy day through all manner of manifestations of the outpicturing of the gross, the infamous. And so you see ghoulish figures, demonic faces and the articulation of density in its most banal forms across civilization.

Therefore I come to clean the slate and to lock my circle and sword, yea, that of the Elohim, around the matrices of darkness. Burn through, O sacred fire. Torch now that which is unreal, ephemeral and undeserving of God's eyes to view. Blaze through, burn through, blaze through, burn through, blaze through, burn through, and lock a new matrix of light and imagery divine into the etheric plane within this Earth so that every man, woman and child may have within their own inner sight a vision sublime of God-beauty, of the glorious and heavenly nature of that which is real.

Yes, your children may revel in the fun, and you should not dissuade them from their time of being together. And yet you may encourage them to wear costumes that outpicture their true and noble selves, virtuous in all ways. In this you will benefit life and allow the Divine Mother to raise a new culture of grace and harmonize all in a spirit of perfected light.

Dearest ones, it is a dark time upon Earth, and some are experiencing the intensity of the immensity of the manifestation of the energy veil within this plane. Yet there is always hope, a way out and a pathway of light that you may walk upon and within in order to access all that is essential for overcoming and winning your victory, for claiming the light of God resident within your being, fully integrated within yourself. It is a conscious choice to be rather than not to be godly, light and rich in the Spirit. It is a day-by-day option for you to access that which is your true Self by your attention, your focus and your vision upon truth, harmony and the reality of God's eternal being.

What is your quest this day? Are you seeking God within everything, within everyone and within the time and space of your life in order to provide humanity with your highest gift of Selfhood? Are you seeking the sublime realms, the supermundane worlds, wherein all that is holy and pure may be yours to claim and to use in order to uplift life and to secure many in their divine station of beingness? Truly, dearest ones, the Elohim are here for you. The masters of light and of love-wisdom are just a breath away, and their energies are teeming all around you, ready to be invoked. And yet at times you forget who you are, the light that has been entrusted to you, your divine inheritance, and all that is essential for your victorious life in all things.

Yes, we come in answer to the call for purity and for that circle and sword to free many from all manner of impositions of darkness, of waves of nihilism, death and destruction. Within the sword, the spiritual sword—the sacred Word of God—is light and life, is the repolarizing energy of God-beingness, which claims for you the perfected matrix of your reality in the Now. Use that sword to demagnetize yourself from all that is less than holiness and virtue. And use that circle of God-identity, with the flames that consume on contact thoughts, feelings and records less than godliness, so that you can move forward, dearest ones, and rise in the light of your Christhood, your Buddhahood, your Divine Motherhood.

We now see, feel and know within our expanded Selfhood, within the many worlds that abide within our auric field, a rising tide of light, a wave and patterns of perfection that you may access instantaneously for your ascent, your freedom and your ennoblement in the light. There is no excuse for maintaining a status quo life, hidden in the shadows of an identity outside of God's circle and the sacred Word of Spirit. Therefore enter the circle of our Presences. Align yourselves with the sword of that Word, the Logos, who you are. And be truly the God-man, God-woman or God-child of the Sun in whom shines the radiance divine of blessedness and beingness. In this you are happy; in this you are fulfilled. And the joyful spiritual components of your highest being may then shine forth as a testament to the true path of light that you walk, the virtuous gait of spirit that you experience.

Dearest ones, we are here attempting to raise you up into a new light field, an auric presence of godliness. Through your own acceptance and gratitude for that which God provides as this inheritance of light for you, you may truly become all that you are destined to manifest and, in this procession of light, join the Brotherhood of the Spirit in its sacred work upon Earth. We claim you daily as you acclaim who you are, as you refrain from lowering your vibration and as you accept the totality of a new-world experience of God-glory.

O beloved Astrea, may God-purity manifest here for all to see, for all to see, for all to see, O Lord. Yes, the effulgence that manifests through your God-desire within these words makes them real and brings them into play in your life. Ensure that your words are uttered with integrity, with fire and with an understanding of their ability, empowered by you, to perform divine magic, the miraculous, in your lives.

Thank you, dearest ones, for your presence. God bless you on your sacred journey. Be at peace within your soul and know the cosmic circle and the fiery sword of light. We thank you.


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