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Virgil, Angel of Deliverance      October 23, 2012

Beloved Virgil, Angel of Deliverance
David Christopher Lewis
October 23, 2012   6:30-6:45 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


I Serve with Archangel Michael and Ray-O-Light

to Answer the Cries for Freedom, Liberty and Cosmic Assistance


Call to the Legions of Virgil and We Will Deliver Many
into the Arms of the Lord

            I AM the Angel of Deliverance; Virgil is my moniker. And, blessed ones, I come early this morning to deliver you into the arms, into the hands of God. For I perceive that some have let loose of that firm hold upon their God-identity, in which they may abide ever within the circle of God's eternal light.

           Therefore, I am here to empower you again to make that strong connection with your Source; to affirm who you are in the I AM name; to resolve deep within your heart and soul that you will live a righteous life born of Spirit, blessed by angelic hands and intercession; and that you will from henceforth—yea, from this day forward—move within the aura of the One. As you focus upon the truth of your Higher Selfhood, you may gain access to those cosmic resources that you require to lend the momentum of your being to the Lord for the manifestation of the greatest possible works in your life—a noble life lived to the glory of God, wherein your every thought, feeling, word and deed magnifies the radiance from the Sun of your own being and you allow, through a winsome smile and a gracious attitude, the Holy Spirit to abide where you are.

             I come often into the arena of action in the world of men, women and children when a call has gone forth from the heart to deliver a soul from darkness. Often, dearest ones, the instantaneous action of our coming precipitates as spiritual lightning in your midst, and my angels and I are there in a flash. For I am the leader of a host, a band, of angels that comes in answer to the cries of some for freedom, for liberty and for cosmic assistance.

            You have heard of Michael, captain of the hosts of the Lord. Yea, I serve with him and with Ray-O-Light. The action that I perform with my bands is one of instantaneously loosening the bonds and the grip of darkness, the chains of an identity outside of the circle of pure beingness. We are also there at the dawning of a soul's incarnation in time and space to assist mothers in delivering their children, and often we create an auric field of protection around the womb and around the body temple of the mother to secure that soul's descent into time and space through the birth canal into physicality in your realm.
            Yes, dearest ones, our work is sacred, and we take great cosmic delight in the ability of the light itself to free mankind from darkness of every ilk. Yes, you would be amazed to see just how twisted the identities of some become in the illusionary lives that they live. Yet there is always a way out; there is always an answer to mankind's dilemma of living in that state of noncompliance with the will, wisdom and love of God. And we find that way and we offer it to the soul, and that one may simply step up into a new platform of beingness, a new dynamic of life, a new reality and paradigm of beingness through conscious choice and will. You see, we provide an aura of virya around the soul that frees that one from a sense of inaction, lack of hope and inability to access the strength and the will to save oneself or another. And we provide an impetus of cosmic action and fire for the right choice to be made to save life, to secure life, to offer life a place, a sacred space in which that one may abide in God's grace.

            You may call to the legions of Virgil to secure for many a new place, an identity in their own reality within this realm. We will deliver many into the arms of the Lord, into the divine hands of God through your intercessory prayers, your fiats of light and also simply through the motive of your hearts to save sentient beings.

            You notice that my name is similar to the word vigil. The r that is added is the ray of light of God that enters the equation, often through the vigils conducted by some on behalf of life, even those who are praying for the unborn and who maintain, through their constancy, a pathway of light to heaven whereby angels may alight upon Earth and save the weakest, the most ignoble and truly the least in the eyes of men of the sons and daughters and children of the Most High. Yes, dearest ones, often a soul, a great soul, is ready to incarnate upon Earth but finds not the resource through which he or she may abide within your realm in a safe environment. Therefore we come to provide that resource temporarily until one steps forward to offer the home, the heart and the being to that great light come to Earth.

            Do not forget to entertain angels, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.¹ Well, dearest ones, now you are aware, and there is no other option. We see, then, for you to provide through your being that resource of light through which many may step through the veil and by which deliverance may come.

            Now we perform an alchemy on behalf of each and every one of you who has been constant in your faithfulness to this path of light. If you have one problem that has beset your soul for years, decades and even lifetimes, we ask you to silently offer it to God to be taken from you permanently. [pause]

            My angels and I now stretch our wings of light around you, each one. And by the grace of God and by the ray of deliverance, this energy field of darkness and impermanence is now gone from your being, from your aura and from your electronic belt—taken by my angels and cast into the sacred fire this morning. Yes, dearest ones, your cries are heard, your prayers are answered, and you are delivered this day from the darkness and the density and the self-deception that has kept you bound to a life of mortality.

            You are immortal beings, souls of light, sons and daughters of God. Claim your true Selfhood! Rise into that light, and be who you are—self-delivered by your own choice into the light of the One.

            [Virgil chants for 16 seconds.]

            Now your auras are sealed so that you may nevermore accept anything less than God-love, God-light within your being or a momentum that does not suit you well on your path of light. We fill in with light the space that has been left by that which you have surrendered. The gifts of God are yours to enjoy, dearest ones. Appreciate them, claim them and be happy on your path evermore. I thank you.

1. Hebrews 13:2

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