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Clare de Lis      October 17, 2012

Beloved Clare de Lis
David Christopher Lewis
October 17, 2012   7:30-8:00 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana

                 Maintain the Experience of Oneness with All Life Through the Flame of Reverence
         Your Trip to Macchu Picchu and Lake Titicaca will be a Divine Encounter and Cosmic Event

Beloved Heartfriends of the Eternal Light, 
            I come into your midst fanning the flame of divine love, enhanced by wisdom and experienced through the gift of faith which empowers all into a reality of presence—your Presence, God's living Presence. I am your Mother, who you now know as Clare de Lis. And this morning I desire to convey to each one an aspect of God that is important for each one to accept, to experience and to fully realize; and this is reverence. Dearest ones, when you revere God there is an inner awe that you know within your soul that brings into your being the sense of presence, the sacred, the beautiful. And within this divine knowing, through revering the One Light, you feel the uplift and the beautiful support of God's grace within your world. And through this you may emanate peace, understanding, compassion and the virtues of God borne within this field of reverence, this space of divinity.
            You have all sensed God and at times your own godliness, your pure beingness as a spirit, as one created in the image and likeness of God. When you can maintain this feeling, this sensing, this experience of your oneness with all life through the flame of reverence a compelling, animated stream of pure love flows from your heart, your soul, your spirit to bring forth, to co-create the divine world that you seek all around you. In this dynamic, truly you may know God within self; truly you may know God within one another within the sacred space of the heart of each one; truly you may know God within nature and every life form that is a part of the hallowed circle of identity of the creation. For God has embedded within the universe his own sense of reverence, her own feeling of being supported, appreciated, enraptured in the joyful aspects of Selfhood through consciousness, through present awareness of the universality of all, the connectedness of every being, one with another.
            I have observed my disciples and those to whom I was sent to tutor, to teach and to preach the Everlasting Gospel. And as I have reviewed the lives of many, what I have seen as essential that many are not fully employing within their beings is this true sense of reverence, that when exemplified through a virtuous life, brings that one to God. For God is compelled to live within the heart of the reverent; and the angels gather 'round about those whose auras shine with the radiant stream of beingness because they have turned their soul to the Source; they have trued their vision to the One Light; they have accepted God's grace and God's love deep within that sacred space within the secret chamber of the heart where the eternal flame abides.
            Yes, precious ones, when you experience in the ascended state the oneness with all that is on a perpetual basis— living in your divinity, truly being a light to shine forth throughout the cosmos—you, too, will know through this sense of reverence the holiness of every divine being, the hallowedness of this great circle of cosmic fellowship that we are all a part of, and that even now many of you are rising in awareness to experience as initiates, as solar adepts, as masters in the making.
            When the busyness of life causes you to for a moment forget through this state of reverence who you are or who another is as a God-created one, sovereign within the Solar Self of pure beingness and truly animated by that spark of God within the heart, then you must come back to the sacred space through silence, through a pause to regroup your awareness in this space of peace and presence. Breathing deeply, you can withstand the forces of the agitated vibrations that at times are sent your way or play upon your being through the unconsciousness of the world. Within the eye of the hurricane you may still maintain your peace, your centeredness, your love for one another and for all life.
            At times, dearest ones, you must slow down outer activity to accelerate the inner action of the light through that stillness in order to accommodate more of God, less of self, the self-centered ego self, and thereby maintain through reverence your own godliness, your own true beingness. For those who have abided within the Spirit of God's Presence on a continual basis, seeking to fulfill the will, wisdom and love of God in their lives, this dynamic may occur instantaneously within a serene point within time and space by reflection, by going within. And once the reconnection is made and energy from your God Presence again flows fully throughout your being, then you may arise and shine, accomplish the miraculous, spread forth your wings to fly and be all that you can be as an intrepid and dynamic soul, one with your Source.
            Truly, dearest ones, if each one of you within this movement—those hearing my message live or reading the words of the transcript thereof—would employ regularly within your world on a daily basis this sense of reverence through inner stillness, I can guarantee that you will make great progress on your path, that you will avoid the pitfalls set before you to entrap you in all manner of snares of darkness and vibrations and pitiful actions that you later regret. O, holy ones, watch your speech. Observe the vibrations that at times play out through your voice and your solar plexus. Avoid being used even for a moment as a tool of your not-self and rise to accept your divine status as a co-creator with the Lord, as an initiate and a powerful divine being who you truly are.
            We see your efforts, your inner progress and your outer accomplishments. The former is what we rely on to garner the light to also enjoy the fruits of the latter, dearest ones. For we would see each of you be loving and kind and virtuous Solar Sons and Daughters more than we would see a quick and wide expansion of this movement made by inappropriate means. You see, God is watching, always. The angels are ready to assist you, and every ascended master is at your beck and call, available to guide you forward, first through the inner progress of your soul, the elevation of your spirit, the anointing of your consciousness by light, and then by your outer actions, your sacred works, the gifts of the Spirit employed by your heart, head and hand in the world of form. Your victory, your true victory, is assured when you are first centered in the light and then move forward with cosmic abandon, great joy and the directed stream of your consciousness employed with great acuity, acumen and cosmic efficiency.
            Yes, we desire an effective organization, a movement empowered by the Holy Spirit, and this comes when you first have your moorings within the flame of brotherhood, sisterhood and divine love of, for and by one another. Yes, dearest ones, the masters of love, wisdom and power are here for you to utilize within your sacred journey through life. Although they prefer to teach you the way and send you on your way to experience what you may by your own divine efforts rather than have you rely only upon them for your victories, yet they are patient and understanding of your plight and they move in various circles and councils to garner through the fruits of your offerings what they can as dispensations in order to allow all to be effective and to make dynamic progress. And in this, of course, you should be grateful for the sacred touch of the masters sublime who guide your path of light.
            Lanello and I are preparing for your coming to Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu and the sacred environs in the mountains of Peru. We have prepared a feast of light and an experience that is beyond an anointing or the passing of a torch. It is truly a time for you to be initiated into the sacred order of the holy teachers and sharers of divine knowledge, holy wisdom and the virtues of God manifest through exemplary lives of service and ministration Why are you coming to be with us? It is not simply a trek only for your outer enjoyment, although it will be deliciously fun for all as you maintain presence. Yes, dearest ones, it will be a divine encounter with many masters, with the God and Goddess Meru and with Helios and Vesta themselves. And in this encounter you will receive what your soul requires for a great leap on your path, a giant jumpstart unto your divinity within a new world experience that will begin at that winter solstice time in the North which is simultaneously the heighth of the sun's soaring at the summer solstice in the Southern hemisphere.
            Yes, we have planned a great cosmic event for you. And there yet remain a few who could if they choose set aside other schedules, projects or distractions to be present with us in the flesh upon the sacred soil of the land of the Incas, the people of the sun, those who knew Meru long ago.
            O, hearts of fire, I pray that you feel my radiance in your midst, that you will ever abide through this flame of reverence in a new spirit of your cosmic Selfhood, your beatific and true identity as a Sun-Source of love, wisdom and power for the Earth. You desire a new civilization of light? Then create it daily by your thoughts, feelings, words and deeds consciously employed with reverence. You desire the resolution of all conflict within the government and the warring elements thereof of your nations, of your peoples, and you desire a better economy trued to principles of light? Then manifest it, first within your being, by aligning all with the Sun and by securing within your being through self-knowledge a new economy of light, garnering assets of soulfulness and spiritual essences and virtues of God-goodness. And through these golden nuggets and pearls of wisdom, then you may know on behalf of the world a new solar society, a Mother culture of Venusian love, of Mercurial fire and of that Jupiter joy of your divinity in a life consecrated and lived to the glory of God.
            O, the glory of God I share this morning. O, the virtues of the Spirit I shine forth through the radiance of my presence in your midst. Know it. Realize it. Accept it. And then demonstrate it through your own wonderful life. Yes, it is a wonderful life. Each one is important. Each one has a place in the cosmic scheme. And when you live forthrightly, as you truly know that you can, then, you see, all will be free and our goal upon Earth will be realized—the kingdom of God come for all.
            I am Clare de Lis. I love you, and am ever abiding within that space of reverence right within your heart. I thank you.

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