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David Lewis      October 14, 2012

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
October 14, 2012   8:03–8:14 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

On Listening as a Key Spiritual Component of Our Path

            Today I would like to talk about listening, because listening is very important when we are dealing with music. I've talked about listening before, and yet I would like to share now from a slightly different perspective.
            I believe that listening is a key spiritual component of our path. Of course, we have an inner ear, which we can utilize in listening that goes beyond the two physical ears (which are also very important). Just as we have a third eye, we have an inner ear that allows us to contact the divine world and to hear the voice of God speaking within us, intuition flowing through our minds and hearts, and higher emanations that manifest through light and sound. We've heard of the light and sound ray, and there are nuances of this understanding that bring us to a higher form of listening that allows us to cognize vibration and frequency from the highest octaves of light.
            Listening as a spiritual tool is key for all of us, because, as we know, often while listening to others we are preparing to speak rather than truly being fully present, fully aware of what the other person is conveying. When we listen from a point of receptivity rather than from a thrusting forth of our own mind in reaction to what is being said, we can truly understand, we can comprehend. And I believe that we develop compassion through listening—a sensitivity that brings us greater awareness of all that is around us and of who that person is as a lifestream, what that person is conveying through their words and the feelings behind the words, the emotions and even the memories and other patterns that move through their speech and their voice.
            When we listen to nature we hear much more than what meets the eye, because through the portal of hearing, through our physical ears, we take in frequencies
vibrations, emanations that are different from the frequencies we receive through our eyes and through our other sensesand these frequencies indicate certain things. And they are wave patterns, because all sound creates waves. And when we understand the importance of interpreting what those wave patterns mean, we can more easily attune to the message, receive the message, understand the message, and then, based on what we cognize, respond accordingly, hopefully beautifully, with our own intuitive faculties that provide us with an impetus for sharing.
            Many of the native peoples could interpret the various sounds and voices of birds and know what those birds were speaking, and this ability could actually help the people to understand what was going on around them and in their environment. The birds may be warning one another of upcoming winds or storms or of creatures that were in the area that could be problematic to their lives. The birds could be speaking of all manner of things that they have observed from their perch upon trees, because they see beyond what we can see from where we live upon the Earth; they have a wider field of vision. So, if you interpret this in another way, birds, as symbolic of the ascended masters in one sense, can share with us a higher perspective through their hearing, through their seeing, which we can interpret.
            Now, to develop better hearing and listening skills we have to engage in a path of silence, because through stillness we can feel the waves, the vibrations behind the sounds. And by feeling the various wave patterns, our chakras are already beginning the process of interpreting the meaning of those wave patterns. Are they jagged? Are they smooth and graduated and harmonic?
            I believe that during our Meru course¹ we will learn from the masters many keys in understanding what music is, in delighting in divine inspiration through beautiful, transcendent music. We will develop greater sensitivity through listening, through feeling what the music created by various composers is meant to convey and what it actually does in the atmosphere, what it creates within the world of form and formlessness. And through our own developing sensitivity, we can gain greater insights on our spiritual journey that will provide increasing understanding, divine gnosis, wisdom on our path to move us into higher levels of consciousness, solar awareness, cosmic, Buddhic, Atmic, solar galactic, even universal consciousness.
            Those of us who have been gazing at the sun for months and years now, if we have developed a certain sensitivity, feel the vibrations and the emanations from the sun, from the very living reality of Helios and Vesta and of what they are conveying through the sidereal sounds of the movement of the sphere of the sun as it transits across the galaxy from within our solar system. We feel what the message through the music of the sun and the music of the spheres is to humanity, to our evolving consciousness, to all sentient beings. To feel the sun's vibrations is only the beginning. To interpret and to utilize the higher sounds and divine essences of the sun is key for us in our solar development.
            So, listening begins through hearing. Hearing occurs through sensitivity. Sensitivity is developed through stillness and silence, meditation, contemplation on the Source, on the One Light, on beingness. If you have developed a practice of setting aside time for deep listening, clear listening and even communication with those who are emanating the sounds of silence and the sounds of beingness and the wave patterns of perfection and God-glory—the ascended hosts, archangels and angels, cosmic beings—then you are using your chakras wisely, you are using the inner faculties of the inner ear, which we all have. And in this, I believe, we are perceiving God, godliness, the divine virtues and all of the holy qualities of our Presence that are there all around us, vibrating around us in the atmosphere of our lives.
            So, this is just a beginning. I encourage you to listen carefully during these four weeks to others, to your own soul, to the Source of life itself—within your God Presence, within your heart, from within the inner chamber of your heart, where the echoings and the beautiful foundational principles of beingness are always resounding in that sacred space of light deep within us.

1. Meru University Course 1206, “The Science of Harmony and the Science of Aquarian Music and Song.”

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