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Godfre      September 23, 2012

Beloved Godfre
David Christopher Lewis
September 23, 2012   10:10 ̶ 10:25 am MDT
Autumn Equinox Tour 2012
Heartstreaming for Soul Freedom with the Ascended Masters
Baltimore, Maryland

Listening to the Voice of the Soul: Godfre Performs Cosmic Surgery to Free Our Souls

Beloved Hearts of Baltimore and of the Region of the East,

I come into your midst to enfire you with the light of your own soul freedom. You have called it forth through a life lived partly to the glory of God. When you decide to confirm your soul within the greater mission of the Universal Great White Brotherhood and there is a 100 percent dedication of your being to the soul freedom of every man, woman and child on this Earth, then you are lifted up in light into a greater frequency of divine beingness, and then your ultimate goal of soul freedom begins anew.

Have you listened to the voice of your soul this day? Have you ascertained through silence what is stirring within you and what may be, through the sound of silence, accessed because you have put aside thoughts, concepts, desires, wants, all manner of interference with your true inner core and that which assails your soul and then embraced wholly what the Spirit speaks through you and what emanates from your God Presence of true divine light?

There are many who claim that they are initiates, are enlightened, are master teachers. Aha! I expose those who have not fully embraced the Divine within, and the Divine within all, so that they can fully employ the highest gifts of the Spirit and bring to those whom they call disciples the light of pure truth, the light that originates from the Sun's Source of pure beingness.

In stillness you may hear the voice of your soul. It is in moments of quiescent presence, when all is shut out except that which arises from the real within you, that God may truly be glorified within and that you can acclaim with Mary, “My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior.”1 You see, blessed ones, in order for the Savior Jesus to embody through the soul of Mary, she had to put first things first and understand her eternal nature, her purpose to glorify God and to magnify the Lord through her soul.

When you make the same declaration to the universe, then your soul opens up, then your Solar awareness begins to dawn fully within your being, then the initiatic process of your ascent to the Sun of your true God-identity is secured through that stream that comes when you are obedient to the true voice of your Higher Self.

Some of you have begun to hear your soul's voice. The question is, having heard, have you chosen to be obedient to its directions, to the intimations of your guiding sponsor or master, who through your soul directs the course of your life to the highest echelons of God-achievement? You may choose each day, each hour and each moment to be aligned with your Presence, to be inculcated with that holy oil of gladness and beingness that comes through your crystal cord and provides exactly what you require, so long as you are sensitive enough to understand, to taste, to fully assimilate it within your soul experience.

Lotus and I are here to assist you in learning the science of God-obedience and what this means in a higher sense than simply a perfunctory following of the orders or directives of someone with whom you do not resonate. When you are trued through God-obedience to the source of your own completeness, then, dearest ones, everything falls into position naturally. You are led by the Spirit to the very fount of your own inner core, and any and all ascended masters may come to assist you with the specificity of their teaching and their loving guidance to give you the steps and stages and the specific points upon them that will allow you to make greater progress.

Breathing deeply allows your soul to flow. Gazing upon the sun at dawn allows the Solar radiance of your true holy God Presence to contact that sun-fire of light at the center of the solar system and be activated with a new power of perfection. Meditating upon the energy of pure God-beingness through times of silence and complete stillness allows the Divine Mother to wrap you within her arms of light, take you unto her bosom and provide unto your heart true love, the nourishment of angelic beingness and the crystalline energy fields that will, I say, bring you to the very doorstep of the Divine One, to the very throne, altar of the Great Central Sun, your true God Source.

We now perform a type of cosmic surgery upon your souls, each one, that will provide you access to the inner voice of conscience and the higher voice of your Presence by eliminating certain nodes of darkness and that which you have accepted as a part of self that is not your true reality.

Angels of the sacred fire, come now to each one here and those who would be initiated through this alchemical and very specific scientific laser-light surgery. Comfort their souls, give them inner peace and provide the succor that they require to move past the blocks that have temporarily held them back from their greatest progress within and upon their Solar journey unto the Sun Presence of pure light.

Blaze forth now that Solar radiance through this laser action. Clear the records of infamy of past lives that weigh upon your soul and give you a sense of emotional guilt, blame. I raise you up now, O soul, unto the heart fires of God and breathe upon you the spiritual fire, the essence and the aroma of blue roses, through which you may know the truth and which will encompass you when you speak that truth clearly to all.

[Godfre sings in an ancient tongue.]

I have communed with the Elohim Arcturus and Victoria during this entire light tour. And through an ancient tongue of the Elohim, this process of the radiating of your soul into a new freedom is completed, by God's grace. Be one with your Presence, sing to the Sun and enjoy a new divine life. I thank you.

1. Luke 1:46–47.

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