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Sanat Kumara      September 19, 2012

Beloved Sanat Kumara
David Christopher Lewis
September 19, 2012   2:43–2:47 pm MST
Autumn Equinox Tour 2012
Heartstreaming for Soul Freedom with the Ascended Masters
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thank You for Sharing Your Vision

Mastering the Art of Divine Love through Heart Wisdom

            The story of love is ancient and yet new, O souls of light. Thank you for sharing your vision of the future within the Now. Thank you for who you are as love beings. You can even acclaim to yourself: “I am a being of perfect love. I am in love with my God,” or whatever mantra works for you to be expressive of the flame of love daily.

Venus and I are here with the Maha Chohan, and we will add the momentum of our hearts' love in this initiation and blessing, dearest ones. We bless those who have participated in this broadcast service during David's Autumn Equinox Light Tour, which we consider a pilgrimage itself to the heartland and to the eastern shores of these United States.

Truly, much has been shared by us through your hearts and will continue to emanate and bless life through your active and loving lives. We seal you with the fruit of love, the flower of love and a seed of love, which you may replant again and again. And from new trees of life, love blossoms will bear new flowers and new fruit and new seeds to nurture life in many divine realms. God bless you. God keep you, dearest hearts.

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