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John the Beloved      September 19, 2012

John the Beloved
David Christopher Lewis
September 19, 2012   3:33–3:48 pm MDT
Autumn Equinox Tour 2012
Heartstreaming for Soul Freedom with the Ascended Masters
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Path of Brotherly Love in the New Age

Precious Hearts, 

The path of divine love in the New Age, the new era, shall be known by all. You are beginning to understand at a deeper level this pathway through the radiance of your hearts, one with one another, and through the choices that you make to be expressive of love each day.

When you serve one another with open hearts, with radiant minds and with an inner motive to simply allow heaven and heaven's graces to shine forth through you, you exhibit Aquarian love, pure divine love. This is the love I knew in Jesus's presence. This is what I yet still know in the eternal state of beingness as I live and move and have my being within the immaculate heart of the great universal Lover of all life that we call God.

Yes, dearest ones, God is a God of love, for God is pure love. God is the epitome of the true lover, who loves all with the co-creative fires of pure beingness, who invests love within everything that is and nurtures the cosmos through the fabric of love, which holds all inviolate in light and allows all to exist, to continue through the law of love.

Each of you is beloved to me. And though you call me “Beloved,” I immediately reflect back to you your love within this appellation because, you see, you too are composed of godliness, loveliness. If you are lovely—and I say that you are—then even if you are in a male form, your soul essence, the feminine aspect of your being, expresses the gentle aspects of love through your givingness, even while there is the intense ruby aspect of love that moves through you, sometimes as tough love and yet which is caring for a soul enough to speak the truth, to shine forth that light of love in words of authenticity and realism.

We have sessions in my retreat during which we speak only of love, of how we are fulfilled in love, of how love can be expressed in greater ways, in many co-creative ways through our sacred work, one with another, and through the inspired ones upon Earth. I invite you to my retreat, dearest ones, over Arizona, within the United States so that you too may lock into the matrix of love, veritably the heart of God, through which your life will take on new meaning, your relationships will become more whole and holier. And as a result of the new love moving through your being in currents so essential for you to know, imbibe and accept, you will also be proclaimed in heaven and on Earth “beloved” for your holy efforts to love life free through your heart.

We are a movement of love. We are an ascended-master organization of love-wisdom, whereby the heart-mind connection is clear and true and the virtues of God emanate through each one as you accept your commission to be loving and wise, knowledgeable and compassionate, virtuous in all that you do, think, see, feel and speak because love is at the core of your being, love motivates all that you engage in, love moves you through life on the river of eternality and love sings to you a song of peace within the peaceable kingdom of God's grace.

One symbol of love that all may cherish is the dove of love, the Holy Spirit, who is coming to you, each one, today to anoint you with fire. I say this fire is the fire of pure love. And though the words may be spoken with intensity, know, dearest ones, that as that fire descends into your being, so great a one as the Maha Chohan only conveys love through the fire of his being in the initiations that are transferred to you as you accept them within your being.

O, the kindling, sparking, enfiring, enflaming aspects of love that we, as ascended masters, know. If you could only experience and comprehend the totality of universal love as it is fully realized in your true state of perfection, dearest ones, there would be no acrimonious communication amongst heartfriends; there would be less division and discord within families; there would be no hatred or wars upon the sacred soil of Mother Earth.

Love is the answer to all conflict. Love is the source pool of all that is required to sustain life in all spheres in balance and in harmony. Love will bring the answer to every karmic dilemma out into the open so that you may resolve all your issues, so that you may learn the lessons of life through the vehicle that God has provided, as your soul—truly a sacred chalice of love.

I deposit now within your heart a pink pearl of concentrated ruby love. It is the love of the Father-Mother God that I have accessed through the long years, decades and now centuries since my ascension as I have meditated upon the centrality of love within this cosmic relationship of the Father/Mother God. This is what sustains the cosmos, dearest ones—the great essential oil of their beingness, their union and the holiness of what transpires through their cosmic cohabitation in the one point of perfection at the center of all life.

O holy ones, be real in love, be sealed in love. You serve yourself, your true Self, best when you love truly from within, not looking to another to complete your love, yet looking to your Higher Self to complete all through love. The great poets and composers whose legacies live on in their co-creations have anointed the universe through the heart fires of their love. You can do the same. No matter what your legacy will be to this Earth, let it be ensconced in love. Let love chasten you. Let love soften you when you require nourishment, even as you nurture others. Let love sanctify you, even as at times love strips away all the unreal elements of your former self, the untrue you, the not-self, as you let go of that which is not love and as you accept wholly what is.

O blessed ones, the love of God is great. Accept this virtue within this pearl—and in this, you shall be all. I thank you.

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