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Goddess of Light      September 14, 2012

Beloved Goddess of Light
David Christopher Lewis
September 14, 2012   9:21–9:32 am MDT
Autumn Equinox Tour 2012
Heartstreaming for Soul Freedom with the Ascended Masters
Chicago, Illinois 

To Manifest Greater Light, Accept God's Life Deep within You

I AM light. You are light. We are light together. And in this God-light, through which, in which and by which we live and move and have our being, there is the eternality of love manifest and the beautiful emanation of conscious awareness and holy presence within us, whereby all is well, all is light.

I AM the Goddess of Light, and I shine forth my light this day here and throughout the heartland of America and within the auras and lives of those whose hearts are upturned to God, whose lives are consecrated to the Divine and whose minds shine forth that diamond shining mind of God because they have accepted the Lord's radiance, the Lord's divinity, the Lord's glory manifest within their lives. When you accept who you truly are as a God being, there the light shines forth and you are raised in the effulgence of your true Selfhood.

Light, come forth. Light, shine. Light, expand within the hearts, minds, souls and beings of all lightbearers, lightworkers, lightsharers this day, O Lord. Let each one now receive exactly what they require as the supernal manifestation from the stream of their God Presence, as that cosmic crystal cord that binds, that ties them to their Source. And let this impartation manifest in many ways and in cosmic arrays and light rays divine to charge them, raise them and usher them to a new theater of activity, a new possibility of life within the One.

That which I impart on behalf of the Lord God to each and every one of you is life itself. For life is light, and light is life. There is no life without light, and there is no light without life, dearest hearts. They are one and the same, and the aspects of life that you have experienced are all outpictured within light's world. If you would be greater in your manifestation of light, then accept God's life deep within your soul, deep within your heart, deep within your mind and feel the integrity of light, light, light shining bright, bright, bright within you.

If you can know yourself as God, truly, then the cells within your being will begin to shine more brightly each day. You have proclaimed, “I AM One with the Sun.” You have repeated this affirmation many times, that which was given to you by beloved El Morya.1 Did you know that he had aligned himself with the great Solar disc at the center of All That Is? And in that, he understood his eternal nature as pure light-energy. So it may be for you when you rise in consciousness to understand, to perceive and to know your true nature as a Solar being. There the light—in its effulgence, destined to manifest through you—does then shine forth its full flowering radiance of beauty and divine glory.

No longer, dearest ones, should you hide your light under some sort of bushel or lamp shade. Let its brilliance manifest daily. Let the miracle manifestation, in the colorful rays of its glory, give birth within this world to a new radiance through your heart, through your givingness, through your creativity.

Blaze forth the light here. Blaze forth the light there. Let the light go forth north, south, east, west and in all directions and in all dimensions, in all times, in all places to allow God's world to dwell within this world. Blaze forth the light now. Blaze forth the light now. Blaze forth the light now. Let light sing and let light bring to you new wisdom teaching and holy gnosis. For within light itself is divine intelligence, truth, beauty. Within light, all the virtues of God, bounteous in their effulgence, are offered, truly proffered, by the Divine One to every life-form in this and all worlds.

Light! Light! Light! Light! Say it with me now, blessed ones: Light! Light! Light! Light! Feel the increase in your chakras and in your auric field. Light! Light! Light! Light! Sing to light. Know that light. Feel that light glowing bright. Light! Light! Light! Light!

You see, dearest hearts, often one word said with great intention and focus, virya, God-power and pure love can change your destiny, can change your day, can bring you joy, can bring you all-abundance and what you require to be fruitful, victorious and happy.

I AM a goddess because I have accepted God fully within my being. If you choose to make your destiny the same as mine, then proclaim your divinity, your goodness, your God-ness. Shine forth your light and be who you are, O holy ones.

I thank you for your presence. I thank you for your light. I thank you for your great hearts of fire and that which you have become of the allness of the One as light.

1. See The Hearts Center—Prayers, Decrees and Mantras, prayer 20.023, El Morya's Great Central Sun Meditation.”

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