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Goddess of Liberty      August 17, 2012

Goddess of Liberty
David Christopher Lewis
August 17, 2012   8:30–8:41 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana

You May Know All through the Inner Light of Divine Love

An Invitation to the Autumn Equinox Tour:
he Holy Spirit Will Deliver the Baptism of Fire

Dearest Ones,
            God-gratitude to you. I AM Gratitude in Action!¹ I AM love's polar virtue as the flame-quality, the ray of thanksgiving, through which the joyous heart sings of the effulgence of God's rainbow light, of happiness bright.
            The Goddess of Liberty you have called me. My image rises in New York Harbor, a beacon of hope to peoples everywhere of opportunity for a new life of freedom, abundance and, I add, virtue. In the victory flame, the sunlight of gratitude is complete, for the Aries-Leo-Sagittarius link, through fire, is one in love's fulfillment within the heart of Maitreya, Master of kindness, Buddha of compassion.²
            O mankind, discover, know and understand yourself through the heart's center, for centered in the heart you will come to the fount of all knowledge, wisdom and truth. This I intuited long ago. And thus I determined to hold that light of illumination high so that all might find their way home to the heart of God through the law of love, through the Book of Life, which is the true recording of the virtuous acts of the righteous ones throughout all ages.
            Yes, dear hearts, you may know all through the inner light of divine love. You may conquer the unknowing self and awaken the True Self through comprehending the Sun Source of your reality here and now. Illumination's torch is for today, not some distant past or future age. Wisdom's teaching is available in the eternal Now within you. I open that door of your heart this day if you are ready for progressive revelation through heart-centeredness and divine self-reliance.
            Accepting and relying on your God Self is key to your total recall and manifestation of your divinity, blessed ones. Many seek license to do as they please. I say, know liberty to be the God-person that you already are. Through gratitude, which I define as a reverential beatitude, you set the matrix for the Mother's holy tricks of truth to manifest. Through gratitude, the uplift of joy, the oil of happiness is yours to inspire, motivate and enlighten a world—first within you and then within the hearts of many beloveds.
            Through gratitude, love expresses the cherishment of what is virtuous and beautiful within everyone and in every moment and place. This creates the world you truly desire. This brings into reality the life that you seek. Everything is possible through the heart-mind connection that is strong because of the will that is wed to love-wisdom. As you master the balancing of your threefold flame, I come to fan that eternal fire with my torch, and the Holy Spirit also comes to expand that fire into a conflagration, a veritable bonfire of divine light and cosmic joy.
            Sing to your threefold flame! Adore God within your heart. Give birth to your new spirit through praise and devotion to your Source. In God, all things become probabilities; and through inspired work, realities.
            Dearest ones, I am coming again to speak to you soon in New York. Consider the exigencies of the hour, the import of your life in the Now. Rise to the occasion of that which God has planned for you within the context of your present reality and the urgency of your work today. See clearly, know purely that which is your inner Self. Flow with the movement of the stars, the shining light of the heavens, and perceive with me, as a member of the Karmic Board and the spokesperson thereof, that which must be completed in this cycle of your life for you to realize your Godhood, your eternal Buddhahood, your Divine Motherhood in Spirit.
            Truly, dearest ones, many have been called; few answer. Will you answer the call to be there in the third eye of our nation, America, where the Holy Spirit will come and deliver that baptism of fire again? Yes, this entire Autumn Equinox Tour provides the opportunity for the Lord the Maha Chohan to reinvigorate disciples of fire, to compress time and space within the context of their lives for them to ingest that eternal light within the chalice of Self and to behold God and flower with a new divinity, a new matrix of holy love.
            I shine forth the light from my torch unto you this day, O America, O people of the I AM Race in all nations. Come to the fount of truth! Live in that truth and be virtuous, godly and blessed.
            I am the Goddess of Liberty, shining my light in the northern city of the sun. I call you to awaken to the truth of your pure essence of godliness through gratitude, and I thank you.

1.   The Goddess of Liberty long ago stated that the inner meaning of the word immigration is "I AM gratitude in action." The Statue of Liberty is an iconic symbol for many who immigrated to the United States in the 19th Century as they passed through Ellis Island near the Goddess of Liberty's image in New York Harbor to secure their U.S. citizenship.
2.   In the teachings on the Cosmic Clock as taught by Mother Mary to and through Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Lord Maitreya serves on the 11 o'clock line of Sagittarius. Sagittarius, along with Aries and Leo, is a fire sign in mundane astrology.

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