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Virtue      August 07, 2012

Beloved Virtue
David Christopher Lewis
August 7, 2012   6:30–6:47 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


The Virtues of God Are Yours to Claim and Be


Precious Spirits,
            I am Virtue, and I come radiating my light within you, around you, through you so that you may access from the very heart of God your own virtuous nature of divinity, the blessedness of your being, the tenderness of your heart, one with God's.
            We have sponsored a magnanimous monthly course for heartfriends throughout the world to participate in, in order that they may understand, study and engage in the virtues of the Lord, which flow from the very bosom of the cosmos, the heart of the Mother and are offered to each child of her heart. Some of you take for granted that you understand the nature of God and the various virtues of the One. And yet, dearest ones, there is so much more that you could know, that you could be when you enter into the light of Virtue and access every aspect, every ray of the full panoply of light that exists from that original point of the Source, as there is manifest there every possible emanation of light from throughout the cosmos.
            It is a conscious decision each day to be virtuous, to be graceful in your regard for life, to be tender in how you approach others and nature itself, and to employ all the resources within your realm in a way that allows the kingdom of God to exist upon Earth in its fullest manifestation. Look upon the lives of the saints to understand how each one duly manifests some divine virtue of God. And when you can draw forth from that example of beauty and perfection something more into your world, into your heart and the domain of God within your life, then, dearest ones, I will be there with many other divine Virtues to use you as a resource for God upon Earth to deliver to mankind the quintessences of his Spirit, the flower rays of the virgin consciousness of the Divine Mother.
            Some think that virtuousness is the same as purity. Well, in one sense, dearest ones, it is, as there is the ray of purity at the core of every virtue. And yet there is so much more that can be accessed when you focus upon every ray in its quiescent nature as it flows from the Source. Then you may claim that virtue, feel that eternal nature of God and ray forth through your own heart that Spirit divine, which is yours for the asking and for the utilization within your life. 

            Love itself is a vast ocean of beingness that every life form in its natal state of perfection knows. Being love and being true to love through your own heart fires allows every virtue to sing through your soul and to give birth through you to many noble manifestations, co-creations with your God Source.
            Yes, we are here upon Earth during this cycle because mankind requires our assistance through every streaming of its beingness, through every embodiment in which the soul is destined to access something of the Spirit, some new resonant field of playfulness with the Lord through a caring attitude and humble mien, which allow it to soar unto new heights of divine reality.
            Claiming the virtues for yourself by using the name of God, I AM, through many affirmations affords you, dearest hearts, opportunity to access and actually become that virtue in reality where you live. I AM love. I AM grace. I AM joy. I AM playfulness. I AM holiness. I AM piety. I AM kindness. I AM mercy. Each of these statements, when uttered with the full realization that there is an actual being who ensouls that virtue and whom you may attune to, communicate with and model through your life, allows you to have the electronic light-energy of that one vibrating within your auric field, blessing you and blessing life with the God-glory of its radiance.
            Early in this messenger's childhood, his mother told him that every time he engaged in a good deed, in something positive, a jewel was brought into his crown and that many virtuous acts allowed many such gemstones of light to accrue to that sacred headdress of the Lord. And so the young child, David, sought ways and means to give birth within himself to all manner of loving acts for others, and his crown did become full of these radiances. Therefore we show you in this hour, for those who have eyes to see, the full causal manifestation of this glory, even as we hold up before you, each one, a mirror for you to see what you have created, through your life lived to the glory of God, of your own jewels within the crown upon your head in the etheric plane.
            Yes, dearest ones, nothing goes unnoticed. All is seen and felt by the Creator, who is so attuned to each one within his heart that there is—through an amazing type of instant cosmic communication, a transfer between each son and daughter of the One and the Source of life itself—a beautiful ray allowing each one to feel and know what is manifesting at every point of the cosmos, within every drop of the vast ocean of God's heart.
            You see, you always have the means whereby you may live in your reality within God. You have the spark of divinity shining within your heart that allows you to access, through holy resonance, the very beingness of the Creator and all of the noblest virtues, which may be yours for the asking. Jesus said, “Ask and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you.”1 Would a loving father give a stone unto a child who asked for bread?2 Nay. When you apply yourself through a life of virtue to ennoble the cosmos with your spirit and humbly request that every virtue be yours in order to give freely to humanity of your love, God's love, then it is so, and the streaming forth of that holy quintessence manifests instantaneously, if you accept it.

            Therefore, I again respond to those of you who are focusing upon these divine concepts and essences of beingness, both monthly and daily and moment by moment, in order to provide you with a cosmic resource to become who you are—a Solar being of light—and to shine forth upon Earth your divine crystalline nature.
            Yes, dearest ones, the virtues of God are yours to claim and be. Accept them, live within them and know who you are through the I AM THAT I AM. Amen.

1. Matthew 7:7, 8; Luke 11:9. 10; John 16:23, 24.


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