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Kuthumi      July 15, 2012

Beloved Kuthumi
David Christopher Lewis
July 15, 2012   9:49–9:53 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Accept the Living Light of Peace and Allow God to Live through You Each Day

            May the peace of the Presence shine forth through your heart, your soul, the sun-fire center of your being, and may the graciousness of God, the gifts of his Spirit, the mindfulness of his divine intelligence and all that you require be yours, O soul, in your sacred journey to the Sun and to the Sun-Source of who you are in God.

I AM Kuthumi, and this day I come in answer to the prayers of one among you so that inner peace may be yours to experience, surcease from struggle may occur within your life. I harmonize and I bring divine tranquility and the 360 degrees of the flame of Aloha and Peace into your world, charging your aura now so that you may know that you are peace, so that you may abide in your Presence, so that you may experience the joy of eternality within the Now of your current life, not putting off to some distant-future epoch of time and space your attainment, your self-mastery, your adeptship. Accept now, blessed hearts, the living light of peace within your being, and in this, allow God to live through you each day.

With the sign of the heart, the head and the hand, may the Brotherhood eternal live within your life in an ever-present way. With the sign of the heart, the head and the hand, yes, the Brotherhood extends to each one a ray of peace, a ray of hope, a ray of compassion and kindness. Live in virtue, live in light and know your Source ever. I thank you.

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