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Progenita      April 25, 2012

Beloved Progeneta
David Christopher Lewis
April 25, 2012   7:30–7:45 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

When You Live in the Light of the Power of Your Presence, Nothing Can Stand in Your Way
I Assign an Angel of Élan to Be with You

Beloved Ones,

             I AM Progeneta, and I come this day to energize you with the light of your Presence, with the power of your Presence. For within your Presence there is a magnanimous stream of energy that may be yours for the asking when you simply place your attention upon your Source, the progenitor of all light and life.

             Yes, dearest ones, I am, with Maximus, one who is responsible for the regeneration of all lifewaves by the power of the Presence of the One. And in the magnanimity of God's effulgent givingness, there is, through the flame of divine love, brought to bear within the entire creation this power of the omnipresence of the One. Should you decide somewhere along your holy path of light to tap into this resource, then Maximus and I will be there to activate within you your higher powers, your divine essences and those flavors of God-will, wisdom and love that may bring to bear within your world something new, something cosmically energetic and vital to your destiny. And when you live in this light of the power of your Presence, dearest ones, nothing can stand in your way. No naysayer—here, there or anywhere—can in any manner defuse the light that is yours to accomplish your divine ends.

             Yes, you have heard of the power of the Presence. Yet how many of you have maintained that connection with your Source, which allows you to fulfill every desire as God sires it within you each day? There is sometimes a disconnect between what you intend to do and what is fully accomplished. Well, I close that gap this day by the power of your Presence, dearest ones! For if you were to fully ideate as God does, from the Sun-source of pure beingness, then as soon as that holy manifestation of divine thought would arise within your higher mind, it would be captured by the crystallization energies of Spirit in a physical manifestation of precipitated light-energy in form.

             Yes, you see, dearest ones, when you can learn to close this gap by the power of Maximus and Progeneta, then you shall be victorious in all your ways, in all of your doings in time and space. When you reach up into infinity, there is no more time or space as you know it. There are the timeless and spaceless energy patterns of perfection that flow from the Source of all that is—the Creator, the Progenitor of light and life.

             Feel the impulses of my being within your heart and your chakras now as I activate again and again within you, even to the zenith of your own being, to the acme of your Source and the apex of that which is true within you, those patterns of God-glory, which, when accepted, when imbibed, when assimilated will mean the difference between a life that is less than perfection and one that soars unto the sky of a new reality of light and life.

             Some of you think you are less than your Real Self and you accommodate your human creation again and again, thinking that there is nothing you can do to rise into that perfected state of being. Well, I am here to tell you, dearest ones, that we can assist you in making up that difference! And therefore, when you ply your trade, your divine trade, of being a lightworker, a lightbearer and a cosmic lightsharer, then waves and waves of the progenitive light of your Source may be yours in an instant by this new mind-thought of beingness.

             Yes, dearest ones, it is your destiny to be God in manifestation! When will you accept this holy state of being? Yes, you see, even within the Great Silence, the effulgent light of the great Cosmic Mother who I AM manifests, and there is a natural outpicturing of that Mother flow through all of God's children everywhere across the cosmic seas. I know something about creation, for I have entered into the heart of the creative fires of Omega and have learned her secrets and that which she uses of the most magnificent aspects of divine love that can be known. When you tap into this through silence and through holiness, then, dearest hearts, you will know a new you; you will live in that new, perfected light-energy, and all will be free for the asking, free for the employing, free to use to glorify and to magnify the Lord through your life.

             It is your destiny to be God-free in the light. Choose life; choose holiness; choose eternal freedom; and I, with Maximus, will maximize your life to the nth degree, to the Z-ray degree of pure being, divinity, sublimity.

             Now, dearest ones, I assign an angel of élan to be with you when at any time you feel the pressures of life upon this sphere, you feel dense or in any way less than what you know to be your reality. Call to this angel of Progeneta to come to your side, to aid you in your projects, to give you the specifics of what is required to move you through the impasses of life unto your goals and highest dreams and they shall be yours; because within the fiery heart of this angel, the maximizing light of God exists to give you that push and that divine advantage that you require in the moment.

             Now feel the power of your Presence anew. Go forth! Multiply works of grace and beingness, and determine, with a new élan, to be your true Selfhood. I see it! I proclaim it! And I regenerate it within you again and again so that you may know who you are in God, a divine creature of light. I thank you.

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