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David Lewis      February 22, 2012

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
February 22, 2012   8:00-8:21 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

A Reading from Woman—The Source of Love and Life by Beinsa Douno

The Care and Nurturing of Our
Inner Child, Our Soul

            Good morning, everyone. I've been reading a wonderful book lately by Beinsa Douno: Woman—The Source of Love and Life. We sell this in our store. Yesterday I told a little story that I had read in this book, paraphrasing it. Today I'd like to read an actual quote from the book, a section that I thought was very touching and deep:
            “The education of a child is in the mother's hands. What the mothers bring to the children during pregnancy is important. After the children are born, it is more difficult to educate them. Therefore, I say mothers will put the world in order. During pregnancy, a mother can inspire her child toward wisdom and intelligence; she can influence feelings and also strengthen the will of her child.
             “After birth, the connection between mother and child continues, but in a different way. A child who is not held in the mother's arms loses something valuable. There is a connection between the physical bodies of mother and child. Therefore, the child should not live far away from the mother until at least age 14 or 15.
             “What the mother can give her child in one year, relatives and the environment cannot provide in 20 years. Statistics show that children who have grown up until the age of 20 with the love of their parents possess a nobler character than those who have been deprived of their parents' love. The Law states: If the parents' love toward their child is weak, the child is more likely to become ill. In order for you to be healthy, the love of your mother needs to permeate your soul fully.
             “If the father and the mother have thought of committing a crime, the son to whom they have given birth could think of this as well. Therefore, people need to be pure; that is to say, have pure thoughts and feelings. When an expectant parent has a negative thought, it can incarnate with the child.
             “When you, as a mother, caress your child's head, say, ‘May divine thoughts enter you. May you carry Light to humankind. May you help your weaker brethren. May noble thoughts permeate you.'
            “He who treats plants and animals well will be kind to people as well. This is the morality of the New Culture. The mother needs to teach the child that Divine Life permeates the whole of Nature: the flowers, the trees, the little flies and the birds—everything.
             “As long as the child believes that the teacher does not lie, the teacher has authority. However, if he or she notices that the teacher is not telling the truth, the teacher no longer has any authority over the child. The same is true for parents.
            “Never speak in a negative way, ‘Do not do this! Do not do harm! But say instead, ‘Do good!' Instead of the words, ‘Do not lie!' say ‘Speak the truth!' The less you speak about negative things the better. We should speak about the positive.”¹
            Now, whether we are parents or not and whether we have already gone through our parenthood or are still in the process, we can use this teaching today for the Earth and for our own inner child, our soul. We have learned in the Ho'oponopono class how important it is to nurture our inner child, our soul. And many people truly never fully connect with their inner child or with their soul.
            So if the Master is recommending that mothers nurture their children within the womb and then during their childhood, we can consider this same dynamic and relationship with our own soul. Our souls are in the process of giving birth to the true and real us, our Higher Self, as the soul ascends in consciousness and learns its lessons, gains self-mastery and then becomes that Christic Presence, that Divine Selfhood, that Buddha nature.
            When we listen to our soul, we are in effect listening to our own inner child. And when we are sensitive to the inner yearnings and the longings of the spirit as the child within us manifests them, then through that sensitivity we become directed to our hearts, our noble character and nature, and we seek to give to that inner child all that it requires of a spiritual path in order to fulfill its divine plan through us.
            Yes, we may be adults; we may have moved through a childhood that was intense, dramatic, filled with a number of issues and problems and anomalies. Yet we can still, through nurturing our soul even within our adulthood, resolve these issues, come to a state of divine equipoise by balancing, through harmony, the energies that are now flowing through us in order to bring God's grace into the equation and allow our soul to emerge in its true Christic and crystalline nature.
            By using the science, the sacred art, of Ho'oponopono, I believe that we go deep within and we nurture our soul by first attending to it, by listening carefully and then forgiving and being grateful for everything that we have gone through and for those who have come into our lives and have been instruments for our learning process through the interactions that we've had with them. And all of this is for our spiritual progress.
            Our souls are truly immortal—they are composed of Spirit. And when we are their advocates by living a soulful life, then the child within us naturally blossoms. We become childlike, fully, as Jesus commended us to be. And through that childlike nature we enter the heaven-state of God-glory, where the ascended masters reside, where these true enlightened, immortal and free beings who have learned all of life's lessons can inspire us, and where we can commune with their Presences and move higher on our spiritual journey.
            One of the reasons that we have advocated having handy and present an image of ourselves when we were four, five or six years old is so that we can look at ourselves in that childlike state and remember what it was like to feel the spontaneity of our youth. We can recall the freedom of expression and of creativity that we had without the burdens of life before us, and the joys and revelries of our inner nature, which was there in its pure state when we were born and which, unfortunately, gradually became clouded over because of cultural conditioning, whereby we lost that innocence, or inner sense, of our true soul.
            When we can both visualize ourselves in this pure state of being and allow it to manifest through our consciousness by seeing ourselves in that true light as the Real us, in our soulful state, we emerge from any shadows of darkness that may have temporarily clouded our true Selfhood. And we begin to glow; we begin to work through the flow of God's Spirit, the harmony of his and her eternal nature as life itself. We can become expressive of all that God has vouchsafed to us as our gifts and talents in this life and in all of our lifetimes as we allow the fruits of the Spirit from our own tree of life to bless others.
            This inner-child experience is one that I believe we are all destined to understand, to engage in and to master through the creative fires of the Holy Spirit: the spontaneity of that childlike attitude of grace, joy and simple happiness through the simple pleasures of life that are all about us in nature, that we can enjoy with loved ones and family members.
            Let us take heart today with beloved Nada, as she so beautifully expressed the nature of a childlike one, representing to her brothers and sisters in her final incarnation the way of service and ministration, of love and support of others in a very simple and yet profound way of compassion and kindness, generosity, givingness, gratitude and harmony. When we can support others through love, we are really supporting and loving our inner child also. When we respect others and have reverence for life in many domains, including appreciating, acknowledging and loving elementals through pets and the nature spirits, we bring out the best of our own self through that charge that we give to our soul as our inner child.
            There is much to learn about our inner nature on a daily basis as we commune with God, the angels, the masters, our Higher Self. We are always in this learning process of ascertaining what is truly real about ourselves that we desire to bring forth in expressive ways to the cosmos and to humanity. So if we are engaged—through love and appreciating our self, loving ourselves as God loves us; loving our inner child, our soul; being sensitive; arising with the sun and before dawn to give of ourselves and to commune with the Sun Source of all life—this emerging process continues with grace and beauty.
           Each day there is an anointing of our selfhood in God's Presence. And this anointing, like the taking of our daily shower or bath, illumines us, frees us and prepares us for our sacred work and labor each day. I believe a time of silent meditation early in the morning is essential for all lightbearers in order to make that reconnection or sustain that connection, which may already be strong within us, with our True Self. This then allows us to progress through the most important aspects of our day that we are destined to outpicture, and learn the lessons that we are destined to learn and interact with the people whom we are ready to learn from, to grow with.
            Our lessons in life are right within us, ready to unfold, by God's grace, through the inner-child experience of each day's opportunities. And when we are truly harmonious and sensitive to ourselves, to our True Selves, deep within us, then the lessons come more easily, without a lot of the drama, intensity or excitement that can at times become problematic, with all manner of issues that arise between people. We are at peace within ourselves and therefore we are at peace with others.
            I notice that within my life, when I am at peace through prayer, meditation, exercise, right diet and using the solar sciences, my day works. I am in the zone, the groove of God-beingness, and the masters can use me, just as they may use any of us and all of us, to support the highest outpicturing of God's kingdom upon Earth. And no  matter what physical work I do, what mental work, what editing or whatever work I'm doing that day, when I'm in this state of presence, of pure love and light, I bring the blossom of my being into fruition on behalf of others and myself and I am self-nurtured and God is present. The Holy Spirit flows and I feel the valuation and validation of who I am, and I feel God's love.
            So I pray that many of us will begin to fully understand more of our internal beingness through our inner child, and when we read the words of the masters, which are so wonderfully crafted and bless our lives, that we look no further than ourselves to determine that we will continue the sacred work of cleaning and cleansing, purifying and transmuting so that we access the deepest and the purest portions of our soul through soulfulness, understanding and care. I pray that our lives will become even more graced with God's power, wisdom and love and that together we, with the ascended masters, will fulfill our God-destiny in the light.
            Thank you for listening, and again I remind us all about our class tonight on the virtues, on God-love, with beloved Claire Brown. Truly this will be an exposition of light and an opportunity for us to understand and know what love is at a deeper level. Thank you and have a great day.

1. Quoted from Woman—The Source of Love and Life by Beinsa Douno, pages 58-60.  Copyright © 2010  by Bialo Bratstvo Publishers. ISBN 978-954-744-139-2.

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