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Spirit of Aquarius      February 15, 2012

Beloved Spirit of Aquarius
David Christopher Lewis
February 15, 2012   8:07-8:16 pm MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

I Come to Accelerate Love within the Devotees of Light

Rise into Your Aquarian Selfhood Now

            I am the Spirit of Aquarius, and I come in this hour to accelerate love within the devotees of light. And I ennoble within you through your hearts that point of perfection that is the threefold flame of your God-reality, through which you may experience love, love, love!
            Dearest ones, what is Aquarius? It is an age of love. It is a time in which souls may journey to the source of God-love within the center of being and know the eternality of oneness. And in this experience of unity with the Spirit of the one God, you may truly know Aquarian joy, Aquarian light, Aquarian harmony and the Now-ness of presence within.
            Some look to a future time when the stars are aligned for the Age of Aquarius to fully dawn upon Earth. Well, blessed ones, I am here now within you for you to know your Buddha nature, your Christic Presence and the Mother flow as that water that she pours from her urn upon the sons and daughters of God for them to experience life, light and the buoyancy of the spirit.
            Would you be resonant with the one light of the Aquarian masters—Saint Germain and Portia; the Great Divine Director and his twin flame; and the Elohim of love, Heros and Amora—who come to sponsor those who would be love in action within this world? If so, then fly with me across the skies and discern a new way of living that is the way of Aquarius.
            Yes, angels and advocates upon Venus come to Earth at the dawn and at the dusk to fly across the skies with angels of light to touch the hearts of mankind to know love of Self, the Higher Self, love of God, love of one another in the fullness of that Spirit of Aquarius. When you are there present at the dawn hour to receive the rays of Aquarian light from the Sun-source of this system, from your God Parents, there may be impregnated within you those cosmic essences of God-joy that bring you to the fount of your true Selfhood in the one light. And when you witness the sun setting over the horizon, it is a time to reflect upon the Mother as she brings awareness through the nighttime of your daily cycle, that which you may awaken to within your inner Self as you rest and experience oneness in other octaves of light with your elder brothers and sisters, the ascended hosts, your sponsors and many beloveds who work with your souls in this nighttime drama.
            O soul of light, rise into your Aquarian Selfhood now as you receive a bestowal of grace from those who work with your soul to bring you to the highest point of beingness within, where you know love, where you express love, where love is present fully within your life each moment and you know with a certainty and a cosmic surety that you are love.
            Yes, I am the Spirit of Aquarius. I radiate light, fire and fortuitous and expressive love to those who are ready for the shift into a new and higher consciousness and who would be benefactors unto humanity of this grace that I bear for thee.
            AUM, AUM, AUM—peace.

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