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David Lewis      February 15, 2012

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
February 15, 2012   8:30–9:01 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Dynamics of Clearing and Building the Auric Field through Spiritual Practices

            Good morning, everyone. Today I'd like to talk a little bit about how we can increase the clarity, illumination and purity of our auric presence, enter into a deeper communion with our God Presence, and eliminate from our worlds certain habit patterns and things which do not accommodate our highest selfhood in God.
            As the Master has shown me in the auras of various heartfriends and individuals in the world, there are little anomalies that at times are problematic on our spiritual journey. And I hope to illuminate through this discourse some of these issues so that all of us can take stock and take heart in order to improve our ability to invoke light, retain light and emanate light.
            One of the most important spiritual practices that we have is to center ourselves and to focus upon the Divine One, our great Solar Presence, the divine I AM THAT I AM light. When we do this and our attention is firmly affixed on our Source, there is a radiant stream that enters our auric field that naturally purifies everything within us because we are trued to God.
           So I consider that following the commandment to love the Lord with all of our heart, mind, body, soul, spirit1 is the seminal act and conscious choice that we can all engage in to really allow ourselves to live in that light and to be light. Through heart-centeredness, which is entering into divine love, we also naturally engender a beautiful roseate field of energy around our chest cavity, in our heart chakra, expanding out through compassion to bless ourselves and all those with whom we interact. I consider that maintaining this state of listening grace through focus upon and within the heart—the threefold flame burning within the center of the secret chamber our heart—and retaining our connection with our Source through that individualized Presence of God as that threefold flame, is also one of the most important spiritual practices.
            After this, I believe that stilling the mind is absolutely essential. When people are not capable of fully stilling the mind through meditation and silence, there is a fuzziness in their auric field, especially around the head area. When they tend to revolve things and rehearse the past and go back into the memories of former times and years, this fuzziness becomes like static that you see on TV or that you hear through the radio. And, in one sense, a certain irrationality of the carnal mind enters in because one is not focused upon and living within the higher mind of God.
            To still the mind requires a daily practice of meditation and simply being quiet and still. When one does this on a long-term basis, there is a greater clarity in the auric field around the head area and throughout the entire aura. If people have not learned to be still, this static affects the entire aura and there is a type of agitation that manifests and extends into the emotional body and especially through our speech and the patterns that we offer through our speech as the words that we speak.
            When people have trouble enunciating, pronouncing things or speaking in clear, structured sentences, it's important that they focus on stilling the mind and stilling the emotions in order to be able to conceptualize clearly in advance of their speaking so that the words that flow through them are embellished with the grace of the Holy Spirit. And it's important that many of us who are now sharing in discourses on Mondays and Thursdays understand this process in order to be able to convey, by that grace of God, what is essential within the message with heart-centeredness, presence and peace.
            The practice of forgiveness through the use of the violet light, Ho'oponopono and especially the Kuan Yin rosary and it's beautiful offerings of mercy allow the aura to be cleared of past propensities and burdens because forgiveness cleans and washes us free of these past entanglements. Those who have not forgiven retain within the aura certain knots and entanglements that are problematic for their long-term victory. If there are issues in which you have any form of hatred, mild dislike or lack of compassion toward any lifestream, this is a blot and a stain within your emotional body, and there is a type of anomaly that manifests, which is there until it is released and consumed by your forgiveness of others and yourself.
            When people are not self-forgiving, they have a certain band of darkness in their aura that's a perversion of the quality of love, which is kind of a brown-mauve energy that is retained in the emotional body and around and below the heart. When forgiveness is present and when joy, through forgiveness, manifests through one's being, the auric field around the heart is very clear, radiant and beautiful; and you see the issuing forth of the very essences that flowers naturally exude when they open to the sun.
            So the heart that is free through forgiveness and compassion, kindness and mercy is radiant and effulgent and alive. The heart that is nonforgiving becomes encrusted, both physically, astrally and in other dimensions, by these patterns that constrict it and stop the flow of light and, physically, of the blood. It's very problematic to have issues with others that are retained because of nonforgiveness.
           So I believe that Jesus' command to forgive seventy times seven2 and to love our enemies,3 and Buddha's practice of completely entering into this state of nonduality and of seeing every lifestream as already perfect, are essential and are the greatest spiritual practices for clearing the heart and the aura of these problematic vibrations.
          Now, as I've seen it in the electronic belt and in the auric fields of individuals, when the diet is impure through an excess intake of refined sugar, heavy meats and processed foods, including refined flours, oils, et cetera, there is the building within the lower area of the body temple very dark energies that are like an astral mucus. And the emotional attachments and problems that at times crop up in people's lives can be cleared by at least 25 percent through a pure diet. So if you have a tendency to splurge on sweet and sugary things or overconsume red meat and other very refined foods that retain no life essences, then you can't qualify within your auric field for a greater light-energy to be resonating within you. And gradually as you purify your diet, you will see the ability to retain divine thought, concepts, ideations from the divine world and higher mindfulness.
            Sugar directly impacts the brain and its ability to cognize divine things. So all of us must consider being adamant with ourselves about being disciplined in our diet, especially as regards to the sweet things in life, because unfortunately these have a direct impact on the aura. It makes the aura more yin and not stable and able to retain light and emanate greater light.
           The diet of the adepts—a vegetarian diet of grains; nuts; seeds; live foods, including sprouts, fruit off trees if possible; dried fruit; and plenty of vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables and root vegetables—is essential for maintaining stability. The root vegetables ground us in a way that is absolutely awesome, I believe, because they create a foundation of balance within us. So for many people who live in northern climates, root vegetables, especially in the wintertime, are very soothing to the auric field and the being when ingested properly.
            Those who exercise have a natural transparency of the auric field. There is the unclogging of past stoppages of the light within all of the bodies through exercise, pranic breathing, laughter and movement. So if you find yourself in any way in a state of depression or not at your spiritual peak, develop a practice of walking, hiking, swimming, biking, rebounding, lots of laughter, and doing any other exercise that you desire—yoga, the Five Tibetan Rites—in order to increase the prana within the entire body temple, to excise from yourself those little problematic mind-sets and energy patterns, and to invite into your life the stream of God's consciousness through the Holy Spirit.
            I've also observed that when people speak a lot and at times gossip or have what could be called motor mouths, there is an energy pattern around the throat chakra that is diametrically opposed to the Word of God manifesting through them. And there is kind of a chain that is placed upon the Word, with a capital W, that can manifest through their awareness because they cannot be fully trusted to speak the truth, the life and the way of light through their words. When you gossip or speak ill of others, there is a jagged pattern, like black lightning, that comes out of your mouth. And for some people who gossip on a regular basis, there are little asps or snakes that are emitted from the throat chakra. So watching our words, being very careful that we speak the truth, and only the truth, with great heart intent is important for clearing this area.
            Another thing that I've observed is that when people have certain negative habit patterns, fetishes or paradigms that are really awful, they have symbols that are retained within the auric field indicating what these habits are, these propensities that they have not yet overcome. For instance, if you have a very heavy drinking problem, there will actually be images of beer cans or vodka or other liquors right within the auric field. If you have a smoking problem, the same thing. There will be that entity that is actually within the auric field and can be seen.
            The same thing occurs with an overconsumption of chocolate, coffee and other debilitating substances. All of these have their energy patterns. And coffee and chocolate, in general, dull the mind and create like a little brown, tarry substance around the brain and throughout, at a very subtle level, the entire auric field. So if you have one cup of coffee a day, it's probably not a big issue. If you have to have four or five cups a day and you're addicted to caffeine, look at this as something that you may desire to try to move through, to overcome, because I can assure you that those who are really addicted in this way have these issues within their aura.
            We all have certain attachments to this world. Otherwise we wouldn't be here. So each and every one of us has something that we can work on to clear, to clean and to purify so that our auric fields can be like Jesus', Gautama Buddha's, Zarathustra's, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov's: pure white-light Sun centers of awesome radiant energy.
            Another problem that I've seen in the lifestreams of certain individuals is when they have debts, unfulfilled promises and vows or projects that are lingering that they know are essential to fulfill for their life mission. What happens in this case is that there are like little pieces of a puzzle floating around within the auric field, uncooperative energies based on the words, the promises, the vows of these individuals. A debt to others is like a red stain that's on the ledger. It is a debit. It's actually a debit, and the amount of that debt sometimes is enumerated in an amount that is lingering there. The Keeper of the Scrolls is aware of this. And for some lifestreams who have these debts, this is a pall upon their being that can weigh them down at very subtle levels, although it is not so subtle to the masters who observe it, because it actually has a weight of karma.
            So I would recommend that anyone who has debts to others write them down. Write down the amount of the debt and to whom it is owed. And develop a plan for clearing those debts as soon as possible, because when you do you will be free of that little red splotch of energy within your electronic belt or your auric field. The freedom of having that liberty to move on past the incurring of that debt will give you a boost of energy that will be absolutely awesome in your lifestream.
            Now, many of us have certain types of debts, including mortgages, car payments, et cetera, and when you are regularly paying these, it is not the same. What I'm talking about is when you have debts that you know that you have given your word on to a specific person, an institution, or you've signed a document that you would borrow money for a particular purpose, or even when you have borrowed money without documentation and you have not fulfilled those obligations. This builds. And for some people who have a habit pattern of borrowing and not paying back, asking for things and not redeeming themselves by redeeming those debts, there is a very heavy pall that can be seen as a tangible energy of dust within a certain portion of the aura, and this clouds their ability to receive more abundance, light and divine illumination. When these debts are cleared, heaven opens up its abundance, its treasures to us because it knows that we can be trusted to pay back what we owe.
            The attachments that we have to things in this world, in any way, that are not essential for our spiritual journey also are seen within the auric field. These are also anomalies that lodge themselves into different areas based on the type of attachment. If it's a mental attachment to paradigms, belief systems, there is a type of symbol within the mental body, around the brain, that can be seen.
            When people are very emotionally attached to others, when they have emotional fantasies and they think that they love someone when they're married to someone else, or have fantasies about an individual that they are not destined to be with, there is a pulling upon the emotional body that actually weakens the auric field. And the astral body, instead of being clear and radiant and expansive, is contracting in its luminosity. Yet concurrently there's a type of yin-ness that manifests as these energies are going out from the emotional body and trying to connect with the object of the person's desire. And this weakens the person. It weakens his or her ability to retain light.
            At times I have felt these attachments from certain individuals, and I have had to clear myself of them in order to retain the autonomy of my being. And I trust that any of you who are in the public light, who do public speaking, who are very prominent in your work and notice through your eyes the temporary gaze of others upon you, if you're good-looking or something of this nature, you just have to be very protective in this way so that you don't allow the evil eye or the desire eye to project its image, its energy upon you and steal a certain quotient of light from your being.
            When we give our tube of light daily, when we do protection decrees there is a natural buoyancy and protective element, as a blue fire around the auric field, that seals us in an impervious wall of light from this type of intrusion. And that's why it's important to maintain our spiritual disciplines, our practices, so that we have that protective field as this spiritual cellular wall around us to ward off these mental and emotional aberrations that at times are projected to us.
            When we have the Holy Spirit moving through our being by attention upon God, there is the natural clearance of certain of these energies by the grace of God, by the action of the light, especially as we retire at night, do spiritual work before we retire at night and go to the retreats of the masters. There is a natural cleansing process that happens both within our physical body and our emotional and mental bodies because rest, recuperation and stillness allow this action to occur and the light of our Presence to flow through us.
            So it's important that all of us have times of repose, recreation and stillness in order to recharge and to invest ourselves again in that light of the Holy Spirit, especially in nature, so that we are not drained of the electronic essences that can be ours by total consumption through our work. Now, this is not to say that we should be lazy. And of course those who are very active in their spiritual work as well as their sacred labor naturally regenerate, because movement helps to generate spiritual light. And whether we are primarily doing mental work or we do physical work or we do a combination thereof or we serve people, this action of being a servitor does also extend itself through our auric field in a certain clearing action.
            So I hope that my words today have been helpful to all of us to understand the spiritual dynamics of clearing, cleaning and also building our auric field through all of our spiritual practices. More could be said on this topic. I've shared some of these in the past. This is simply kind of a compilation of what I've observed through the eyes of the Master in the lifestreams of heartfriends and others with whom I've been in contact. And I pray that by the grace of God, through forgiveness, heart-centeredness, focus upon our divine Presence, right diet, exercise, laughter, pranic breathing, watching our words, paying our debts and eliminating negative habit patterns and attachments, that we can all live lives of divine glory and be effulgent in the radiance that flows through us as that light of God that always prevails. God bless you, and thank you for listening.

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