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David Lewis      February 01, 2012

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
February 1, 2012   8:17-8:29 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Work of Celestel and Celena, Archangel and Archeia of the Second Crystal Ray

Step-Down Transformers of Cosmic Beingness from Divine Worlds

            I would also like to speak today a little bit about the work of Celestel and Celena, the archangel and archeia of the second crystal ray. They are step-down transformers of cosmic beingness who bring God's jeweled light-energies from higher celestial worlds to mankind.
            This action of stepping down the light is a very important work. For in the process of drawing forth these quintessences from the sun and the starry essences of Solar worlds, these archangelic beings, being very sensitive in their ability to do this work, meditate upon the heart fires of each one of us and provide in a very specific way the opportunity for us to engage with the crystal rays in ways [in which] we personally are fitted and capable. They study the breath and the breathing of lifestreams upon Earth and what can be infused through the heart fires of each one and the crystal-ray chakras through what people breathe in, drink in and accept within their being through the sacred orifices of light of their chakras. And they are able to very carefully craft words, inspiration, aspects of higher mindfulness and very powerful points of entrée into the divine worlds that we can access based on our personal path and who we are.
            Stepping down the energies of the divine worlds [does] not [mean] there is a compromise of that light. It is like a time-[released] feeding of our soul [with] spiritual fire as we are able to receive and then assimilate light and then receive and assimilate more light over time as we grow spiritually. The angels work with our Higher Self and attend to our path. And at various points along our path, based on our ability to perceive and receive light, there is a type of cosmic injection within our higher being of these quintessences, [which] are very gradually distributed or flow through our higher electronic body and down into our human consciousness to raise us in light and to inspire us. It is a process, and it is quite a miracle to see and feel this work of Spirit through these celestial beings.
            When we muse upon the celestial worlds, the heaven worlds, Celestel and Celena are there, available for us to commune with, and they may reveal aspects of our own eternal nature as we attempt to comprehend the nature of God and of spiritual beingness. They can do much more work when we are still and when we are in meditation and silent than they can during our more active mode of life. Therefore often their work is brightest and best during our time of sleep when we are in the higher octaves, [provided we have made] our souls ready to [reach] those higher spheres through proper preparation before we retire at night.
            If you would like to do the Rosary of Divine Quintessence before you retire at night in a very quiet space in your bedroom or your sanctuary or a room dedicated to spiritual work and then call to Celestel and Celena, they will assist, with Leto, in your leaving of your body temple and accessing those higher regions of Spirit as you take flight and visit various retreats of the Brotherhood, schools of light, universities where great training occurs. And then they will also assist you in returning consciously to your body temple and remembering some of the instruction and what has transpired.
        So in one sense they are advocates, with Leto, of this sacred process of soul journeying, and they are escorts, at times, to the celestial cities of light—the Holy City itself. And they very mindfully can assist lifestreams in understanding the makeup of these higher realms and the laws that are at play in these worlds, the higher laws of light. There is a type of explanation and what I would call a holy indoctrination that occurs as much is revealed that goes beyond the ken of what people upon Earth think heaven is like. For often we have certain conceptions of what it is, and yet the reality is different.
        There are lieutenants and other support angels who help in this process under the guidance of Celestel and Celena. And because this revelation is coming today, they also invite us to call to them before we give our 6.001 prayers to escort souls to our movement, to our events, to our Meru University courses, to our sanctuaries, to our website. For they will be the advocates for these individuals and provide a very clear pathway for them on this journey.
            So thank you for participating this morning and for being present and listening in that mode of receptivity so that I could receive this HeartStream from Allegra and the information on Celestel and Celena. Allegra is spelled A-l-l-e-g-r-a. We have Karla and Brian Sweeney's daughter named Allegra, a very beautiful lifestream. And I feel this message was partly and very directly for her, a very sensitive and beautiful soul, whom we witnessed this past summer in Minnesota dancing with many other wonderful young women, for they are women—teenagers and yet very mature in their in their hearts' creativity.
            So God bless you. Have a wonderful day. Bye-bye.

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