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Astrea      December 02, 2011

Beloved Mighty Astrea
David Christopher Lewis
December 2, 2011   10:20-10:33 am CST
Broadcast through Detroit, Michigan

         The Gift of the Clearance of Past Momentums of All Past Lifetimes as Well as the Records of 2011
     Locked in the Crystal of your Godhood, the Living Energies of Spirit are Yours to Breathe In, to Access

            I come with fire and I lock my cosmic circle and sword of blue flame in, through and around you, O soul, for the victory of your life, for the victory of the light within you as you manifest your God Reality today. Yes, I am Astrea and I am involved in the lives of the evolutions of those who understand their God-nature—that they are light and this light manifest through them is the means whereby their perfection may manifest today.
             Dearest hearts, when you are trued to your God-reality and see through a divine resourcefulness your spine in alignment with the very model of God as your Solar Self, as the axis of light of your own Sun Presence, then you may manifest with clarity the beauty of your God-essence. And I come this day to inform you that when you give those calls to Astrea there is an alignment of your selfhood with your Solar identity. And each and every time you invest your time, your energies, your voice, your visualization and especially your heart's love in the giving of the call to Purity and me, we crystallize in your auric field these higher divine energies of Spirit whereby you can live as a God-man or a God-woman while still embodied upon Earth.
            Dearest ones, it is as if, locked in the crystal of your Godhood, the living energies of Spirit are yours to breathe in, to access. And through a new level of spiritual development you understand your true nature and God becomes your reality in that moment. Now, the great conundrum is for you to decide consciously to maintain this state of awareness 24/7. And therefore I come this day, blessed hearts, to let you know that when you give these calls during each 24 hour cycle, 33 times, there is a reinvestment of the energies of God-purity within your being and within your soul so that it will be easier for you to maintain that sense of Selfhood within the Allness of God's Presence.
            Yes, those of you who have risen in consciousness during the giving of these prayers and have felt the electronic fire-essence of our causal bodies suffused around you understand this dynamic. And therefore there is both the stripping away of unreality and the descent of a new layer of your God-reality within your greater auric field, dearest ones. This is our gift to you because when you call upon the Lord, the Lord answers, the Elohim come and the light is yours to live in. Yes, we can both suffuse our reality around an individual disciple even as we are weaving a great cosmic garland of light around an entire sun system and a galaxy. It is the same for us, blessed ones—the same dynamic in each case, and yet the same energy of Spirit is there enfiring all to be and to live at its highest manifestation.
            Burn through this day, I say! And clear, clear, clear the auric flowfields of our disciples to be who they are, to know with a certainty, with a God-surety that they are one with the Divine Word, with the Divine Sword of Astrea this day. Yes, burn, burn, burn and release the encrustations of ages past, [of] momentums of darkness, of nihilism and of acceptance of something less than the God-reality of their Selfhood in the One. Burn! Burn! Burn! And clear, clear, clear now the atmosphere of this Earth so that the sons and daughters of God may breathe in the crystal-clear God- essences of their Solar prana light.
            This is real, blessed ones. It is not some fantasy of a jaded individual who stands before you. It is we who are here. It is we who are invested in your lives if you choose to invest your lives in God. Therefore, during the remainder of this year those of you who commit to the giving of these calls daily will receive on December 31st before the coming of Gautama Buddha an action within your soul that is stupendous. And when those who will be attending that New Year's Conference give those 33 calls one last time, there will be a tremendous clearance of your past momentums of all past lifetimes as well as the clearance of the records of 2011 en masse for this Earth.
            This is our gift. And, dearest ones, be there in your seats to experience it, for the ascension currents may just lift you off your seats in that hour if you are in the right vibration and ready to experience our capsule of light. Some of your astsronauts have excperienced the g-force, the intense energy of being compressed and shot like a cannon into space. Well, if you are ready, dearest ones, this experience spiritually can be yours every time during your communion with us. And when you see and feel yourself free of the magnetic, karmic pull of the Earth, you will be amazed to understand just what it will be like for you to be completely free and living in the reality of your Godhood as an ascended one. You may experience this in increments of time even while yet in the flesh, and yet one day this experience will be complete and you will know your Solar Selfhood and this divine way. And God, having freed you from all that is less than the perfected state of your being, will embrace you in that hour of your holiness and your oneness.
            Know this now. Feel this in your soul, and be this from this day forward, dearest ones. We command, we expect and we direct you, O adepts, to fulfill [this, our word.] Blaze forth the light now, one last time! Blaze forth the light now! And lift these up to be who they are. We thank you.

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