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Kuthumi      August 06, 2011

Beloved Kuthumi
David Christopher Lewis
August 6, 2011   5:18–5:39 local time
Solar Evolution through Divine Music
Bollnäs, Sweden

Sustaining the Flame of Cosmic Christ Peace

I Invite You to My Retreat in Shigatse to Listen to My Offerings to Humanity

Blessed Hearts,
            I am with you in spirit and in physicality this day. And the waves of Cosmic Christ peace that I am emanating through all of Scandinavia are yours as a sacred food of light for the nourishment of your soul by that spiritual fire, for the imbibing at the deepest level of your being so that you may be representatives of this flame of Cosmic Christ peace for a planet and her people.
            I have been in meditation within the retreat of Peace and Aloha over Hawaii in preparation for this HeartStream. And I have felt through their guidance and through their light the flow of Elohimic peace and what is required to sustain that level of tranquility and equanimity so that all within one's being may be placid in order to have the full sensings of spiritual light. When in meditation, dearest ones, you come to the point of self-realization where you can hold this level of peace within your being, then you may see the sustaining of that light for an entire nation and even a continent to allow higher beingness, divine virtues and a greater presence of holy God-gnosis to arise within the minds and hearts of men and women. The harmonic waves that you may be the instrument for for our Earth may be felt as you meditate with the Elohim, as you contemplate this level of inner soul presence beyond the fleeting aspects of the human mind, truly entering the mind of Christ, the mind of Buddha and even the Cosmic Mind that sustains the cosmos in its divine glory and splendor.
            From Shigatse1 I play my organ. And through the vibrations of the chords and the harmonics of the melody that I create consciously through the gentle pressings of my feet upon the pedals and the dancing of my fingers upon the keys, there is the issuing forth across this planet of these harmonic waves that bring a new sense of stillness to the hearts of all, with the possibility for planetary peace, for true brotherhood and sisterhood, for the dissolving of age-old conflicts, and for the arising of the egregore2 of true spiritual communion among all.
            I chose this sacred space high in the Himalayas so that these waves and harmonic vibrations, dearest hearts, would flow from the Himalayan peaks through the valleys of the Earth and affect, with great cosmic delicacy, the vibrational patterns within the feeling worlds of humanity that they might understand once again how important it is to sustain a world of peace within—a new sense of cosmic tranquility and holy equanimity that itself creates that space whereby a planet may receive new impulses of Cosmic Christ peace even from far-off worlds.
            I have taken a cue from Lord Maitreya, my Guru, and have communed with the World Teachers Jesus and Omraam to understand the complex of peace, of what peace is composed in the 360 degrees of its offering and of its sustaining. You may have heard that there is a pedal used by pianists and some organists that is the sustaining pedal.3 Blessed hearts, this is to allow the harmonic waving forth of the patterns of a note or a chord to go forth as a continuous frequency. And as that note or that chord is sustained, the billowing effect of the action of the light through it brings a depth of interaction in many multidimensions of being throughout your planet, affecting the souls of people everywhere.
            What will it take for you to sustain the chord of the tone of your higher essence for more than a moment in time and space—for a minute, an hour, a year, a decade or even a lifetime? This chord may be a combination of holy notes that bring accord and peace to many, you see. And as you are able to sustain this level of light and of presence through your mastery of the flame of peace, others may feed from this vibrational pattern; others may receive, as an impulse, a new desire to strive for virtue, for greater light and understanding. You see, blessed hearts, in one sense, through the sustaining of this flame of Cosmic Christ peace you become an arbiter for Earth's new divine destiny in the light and you assist the World Teachers in their work to lay before the hearts and minds of men upon Earth a platform for their own higher journey in Cosmic Christ consciousness.
            The Divine Mother prepares the meal for her children consciously. And before each meal she gently sets the table, arranging the platter, the plates, the glasses and the silverware exactly where they will be used in order for the meal to be harmonious and beautiful and nourishing. Take your cue from the Divine Mother, blessed hearts, and consciously, mindfully prepare for all that you do in this gentle way. For in the Tao of this experience of mindful preparation for any activity, you enter the circle of peace, the blessedness of peace; and those harmonic waves and nurturing energies of Spirit will then be there for those whom you serve graciously, you see.
            At times the tempo of my compositions is increased in order to counteract the strategies of darkness, of anti-peace in various nations and where conflict may arise. And the interplay of light and the solar frequencies through the music of the spheres that impregnates matter through these vibrational patterns dissolves those anti-waves, and there is resolution once again offered to humanity. And then, when all is resolved, the melody is complete. The last chord is played, the sustaining pedal is let go of, and a new sense of peace—without sound, without vibration—arises and is sent forth to wrap itself around all that was co-created as a different type of sustaining of peace throughout our Earth.
            I invite you to my retreat every Thursday night to listen in silence to my offerings to humanity. For herein there will be blessing of your soul and spirit. Herein, as you feel, you will know what I am presenting through the organ as a gift to humanity from my own Buddhic mindfulness and the Christic patterns of perfection that can crystallize within the minds of all as they choose to incorporate divine concepts and these blessed gifts of the Spirit within their lives.
            The waves of peace themselves nourish the soul, and the cells of all of your bodies are washed, cleansed, spun, raised and sealed in light. There are numerous methodologies of the Spirit created by various ascended masters to accomplish the same ends, blessed hearts. And while some may issue forth an intense fiat of light to create a powerful action of Spirit in that way, I have learned to accomplish the same ends in another way, through a gentle action of the washing of souls with light essences that brings a new harmony into manifestation.
            The Latin phrase pax vobiscum, “peace be with you,” is one that you may breathe out into the universe and to every soul upon Earth: “Pax vobiscum. Pax vobiscum. Pax vobiscum.” It carries a specific wave pattern that sustains the Lord's light and virtues in a noble and gentle way. You may do this as you walk through Denmark, in Copenhagen.4 You may do this anywhere that you desire to bless people and the flora and fauna all about you, dearest ones.
            Pax vobiscum,” you may whisper to the elementals. “Pax vobiscum,” you may speak to the clouds and the sun, the mountains and the streams. “Pax vobiscum,” you may even speak to your own body temple and those cells and systems within you that at times give you trouble, or when there are issues of health or lack in vitality. Pax vobiscum. When these words are said consciously, the flame of Cosmic Christ peace, in wave patterns of beauty and soulfulness, gives birth to a new world before you and life is ennobled, life is sweetened by your spirit, by your heart-centeredness, by your kindness, by your patience, by your love.
            So I say to each one this day, pax vobiscum. Live in this spirit of planetary peace where all is well, within the womb of the Cosmic Mother, within the gaze of the great Silent Watchers, and within the very heart, the brooding, beating heart, of the one God. I thank you.

1. One of Kuthumi's etheric retreats is in Shigatse, Tibet.
2. The word egregore denotes a type of collective awareness.
3. Newer, more technologically advanced organs sometimes have a sustain pedal setting. Most organs, however, are not equipped with a sustain pedal. On a typical organ, a note or chord is sustained as long as the key(s) are held down.

4. After the conference events in Bollnäs, Sweden, David and devotees from Sweden went on a two-day pilgrimage to Copenhagen, Denmark.

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