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Cyclopea      July 03, 2011

Beloved Cyclopea
David C. Lewis
July 3, 2011   5:27-5:46 pm CDT
2011 World Freedom Conference
A New Alchemy of Divine Love for Aquarius—A Celebration of Spirit with Drama, Song and Dance
Frontenac, Minnesota


It Is up to You to Co-create Your World with Great Joy and Beauty

Visionaries of the Spirit,
            I am with you as you perceive and conceive of life through the lens of the All-Seeing Eye Divine. Would you have immaculate vision this day? [Audience responds, "Yes."] Would you cocreate in a new and powerful way? [Audience responds, "Yes."] Would you conduct Elohimic energies through your being so that this Earth may be raised in sacred fire? [Audience responds, "Yes!"] Then travel with me to the chamber of the Karmic Board where we are even now holding session and reviewing the progress of Earth and her evolutions and what can be done to transform our planet in this hour.
            We see projected within the atmosphere the sphere of our Earth, first as it is in God's Eye in perfection, and then simultaneously as the evolutions of Earth in 3-D experience it. There is a constant process through the spiritual activity of the Karmic Board and the Silent Watchers and many who support the evolution of life upon Earth in attempting to assist mankind in realigning what is with what could be, and what truly is in a higher reality, in higher spheres of being through the eye-magic of the Lord. And therefore, blessed hearts, though I could elucidate to you this day all that which is untoward as you experience it in your dimensional plane, I choose to use this opportunity to speak to the lightbearers upon Earth to call you higher and to see where there may be progress, there may be an acceptance of the virtues of God, there may be a new investment of your own visionary resources toward the ends of the fulfillment of the capstone of Earth's victory in the light.
            O mankind, the Mother Flame is rising and all that is less than the acceptance of woman's estate as an equal to men in all arenas of activity, in all cultures, must give way to the divine estate of the feminine principle of God. Therefore, work for Omega's and Vesta's and all of the Mothers of heaven's rightful station within every aspect of society so that there is balance and harmony, beginning with the family and evolving through the culture into the highest echelons of decision-making, of judgment within the governmental institutions including the courts and the Supreme Court of every land. Because, blessed ones, Earth must have the culture of the Mother fully invested within her in order for a golden-crystal age to manifest. Through a long-standing imbalance and through the decadence that has resulted in the subjugation of the Mother Light, Earth has not made the progress that it could [have]. And therefore each of you must raise that Mother Light from the base to the crown in order for the nourishing aspects of the kundalini fire to give birth to higher consciousness within the mass awareness of mankind.
            We see a new way of education manifesting in all domains whereby the children are honored, their inner genius is directed appropriately, and proper training and adeptship from the time conception occurs within the womb. Yes, blessed hearts, if you would have the new culture that you desire, then ensure that the holy children are protected in the coursing of their souls and their spirit-fire from the time that they arrive as a spirit-spark within the womb of their mothers. [Enusre that they are] sealed in the authenticity of the culture that honors them, that provides for them, and that gives them all that they require so that they may be who they are destined to be as God-conscious citizens of a light-planet.
            Education is the most important area in which the greatest progress for this Earth can be made through the work of the divine ones incarnating upon Earth who will literally change civilization as a whole when the proper means for enlightenment are provided through universal education, provided free of charge. This is the most important investment of your money, of your abundance for the ongoingness of civilization in generations to come, dearest hearts. If even a fraction of what this planet spends on armaments and weapons of war were invested in proper education, you would see a flowering of all manner of new ways of thought and conception, of brilliance, ideations of glory. And the Venusian cultures ready to descend into manifestation on Earth would simply alight beautifully in your midst.
            Where are the champions for the youth that we, the ascended masters, desire to provide with the means whereby they will in one lifetime reach the summit of their own beingness through a directed course in self-mastery? Some among you can carve out this way through the conscious application of what you know to be that path. And from an early age [you may] provide the little ones with the essentials for a bountiful life experience and for a life of fulfillment in the light.
            When nature is respected as an aspect of God brought forth by the Great One in the beginning, in the creation of the Earth itself, then you will see a return to an Edenic state of God-glory and harmony upon our Earth. It will take many conscious choices to change the way civilization is experienced in order to bring about this shift in awareness. Will you simply create more complex machines, O mankind, to serve the human self, the lower nature? Or will you ascertain within what God has created through the simplicity and the complexity of nature itself what is essential for your spiritual and intellectual evolution toward your own Buddhahood, your own full enlightenment?
             You see, even the master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov brought forth nearly all of his teaching based on the principles of light, solar awareness and life observed within the natural world. If so great an attainment can be won, then let this be the way and the wave of the future within the Now so that every soul knows its Source, feeds upon the light and the life-energy of the Source through the natural means provided it in the coursing of its journey through time and space and beyond.
            You see, dearest ones, though I could go into a vision of the future as we see it realized already, it is up to you to co-create your world with great joy and beauty as you commune with the Beloved and enter into the scientific application of all of the virtues and gifts of the Spirit through your life lived to the glory of God. What may seem so complex in one sense as the initiatic path with all of the tests along the way can truly be boiled down to this: love is the key. Beingness within God's heart will win the day, and therefore the education of the heart is essential for a new spiritual rebirth in Aquarius to occur.
            The Karmic Board applauds your efforts in many arenas to provide through the resource of The Hearts Center Community all that souls require to make their ascension and to be self-fulfilled in a positive pathway of virtue. Keep on keeping on, O sons and daughters of the Most High, in your co-creativity, in your collective spirit of building community, and in knowing that so long as you remain true to the one principle of life and love vibrating within that life, all will be well and God's vision will be man's vision again. Let your truth reign supreme through deeds and actions and work. And let your noble nature be proved by what you accomplish in 3-D today, every day, through your charitable exercise of your heart's-mind's-will and the glorious eye and eyes that I now bless and caress with my immaculate vision of you as perfect, as crystal, as fully light. I thank you.


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