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Fortuna      July 02, 2011

Beloved Fortuna
David Christopher Lewis
July 2, 2011   5:30–6:01 pm CDT
Summer 2011 World Freedom Conference
A New Alchemy of Divine Love for Aquarius—A Celebration of Spirit with Drama, Song and Dance
Frontenac, Minnesota

A New Flowering of Your Abundant Life

             Fortuna desires us to have a conversation about abundance. So this HeartStream is titled “A New Flowering of Your Abundant Life.” And you are the ones who will see to it by the alchemy of our togetherness, our oneness, our concentration and our focus on our individual and collective abundance and opulence.

             We can tell stories about how we have precipitated. On various broadcasts we have shared many beautiful, wonderful stories on how the law of the tithe has worked in our lives. If you have a story to share that has not yet been told, we would love to hear it tonight. If you have a new approach to manifesting abundance and you have never before been inspired to share it, you may share it now, as long as it is not an alchemy that you are working on that therefore requires silence. As you know, we have been told “to know, to dare, to do and to be silent.” If you're actively working on something, of course it's not the time to share. Yet if you have a new idea that comes to your heart and mind tonight, having given these prayers, or if you have ideas that would help our Hearts Center movement to expand and grow, let's hear them. Let's have an intimate conversation. Who has a story to share of how abundance has come to you, perhaps unexpectedly?

Participant: This is a story that I have thought about sharing a couple of times and then it just didn't work out, and I think it's so cool. You know how we have homes for a while and then we want to paint, shampoo the carpets, buy new furniture, just sort of spruce it up and do all of these things. That costs quite a bit of money, so you put it off. On New Year's Eve this year, we were burning letters in my fireplace because they wouldn't let us do it at the hotel. When we first started burning them, the smoke started coming out because we hadn't opened our flue. The alarm went off, so we opened the flue and the stuff started going up. By the time we got done burning the letters, the fake log in the fireplace had started burning also. There's no danger there, so I just closed the grate and we all went to bed, because by then it was 1:30 and the conference started again in the morning.

             Well, I woke up in the middle of the night for no reason, remembered the log was out there burning, ran out and checked on it. Everything was fine and I went back to bed. I hadn't turned any lights on. In the morning when we woke up it was light and we saw that the house was filled with smoke. It was like a dense fog had descended. I think it was the same night that we did the tithe with the multiplication thing.

             I was telling a girlfriend what happened and she said, “You should call your insurance company.” I had never had anything like that happen. So I called and they said, “Oh yeah, you can have some stuff done. We'll send an insurance adjuster over to look at it.” So we ended up having all the walls and everything in the house washed a couple of times. All the drapes were taken away. All the floors and all the furniture were shampooed and steam cleaned. The whole house was painted. It was just this influx of prosperity. And the funny thing was, when it first happened I never felt horrified or anything. I just thought, “Okay.” So it turned out to be a great influx of abundance, pretty much along the lines of the multiplication factor that had been given that night.

David:  Great. [applause] Well, I have to say that we've all paid a lot of insurance over the years, and at times it's good to cash in on it when legitimate things happen. That's why we pay insurance, and we shouldn't feel guilty about using that abundance because it was our money in the first place. This has happened to me, to Boyd, and I'm sure to others of you. It is a blessing, and this is the reason we pay insurance. Sometimes we think, “Oh, well, gosh, should I use it?” We have to be reminded that we've paid it, and therefore it's okay to use it.

Participant:  I have a story and also my method for precipitating abundance. It's a real simple story. I remember a long time ago when I was a young man [laughter], Serapis Bey gave a dictation and he was calling us all to go to Luxor, Egypt. It was a big deal, and I said to myself, “Okay, I'm gonna go to that.” I was really determined, so I gave a bunch of decrees and I was focused. Right before the trip happened I got a bunch of scholarships for school, and one of them they gave me in check form. The trip was $2,000, and I got a scholarship check for $2,200. So I guess that was the answer to my prayers. I got to go to Egypt and it was totally worth it.

David:  We won't tell your professors. [laughter]

Participant continues:  There was a lot of spiritual education going on. Then the next semester, I got to go to Brazil for free too. As for my method for precipitating abundance, I just always feel rich. I think I'm fortunate enough to maybe have in my aura a strain of abundance or something. When I come to these conferences or just when I look at my life, I feel very rich because I always get paid a lot of spiritual dividends. At every conference I get lots of blessings. I have close connections, very heartfelt, rich connections with the people here and with my friends. I think I focus most of my abundance into spirituality. Also I know that whenever there's a situation where I need to physically pay something off, I can just kind of focus and then I'll get the money and I can pay it. I manage to come to most every conference, and I think it's because—

David:  You feel rich.

Participant continues:  Yeah.

David:  You know that song “I Feel Good”? We should change it to “I Feel Rich.” [laughter] I'm serious. You have to feel it to experience it, right?

Participant continues:  I'm not saying this as a prideful thing, I'm just saying I'm grateful.

David:  Yeah, great! [applause]

Participant:   Remember Erin Lafferty's “I'm a magnet for money—money, money loves me”? [laughter]

Participant:  My story is a result of that little mantra, Erin Lafferty's. I think, personally, that we should play that replay from the New Year's conference that had that little ditty in it at least once a month, because that has been such a good reminder. It was such a wonderful sharing on abundance and how we can bring it into our lives. I've heard other people say that they really needed that reminder. I shared it with my sister, and before I knew it, the mother of the three boys I had been success coaching called me and said that the boys were going to be gone all summer, so I wasn't going to be getting any money for coaching. I thought, “Okay, I'll just figure out how to survive and pay the extra bills.” More goes out than comes in during the summertime. And, lo and behold, I started saying that little mantra, and she called and said that the boys were going to be home for four days and that they would like to have a session. That's seventy dollars for one session. So I felt elated because I would be able to make the $200 that I had pledged to give as a tithe for my birthday, which was June 29, and I didn't have it. So it was the amount that I needed in order to pay the $200 that I had promised to give on my birthday.

             The other story is, we were at yoga class and a friend named Mary was sharing with us at the end of class how destitute she was and that she had just lost a job as a cleaning lady. So we told her the little rhyme and said, “Now, be happy and say this little rhyme.” When we got home half an hour later, we got a call and she said, “Oh, you won't believe it. I just got a job back that I had lost two months ago!” She had given that little mantra: “I am a magnet for money, and money, money, money loves me.” You have to put a lot of feeling into it.

David:  Okay, you lead it now. Say it really loud so we can all hear it. It's “I am a magnet for money…”

Participant:   I am a magnet for money, and money, money, money loves me! [David and audience repeat mantra two more times; audience applauds.]

Participant:  A few years ago when I went to the freedom conference in Bozeman, I believe it was, after the conference I went down to the Inner Retreat to get the return of the revocable trust that I had. Part of it was a twenty-five-pound bag of silver nickels. It was an interesting experience getting on the plane in Bozeman to come home because it was in a carry-on and security had to put their hand in the bag of silver nickels. That was funny. For this freedom conference, I had taken a week to get here, and the first stop for me was in Frederick, Maryland. I stopped there to get postage stamps for my stamp business. While I was there I asked them, “What's the price that silver nickels are going for now?” They said they were a dollar-and-a-half apiece. So I was pleasantly surprised, and felt appreciation for my bag of nickels.

David:  Great. [applause]

Participant:  This is to address the young man over there who feels awfully rich. That's great. My friend Gloria always says how she is able to get here and there and everywhere she wants to go. Some neighbor said to her, “Well, what do you think you are? You go to all these places. Are you rich?” She said, “Well, why shouldn't I go to all these places? After all, my Father is the owner of the universe!” [laughter] Your Father is the owner of the universe! Let's feel rich because he is our Father, isn't he? [“Yes.”] Don't deny yourself anything. I'm here, and sometimes I wonder, “Hey, how did I get here? [laughter]

David:  Sometimes you have to ask. There's at least one person here who asked for a dispensation. Raise your hand if some abundance came to you because you asked or you filled out an application, or whatever? All right! [applause] You have to ask. If you ask your Father for some bread, would he give you a rock?1 No, he would give you the bread—the dinero.

Participant:  One of the things that I have been doing for about a year-and-a-half, maybe almost two years, when I go out to see clients and am driving all over the Dallas area, I play my abundance CD. I didn't think much about it, but I knew that we hadn't been hurt that much by the economy. I just read a report before coming here that said that this year Dallas is the best place to live because it has not suffered from the recession as everybody else has. We have leveled our housing economy and our pricing economy, and they don't know how to explain it other than the fact that the economy in Dallas has remained very stable over the past year-and-a-half. [applause]

David:  Great. For those of you at home, we have to get a close-up of his shirt. Can you project that onto the screen right now so that those in the audience can see it? We all have to see this shirt on the big screen. This is due to his beloved wife, Barbara, who's a cosmic seamstress. The only thing I have to ask, Barbara, are those all hundred-dollar bills?

Participant:  No, they're all different denominations.

David:  Well, you've got to get one that's all hundreds or thousand-dollar bills, if they exist. Barbara, get with Deborah Timberlake, and if you can put them on our Hearts Center store shirts of different sizes with thousand-dollar bills, then in the future when we have a dictation from Fortuna or the God of Gold, we can all wear them and our abundance will flow. This is a walking advertisement for Barbara's work.

[Piano player plays “We're in the Money”; applause.]

David:  Now, I heard earlier during the previous HeartStream that Fortuna would possibly share something about the economy, in answer to Cheryl's question. We all watch the news, or most of us watch the news, and are aware of what's going on in Europe, in Greece, with our economy, everything. As much time as we focus on the negatives and the downward spiral that we see manifesting, concurrently there can be a focus on the upward spiral of the divine abundance of lightbearers. We've been given this beautiful dispensation from El Morya. Many of you took advantage of it. Mona and I received our answer in a number of ways, and I know that many of you, by your faith in the dispensation, because that was the X factor of that dispensation, have received your abundance. El Morya has extended that to our birthdays, and it's good for two years, as I recall—the birthday this year and the birthday next year. What this does is increase the availability of divine resources for the lightbearers.

             The economy of the world, as I heard it earlier, is built on greed, unfortunately, with the banking systems, the World Bank, the Ex-Im Bank. We know that they go into countries and basically loot their resources and use them for giant multinational corporations that are tied into the World Bank. We know all these things, which are unfortunate. In the process, the lightbearers suffer and the common man and woman typically suffer, and then the rich get richer, the elite retain their abundance, and we have this ongoing cycle. So how do we break that cycle and create a new spiral of light? El Morya and the masters of abundance have the answer. If we study their HeartStreams, we will find that they have given us the answer. We can create our own divine economy, and it can be within or outside of the world economy as we know it today.

             The other day I was walking in our garden and I thought, “Wouldn't it be great if The Hearts Center had its own bank, or if there was a bank for lightbearers, where all of our resources would go into a pool, as in some of the savings and loans, where basically the money is held in trust. It's different than the bank. It's a shareholder-type arrangement. If there is anyone out there who has the knowledge, the wherewithal, the know-how to begin such a trust and a savings and loan, or whatever, let's discuss it as we move forward and see if we can grow our own resources by having our individual abundance funneled and channeled through a sponsored activity of light.

             We know that there's a gentleman, Muhammad Yunus from Bangladesh, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for founding the Grameen Bank, which started issuing small loans to local people, mostly women, who are too poor to qualify for bank loans. It's an awesome idea and it has grown and grown around the world. And people pay back the loans. This type of thing can happen virtually anywhere if someone has the right mind-set, the right heart-set. It will take a shift in the way business is done, which always lends itself toward the victory of the banking systems and those in the top echelons rather than the common man or woman. We have to work our alchemies in order to see how we can make this happen.

             So in answer to the question on the economy of Europe and the world as a whole, what we do with our abundance does affect life everywhere. When we choose to make conscious choices, the butterfly effect is in effect. And when we right our economy, when we are in alignment with our virtuous Self, which is all-abundant, we project out rays of light that affect all life and bring a new abundant awareness and consciousness to others. Our auric field is a flowfield of our light-energy and our abundant effulgence. When we are richer in light-energy, that effects everything in all universes. We may not realize that all the time. So when you invoke light, when you are full of light, this is abundance; this is light-energy for the universe.

             We have to realize that when we are full of light, when we do this spiritual work, we are creating light-energy abundance for the universe. And the best thing that we can do for the economy, for the world is to be all light. Do you agree? [Audience responds: “Yes.”] We affect everything by the amount of light-radiation that we carry and that we invoke on a daily basis. As our light increases, the abundance of light on the planet increases. This has a direct relationship with everything, including the economies.

             When Gautama reached enlightenment, he was the most abundant individual on the Earth. His abundance was light-energy. Now he brings us a thoughtform every year to key us into the intelligent use of our energy. His thoughtform this year is the beautiful cornucopia. The abundance flowing from Gautama's causal body to the Earth is tremendous. So the best thing we can do is strive for our own enlightenment. We talked about enlightenment today.

             This is really the answer to the economy: incorporating the resources from the sun, as golden, liquid light, into our cells. Someone was talking about how her skin was actually glowing and sparkling. This is because she is a light being and is feeling that light in her body temple. If we desire to heal the economies, the responsibility is on us, individually, to be light, to be the all-abundance of God by maintaining our spiritual disciplines, rising early with the sun, even if you don't feel like you can get up at 4:30 or 5:00. As Omraam said, even though you may initially feel tired, when you follow that discipline and just get up early to be there with the sun, you get energized. You get that daily packet of vital spiritual vitamins and energy that sees you through.

             For those of you who say you get more done at late at night, I can say that you're missing something by not being with that early morning sun. It's tremendous. I look forward to the days when I'm not leading a decree service in Livingston, because those are the days when I get my solar gazing done. On the days I'm decree leading, I don't do it because I'm either driving or at the service. When I'm not there, Mona and I purposely get up and do our solar gazing, and it's fantastic. I'm not saying that decrees are bad; it's just that the days I'm not at the service, I really enjoy that time with the sun. We can all take that to heart. We can all focus on the sun, on our enlightenment, and by doing so, through the butterfly effect, we do impact the economies of the world.

             Let's take a moment before we go to dinner and just relax and see our entire being charged with golden, liquid solar energy. Then let us radiate out this true abundant energy to the banking systems of Europe, Greece, America for the revitalizing of our Earth and the bringing in of a golden-age economy.

             The final word from Fortuna has to do with the third-eye chakra and the crown chakra. These are the two chakras that relate to abundance: the emerald, liquid light, or the emerald ray, which is the ray of abundance; and the golden-yellow ray of the crown, which is golden, liquid sunshine. These two chakras working together can help us. How do we increase the light in these chakras? Through greater God-vision and through greater God-wisdom. All of your study of spiritual teachings helps to increase your wisdom. Through the application of knowledge that you gain from your study, you increase wisdom.

             As visionaries and luminaries using the beautiful sciences of the Spirit of cosmic imagination and divine gnosis, you are moved into the realm of being an adept, whereby the all-abudance of heaven and earth is available for your righteous use to shower blessings upon life. So remember this as you study to show yourself approved unto God, as it says in the New Testament of the Bible.² And as you increase your higher vision by being one-pointed, focused within your third-eye upon the All-Seeing-Eye of God, you do work toward that state of perfection that allows all of heaven's resources to be yours.

             God bless you. Thank you, everyone, for your attendance, and have a wonderful dinner.

1. See Matthew 5:7–11.
2. See 2 Timothy 2:15.

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