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Cyclopea      June 14, 2011

Beloved Cyclopea and Virginia
David C. Lewis
June 14, 2011   8:00-8:05 pm MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana

Blessed Ones, 
            I come with a dispensation for any and all heartfriends within this movement of our Hearts Center community, and that is this:  if you call to me within these twenty-four hours I will work with you to provide an impetus of sacred fire, of personal abundance through your own faith and willingness to enter the alchemy of the miracle manifestation of your light abundance for you to secure and to have and hold within your being, your hands, your life all that you require to fulfill your highest God-desire.
            What you believe and conceive of with me at your side you can achieve, blessed hearts. Therefore, believe what heretofore you may have thought impossible, for it is doable and cosmos itself allows you to have, to hold through the perfected vision of the immaculate eye of God working with you exactly what you require now. All possibilities are  open. All divine treasures of the Spirit are yours to accept within the sacred Now of a new acceptance through cosmic faith. This is beyond human belief. This is God-knowing, and you require only your own acceleration of consciousness to make it a reality for you.
            Therefore, we, Cyclopea and Virginia, enter in to the equation of this alchemy for those who would be bold, who would dare to be gods in manifestation in a new knowingness, in a new fire, in a new virya of Godness. Therefore mark the time, accept the challenge and behold the miracle of your abundant life from this point forward, backward, in all directions and moving on as a stream of cosmic awareness.
            I thank you for who you are, for I have beheld each of you within my eye and I am still both voting your victory and electing you now and inaugurating you into a new office of Godness through pure vision.
            I thank you blessed hearts. Goodnight.

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