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Hierarchs of the Elementals      May 24, 2011

Beloved Hierarchs of the Elementals
David C. Lewis
May 24, 2011   8:31-8:50 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Balance of Nature Is Essential for Harmony in All Spheres
Cooperation and Integration Are Key in This Hour

            We are the Hierarchs of the Elemental Kingdom, and we come this day in answer to your prayers and calls and the offering of your hearts unto us and to the nations of the world so that balance may be restored and the integration of all manifest again.
            Dearest ones, nature is a manifestation of the Mother in all of her glory. And when you are in the integrity of your own Mother Light manifestation, you attune to the frequencies that flow through the natural world that allow you to be in resonance with the great Solar joy and light of the I AM THAT I AM.
            If mankind would see a restoration of balance within the earth, then there must first be the reintegration of self within the Great God Self, individual by individual, community by community, nation by nation, until this entire earth is suffused in the light radiance of the One. As the great Godparents of the elemental kingdoms, in our sacred work to bring the light of earth, air, fire and water within your domain into a glorified and wonderful manifestation of beingness, we work with whom we can work upon earth to realign energies, to reestablish the norms of divine living so that the precious and bounteous framework upon which you live, as this earth body, blessed hearts, may provide for you the platform for your Solar evolution.
            There are many conscious ones who understand the natural processes of life within the elemental kingdoms. And more and more are discerning how important it is for mankind to cooperate with the precious spirits that abide all around [them] in nature. When you attend to the light through an understanding of biology and of the biological processes that are required for all to be sustained within this harmonic balance, then, through giving deference to that which the elementals understand under our guidance and care, you receive the bounties from our realms, which are naturally offered unto you. And yet when mankind is ignorant and decides that he must dominate nature by tearing away the very flesh upon the bosom of the Mother Earth itself, invading that earth through all manner of untoward processes, then you see inharmony created. And thus we come to reestablish that balance in all ways given unto us through the dictates of the Lords of Karma, the Four Cosmic Forces and the Lord of the World himself.
            Cooperation and integration [are] key in this hour, blessed hearts. For when [you] understand the burdens upon the elemental kingdom and just how hard we are working to bring forth what you require to sustain you, while also guarding the very processes of life within the natural world itself, you will see how important it is for illumination's fire, for the flame of forgiveness and mercy and kindness and for all the qualities of God's love to flow through your hearts in [appreciation for] what we do in conjunction with your work, in harmony with you in order to sustain life on this sphere. Even, blessed hearts, your taking a few moments to appreciate the God-glory within nature and the sacred work of the elementals effuses and permeates our domain with Solar joy and love, [which] we pick up on and feel and which nurtures us in such a way that we may continue our work in blessing mankind.
            We applaud those who have followed the pathway of developing new and intrepid scientific applications of the solar sciences within nature. [These] afford us the opportunity to do our work without the infringement upon those natural cycles of life [by] the unwary ones through chemical fertilizers and all manner of substances, [which,] when brought to bear within agriculture, arboriculture and the growing of your food, blessed hearts, results in the introduction of those chemicals directly into the very lifeblood of nature [and] then also affects your health and well-being through what you intake.
            Nature is a very delicate being, and the balance of nature is essential for harmony to occur [in all spheres]—within your life plan and the life plan of every creature evolving here. Our collaborative work in this hour is essential. And so we come through this dispensation to encourage you to continue your studies in permaculture and in the natural processes of growing all that you require to sustain you. We encourage you to get involved in your communities, in your farmers' markets, in getting to know those that grow food locally that you may ingest, and especially in [growing food in] your own gardens. We encourage you to learn more of the science of life within nature [so] that you, forearmed with this divine knowledge, can consciously apply your hearts to sustaining the balance, to enlivening and enlightening others around you, that there may be a gradual increase in understanding through the wisdom fire of the cycles of light itself [and] so that a greater harmony and balance [may] be restored in all domains.
            Yes, our tiny elementals even work with those of you who live in the great cities when you have plants within your apartments and homes [and do not] have [a] plot of ground around you in which to grow your own food, herbs and flowers yourselves. There is much that you can do, so long as you have the sun shining through your windows, pure water and the essentials to sustain the precious plants that you love and who, I say, also love you. Did you know, blessed hearts, that just as you love life within nature, nature itself loves you in more ways than you know and is always appreciating those who have lovely thoughts, who emote lovely feelings, who utter kind words and who pray unto the one God to bless life?
            We have feelings! And lest mankind think that nature does not know or intuit all that mankind is burdened by in this day and age, we are one, blessed hearts, and we truly do know, feel, see and experience all that you experience, yet from a slightly different viewpoint. For we are [the] foundation of life itself all around you. You live and move and have your being within the same planetary home as we do.
            When greater numbers of lifestreams, especially in the educational arena, begin, through an awakening and an opening of consciousness, to understand the dynamics of our higher associations with mankind, then you will begin to see courses and schooling come forth that will be respectful of this greater balance of life betwixt nature and mankind and [provide instruction on] how we can truly work as one to further God's causes upon earth.
            As some of you have sought dispensations for greater understanding and greater education in this realm and as you have followed the teachings presented by the mystic Anastasia, the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, Peter Deunov and others who are attuned to the frequencies within this dimension as well as the solar worlds, so the Lords of Karma are contemplating releasing additional dispensations to fulfill your requests and heart desires so that greater numbers of the evolutions here may truly know of us, our work, the sanctity of life in all realms and the blessings that may be bestowed and received when hearts are trued to the one Mother Light within all nature.
            Therefore this day we increase now the flow and the flowering of light within your natural world, O soul. Yes, you live and move and have your being within God's great essential light body. And when you understand that you are composed of light, just as we are, then all is clear, all is beautiful and you see the reality of these light essences flowering all around you.
            We bring balance and harmony to your hearts and souls now. And a cosmic deva sings in realms of light an aria divine unto each one that will succor you in your times of loneliness, seeming despair or pain. Remember that we are one, that we love you and that we know who you are as God beings, blessed ones. We thank you.

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