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Gautama Buddha      May 17, 2011

Beloved Gautama Buddha
David C. Lewis
May 17, 2011 (Wesak)  8:00-8:15 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Gautama Buddha's Joyous Wesak Address

            In the lily-white lotus light of purity and perfection, I come to bless life in all realms and to inspire lifestreams to dwell within the eternality of the Presence of the One. Emanating rays of sacred-fire joy, I sing to the souls of those who would be awake and who therefore this day I prod with the fires of Buddhic beingness so that you may move into both your Christhood and your Buddhahood with great God-joy.
            We serve to set life free. That is our dharma, O bikkus and Buddhas to be. For in the freedom of Buddhic enlightenment and the love-fire frequencies of the mindfulness of the great God of all, we enfire this world, we inspire all who dwell herein with virtue and the qualities celestial that abide within those higher frequencies that continue to flow from the Central Sun of the One. It is our destiny, dear hearts, to capture these rays and to then let them loose again with our own mindfulness, heartcenteredness, soulfulness and spirit.
            Have you learned to catch those rays gently as you would allow a Monarch butterfly to alight upon your hand and fingers? You see, the Spirit's imprints and holy effects may always be yours simply for the asking whereby you may try the Lord and his ways by discerning his sacred rays within you. You may expound the teaching to those who require a word from you, set with the seal of your authority as a Buddhic being, wherein through your own Self-realization, you may convey that mind of God in many mindful moments, like Manjushri, of beingness in the Presence, of peace in that Presence, of surcease from struggle through the full acceptance of your Buddha nature within.
            I count now the Buddhas in heaven here who lend their momentums of light for the enlightenment of the age. Yes, these are the ageless ones, dearest hearts, whose frequencies—manifest through their own noble nature wherein they have mastered the Four Noble Truths and the Middle Way by their own attention to the details of the path—are here to bless you, are here to raise you, are here to enfire you unto your own Buddha-essence.
            Yes, I see it clearly within you. I fan the fire of its holy crystal-essence within you now, O soul. [Gautama breathes out the sacred fire breath for 5 seconds.]  Arise, O Buddha soul, and be who you are. We sock¹ it to you, ha-ha, this day. Yes, we, the Buddhas, drink not the sake² of the delirious ones who seek only to assuage their pain by snuffing out their light. We seek you in your true-blue nature, dear ones. And we draw it out from you gently, chiding the lesser self at times, through our frequencies of mindfulness that move you beyond the carnal brain, non-beingness of the lesser self.
            Some of you continue to flagellate yourself over and over and over again and reclaim your non-divinity. Let it go and let God flow through you. Accept your Buddha nature, for except you accept that Buddha nature, it will not become thee, dearest ones. Are you becoming of God? God has become long ago and was always so. Therefore, take a hint from him and be who you are—the One.
            I reflect back to Maitreya his compassion. And he in turn sends it forth unto each one upon Earth, empowered by the authority of his office now. Have you practiced embodying the Eightfold Path daily since his Meru course and class in January? Kuthumi is coming, nigh the solstice hour, at the hour of your revering of the Father within the Mother cycle in the year, for you to know kindness with a new dressing, a new divine fashion. Yes, a high fashion, I must say. For when you know that you are kind as he is, you enter into the kindness of God, akin to the kind of beingness who God is. And in your kindly ways, expressed lovingly, day by day, a new kind of humanity will emerge, locked into their divinity whereby they may surge into the sunfire of Solar joy.
            Study my words. Be the Word, O wise ones. And in your Buddha-beingness, rediscover that essence of Selfhood as light, light, light. I am Gautama. I emanate here in Shambhala, upon Kailash and wherever a disciple sits in silent mediation upon the One within the Buddha Self of all.

1.  "We sock" was Gautama's fanciful play on words, making light of two English words that together sound like "Wesak."
2.  Sake is a Japanese alcohol made from rice—another play on words by Gautama.

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