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Zadkiel      April 30, 2011

Beloved Lord Zadkiel
David C. Lewis
April 30, 2011     9:00-9:08 am PST
May Day 2011 with Saint Germain in Los Angeles
Burbank, California


We Come to Ennoble You to a New and Higher Level of God Beingness
To Be Servitors of Fire in This Age,
You Must Engage in the Higher Work of the Spirit

            I am come this morning early, for you are set with the seal of authority of your God Reality within your meditation upon light! And therefore you are ready to receive fire, fire, fire from on high.
            I am Zadkiel, and I release a quotient of the violet-laser-light frequency directly into your soul such that you may experience the flowering of that light of freedom within you that gives birth to a new you in God! For you have qualified, through your devotion, for this experience. You have paid the fee to be with the master, and therefore we come to ennoble you to a new and higher level of God beingness where you can experience the sublimity of your own Higher Self in waves of fire, fire, fire!
            Yes, one in New York has been wont to say “You are fired!”¹ And yet the type of fire that we bring, blessed hearts, is spiritual fire! Therefore when it comes, be ready to receive the impulses of godly intent that are yours for the asking, yours for the using, yours for the delivering into this earth of a new vibration of Aquarius whereby freedom may be known by every man, woman and child—first within their soul and then within their experience of life in all realms. 
            Many of you have begun to master the science of invocation as decrees, which we in the heaven world call “fire prayers.” For these are not simply prayers of supplication to an angry God, an unknown God. These truly, blessed hearts, are fiery darts of light that you send to the cosmos as an investment of your causal essence to declare and aver to the universe that God, in all of his great glory, is here through your heart. The light of your soul is manifesting in creative ways whereby the virtue of heaven is apparent, crystallized in form through the molecule of the words that you speak, the rhythm and the cadence that emanates through your throat chakra, and the vibration of love that oozes through this devotional praise-song of light—leaping from your tongue and ascending to the heights of cosmic Presence—through which you may perform your alchemy of the Spirit.
            You are on time, and therefore I am here at the behest of the Master Saint Germain to prepare you for the work. For, blessed hearts, to be servitors of fire in this age, you must engage in the higher work of the Spirit as well as your vocation upon earth if you would be bold enough to determine to win your ascension.
            Are you bold enough, I ask this morning, to earn the stripes of your victory in this life? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Then let us engage God in this great alchemy of light. Let us call forth through the fire prayers of the righteous, the saints upon earth, that which will transform this earth into a new reality of light. We the archangels are ready when you call to invest our Selfhood in God within your world to transmute the past into the victorious future within the Now such that sons and daughters of God may be all that they can be within God's great beingness of light.
            [Zadkiel hums a song.]
            You have heard of the choirs of heaven who sing the song of the free. In my lullaby of light to you, I call forth your soulfulness within love to be resurrected this morning such that your highest virtues may shine forth and the most ineluctable manifestations of your God essence may flow to those to whom you have been sent to save, to nurture and to love.
            I am Zadkiel, and I live within the freedom flame of sacred fire, who God is and ever shall be. I thank you. 

1. “You're fired!” Refers to Donald Trump's famous line on his television reality show The Apprentice.

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