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David Lewis      April 16, 2011

David Christopher Lewis  (Inspired by Beloved El Morya)
April 16, 2011   8:30-8:57 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through Sacramento, California

                                              The Exercise, Strengthening and Balancing of the Aura
                                               Through Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Intelligence

  Good Morning, Everyone,
            Today's discourse on the aura involves the excercising the aura and building strength in the aura through a number of spiritual and physical activities. We talked about the diet of the aura, and one of the components for a good diet for the aura is to excercise it. Now you may not have thought in the past that during these sessions you are in effect excercising your aura, and yet when you are engaged in the use of your chakras in an energetic activity you are exercising your auric field also.
            Now I believe that in my youth when I was engaged in all manner of sports—basketball, football, baseball, tennis, swimming, running, jumping rope with my sisters when I was very young—all of them helped me to develop both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, because where there is balance through physical excercise and activity, we have a greater foundation and ability to use our auric field for higher purposes.
            All the spiritual components of our lives are built on the foundation, the blueprint and the pyramid of this balance of earth, air, fire and water. And if there is an imbalance in the physical body because people do not excercise and sweat and really breathe hard—allowing the heart to pump and the lungs to work and the blood to flow throughout the entire organism to flush out toxins—then there is the introduction into the system of elements that do not serve the Higher Self. We become lax, lazy, inflexible, indisciplined. Yet if through all manner of both physical, mental, emotional and spiritual practices we develop flexibility, elasticity and we discipline our four lower bodies, then our auric field is balanced because of the harmony that sets in because we have used our energy wisely and righteously in developing our will through a thrust of light through our being—the virya of the victorious ones.
            Now many of you know exactly what I'm speaking about because you have also experienced the rush of energy through your being when you have persisted in a discipline of exercise to the point of reaching that level where you go beyond the norm of a mundane, daily existence and you drink in the higher pranic energies at the stage of what some may call the "runners high." This is where you get beyond the fatigue and experience the release of endorphins, which I believe are elements of the Holy Spirit that are released through the prana that enters your system. They are introduced into your respiratory and circulatory systems through deep breathing and you feel that ecstatic state of bliss, of higher beingness, of inner joy.
            Because sports were such a major part of my early life, I believe the masters allowed me to come into a family that was very disciplined in this way. I saw my older brothers involved in sports, and of course as a young man I desired to emulate them. And so I pursued this with a diligence and an intensity and when I would exercise in sports I would sweat a lot, my face would turn pink and ruby red and I would give my all to the point where I became a fairly good athlete. Howevery there came a point in my life where I saw that the motives of some were simply to win at all costs and so I gave up a certain amount of that intensity that others displayed as their desiring to be in sports just to win. Yet I carried much of that momentum forward through running and now through swimming and hiking and other activities that I love in order to keep this balanced state within my being in order to serve at the highest level.
            I believe that those who have major challenges in their body temple because they don't exercise will have difficulty getting over the seventy-five percent karma balanced state because the momentum that is necessary to balance that last twenty-five percentage comes as a result of this ability to have this balance in our physical body. I've witnessed the deep spirituality of beings such as Peter Deneov and read about him and looked as his picture. You can see how disciplined this master was when you read stories of how at even at an elder age he was able to hike in the Rila Mountains of Bulgaria and be at the front of all those going up those steep hills and mountain vastnesses. He had so much virya in his being and younger people were amazed to see this, truly one the sign of a real master.
            Before Gautama Buddha left his father's domain he was an awesome athlete. You can read the stories of his life at this stage before his enlightenment. He was apparently the best through the disciplines of exercise and all that he did. As I consider Jesus, I see that he was a tremendous spiritual athlete and developed his spiritual temple through walking—think of the journey from thirteen, think of the journey to India all the way from the Middle East and think of what this required in terms of discipline to walk that entire way when they didn't have modes of transportation such as we have today. Walking is a tremendous and positive exercise that everyone should be able to engage in, unless you have a major issue with your legs. And yet, even with that, I believe that a gentle and careful and gradual increase in walking can bring us great spiritual as well as physical benefits. And for those who have the most dire situations with their physical body, swimming, being in a pool, moving your limbs can get you to the state of balance whereby you can hopefully eventually overcome physical limitations and be able to exercise more vigorously and rigorously.
            So, the physical body and the energies that flow through it relate to the aura in the fact that when we are in balance, it shows up in the aura. Many athletes and those who are professionals and those who are very disciplined in their daily exercise, have in the auric field more of a red aura. Now we may think of red as being a negative for some in terms of anger. However, what this really represents is the extra prana through the bloodstream that is activated and energized through the system. And we think of our blood as being the carriers of the Holy Spirit and the inspiration, the life force of the Holy Spirit. And what you see when you look at darkfield microscopy, for those who are athletes and others, is these very vibrant, red blood cells, these corpuscles. They flow easily through the bloodstream. They're not clogged up through stasis by all manner of toxins that enter the system through our diet and through the atmosphere that we breathe because we do not exercise.
            So, when you see auric field of an athlete with this extra red that indicates this dynamic of him or her having extra prana flowing through their temple. It is not a negative. There are some athletes of course who through pride of body, overdo it and their auras are not clear and vibrant. We see this in professional sports. Many of these athletes are imbalanced in their emotional bodies at times. And that's an issue too. However, we're not going that route. We're simply speaking of the disciplines that are required for optimal health, well-being and the strength and the virya of the auric field.
            Now you can reflect on what works for you in terms of your exercise regimen. With your very busy schedules, those of you who are engaged in certain vocations where you have to meet certain timelines at work, it may be optimal for you to arise early in the morning and engage in some sort of physical activity and exercise before you go to work. Mona and I have a daily practice of doing the Five Tibetan Rites every morning, early in the morning before showering. And it's excellent for us because these develop flexibility in the spine which allows the Kundalini to rise naturally. Through proper exercise like yoga and pranic breathing we are able to allow the light to really flow through our entire system, our entire electronic body, our meridian system to clean out the blocks, to work through those issues that may at times arise as we age. When our diets are not perfect we witness certain blocks in our system. Through exercise and through laughing as an exercise we bring strength and vitality to our entire system.
            During our Easter conference a couple of years ago we learned more of the art, the science of hasya yoga—laughing yoga. This is a wonderful type of solar plexus exercise because when you laugh there is the tensing and the releasing of the muscles of the abdomen and the entire superstructure around which most of our internal organs are housed. Through laughing, those who have experienced major trauma or disease can have greater vitality return to their body. I believe part of this is because of both the attitude that comes through joy and what that joy does internally within us. As we exercise our diaphragm through laughter pranic energy enters our lungs and a field of joy manifests through and around all of our internal organs. This spiritual dynamic occurs when we laugh righteously with positive, benevolent humor, rather than raunchy, illicit humor.
           It is important to laugh throughout the day. Little children, young children often laugh hundreds of times per day. It is part of our natural, internal system to be joyous and to laugh because it brings us health. Observe young children. They're always having fun, they're always in the Now, they're always playing and laughing. This laughter builds a joyous resource of light energy in the auric field that helps us to maintain emotional balance.
            Now, we've heard of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is an aspect of a strong and healthy aura.  Those who are consistently waffling back and forth in their emotional body through manic-depressive issues do not have the lasting strength or the longevity of this virya within their system. They have ups and downs and at times experience a seeming strength within their aura. What we desire is a constancy of will and vitality within our system that allows us to move through life without an excess of high and low mood swings.
            Emotional intelligence is key. And what is it? It is an understanding of the heart and of energy in motion. It is important to be virtuous through the way we communicate with, treat and relate to others. We can choose to give others the benefit of the doubt, to appreciate them and to cherish them. We can choose to be constant in speaking words of loving compassion and kindness rather than words that demean others. When we choose a lesser path by speaking without conscious language this brings out the fact that we may have difficulty in loving or relating to ourselves because of some things that have ocurred to us.
            So, part of the dynamic of building the strength and vitality of the aura relates to emotional intelligence. You can google this term, read about it online or pick up books about it. It's good to have a positive heart IQ. And by this I mean heart-centeredness. Loving-kindness and all the virtues that flow from the heart are key to developing a new level of emotional intelligence that builds trust in our relationships, allows us to resonate with anyone whom we meet on the road of life and the pathways of our existence.
            When we have emotional intelligence, everything becomes fortuitous for us because we don't get down in the dumps because of a certain situation. We realize that God is the doer and our own Higher Self is ultimately in charge of our lives and of who we are. So long as we remain positive in our approach, in our view of things and people and we have this positive mental and emotional attitude, then we draw forth from the universe the highest outcome and the most virtuous, blessed and benevolent situations—and there is flow.
            Now emotional intelligence, Morya says, builds and accentuates flow within our auric field. Those who are rigid in their feeling world, which often comes because they are rigid in their mentality, do not have the proper flow within the auric field that allows them to have spiritual health. If at times you have noticed a certain pessimism in your life where you're focusing on the negative rather than the positive, create a shift in your awareness whereby you look up, you look toward the One, you look within toward the highest and most beautiful and benevolent outcome in every situation.
            I'll share with you something very interesting that Mona and I discovered from our chiropractor after her accident. He muscle tested her to measure the effects on her spine and her neck due to the whiplash that occurred. And what he demonstrated to us was that when she looked down the strength in her right arm got weaker. But when she looked up, there was strength. It was amazing to see the difference. When looking down, she was weak; when looking up, she was strong. I see this as an awesome spiritual metaphor. When we are looking down, our entire visage is hunched over, we are not focused on the forewardness of life, our divine future within the Now—we are simply in the dumps. But when we are looking up, toward the sun, toward the One, toward God, toward our beautiful Source, there is a natural inclination toward Presence that allows the light from our Source to make contact with our eyes and deliver a stream of light and fire. This allows us to have buoyancy, joy and gratitude. Divine power flows into us and through us due to our emotional intelligence. It results in the love that we feel in this attitude of gratitude.
            In my youth I remember reading some books on health secrets. People like Paul Bragg and Jack LaLaine were big in the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's. They had various practices that allowed them to maintain health and vitality, both through good diet and exercise. In one of these books I remember reading about how one of these gentlemen developed  vitality and strength through his exercise routine by walking with his head held erect and his chest thrust out. He walked vigorously with his hands swinging at his side. With this positive visage, mein and demeanor your head is held high and you're thrusting foward with each step toward the future. I think this is a beautiful image that we can create in our worlds.
            Many of you may not be exercise mavens or masters, though you can at least visualize this image sometime each day to bring you vitality. We found through the I AM Activity in some of the discourses by Saint Germain and other  masters through Godfre, that we can bring balance and harmony within the body through visualization. If you have a major health issue—you're drastically overweight and you simply can't exercise in the way I've been sharing, at least spend 10 to 15 minutes a day moving your torso, moving your arms and gently exercising and visualize the energetic interplay of light within your being so that you can develop this greater strength. This will positively affect your auric field and you will feel a greater sense of joy. By having that internal balance everyone around you will know it and feel it and sense it. This positive attitude that you'll develop will bring greater health and joy to you.
            Many of you may have your own story of how some form of exercise that works for you has brought you to balance and harmony in your world. You feel the rush of the Holy Spirit, the power and the virya of the sacred fire flowing through you because you have this discipline. We'd love to hear of your experience through our forum. I always appreciate it when people share with me and with all of us what physical disciplines work for them in strengthening and expanding the aura. Whether it's yoga, swimming, walking in the park or in nature or hiking in the mountain vastnesses of Montana or wherever you live; whether it's biking or playing various sports (I still love to play basketball when I'm able to)—all of these, when entered into consciously, bring balance and harmony to us so that we can have more vital, positive and strong auric fields. These physical disciplines allow us to do our spiritual work with greater joy because we know that we have the vitality within us and we are able to emanate greater light. We are able to accomplish our aims, our vision and we are able to influence life even beyond this planet because of that internal connectedness of joy that we experience in the balanced state of harmony that results from these disciplines.
            So, thank you, blessed heartfriends, for listening and, again, please share with us your experience as you're able. God bless you. Have a wonderful day.

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