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David Lewis      April 12, 2011

David C. Lewis Discourse
April 12, 2011   7:48-8:21 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

                                                                       Discourse on the Aura #4:
                                                 A Study of the Solar System, the Aura of Our Earth
                                                             and Science Fiction Becoming Reality

            I'd like to offer the next discourse on the human aura from the perspective of some of my life's experiences and my journey on my spiritual path. When I was in third grade, I became enamored with the solar system. And I purchased a little book, a hardbound book on the solar system from a local bookstore. And within it I found something that really touched my heart, and that was the understanding of the relationship between the sun and the planets and how our solar system was really a family among many families of stars and planets across the galaxy and the cosmos.

            So I looked upon each of the planets and attempted to discover all I could about them and memorized the distances from the sun to the planets and the relationship of each planet to the sun and something about that planet. I learned about the Milky Way, about comets, about other celestial bodies that pass through our galaxy and solar system, about the meteor field between Mars and Jupiter, which I didn't know at the time but learned later was a planet that had been destroyed through the misuse of nuclear energy. And the warring of various factions on that planet resulted in its ultimate destruction.

            Shortly after I purchased this book, I entered a contest at a local store and won a telescope. I had fun looking at different stars and attempting to see some of the planets and look upon the moon in the night sky, furthering my interest in this realm. Soon after that, a new program was on tv—Star Trek. And for many of us who grew up in that generation, it was something that interested us because I believe that we have at an inner level of our being an understanding of the nature of the universe, the cosmos—that we are not the only life form in the cosmos. Unfortunately most scientists upon the earth probably accept in their limited thinking [that we are unique in the cosmos.] And through an understanding that came through these episodes on Star Trek, it expanded my awareness to realize through science fiction what would ultimately become, in many respects, reality upon Earth as we have seen some of these seemingly farfetched ideas become reality through the advances in technology.

As I studied the Earth and looked at the atmosphere of the Earth, I saw how the Earth itself had an aura. I was a part of that Earth, lived as a tiny being upon it in its greatness. And the Earth, whirling around, spinning on its axis and revolving around the sun, is really a living being and does have an auric field and an atmosphere, which is a part of its auric field. And as I grew in understanding more of the science of the Earth and of the various planets, I saw how this Earth was created in a beautiful matrix to support life as we know it. And yet, I also believed that there was life on other planets but in another dimension, not in the physical sense that we see on Earth—possibly in an entirely different type of life form within another dimension that we simply would not ever see if we traveled to those planets because it exists in a fourth or a fifth or a sixth dimension or something different entirely than what we know.

            So I began reading on all kinds on spiritual subjects, [which] I considered [to be] spiritual science that went beyond what the normal science books—earth science, biology, chemistry, physics—are teaching today. It really was a type of metaphysics, a physics beyond the normal physics that is taught as a very mundane type of science with logic and the specificity of equations and all of that. I was more interested in what I consider now to be the solar sciences, the higher sciences of light.

As I saw within various episodes of Star Trek evidence of the auric field through something called a “forcefield,” [which] could be created electronically by a surge of light that surrounds something, I began to use this metaphor to create around myself an energy field of protection, of light as I moved through the world and as I studied in school, et cetera. And I was very, very intrigued with this entire understanding of a forcefield. We have now renamed it a “flowfield” because the word, “force,” even though it is an action of force, we see now as a flowing energy field. And when our auras are charged with light by our conscious awareness and by visualization of an energy field around us of protection and light and radiance, we can be protected from anything that is harmful, detrimental or that violates the integrity of who we are.

            Now on Star Trek, they could create a forcefield around something or an energy field to protect it, and then they could also lower that forcefield if desired. And in some cases, this was a cloaking device. And we've even seen advances in today's technology that [allow] for a type of invisibility to occur through the creation of a cloak. And in the prayer we gave earlier today, we call for the cloak of invisibility, invincibility and invulnerability. So just as Jesus disappeared amidst the crowd, we have the ability, if we desire and if we choose to enter into this higher science, to cloak ourselves, to protect ourselves when necessary when moving through dangerous areas or when encountering debilitating forces, energy patterns, violent people, et cetera.

            We don't require a machine to create this forcefield, or flowfield. We can do it by the power of who we are as sons and daughters of God by drawing forth from our God Presence a stream of light and seeing it form a crystalline pattern of perfection, an inviolate grid of power around us. And this we do by invoking our Tube of Light and other matrices that we can envision. You can see yourself in a pyramid. You can see yourself in a sphere. You can see yourself in a perfect white cube of light. Any of these will suffice. What works for you, based on your imagination, the imaging of reality, a higher reality around you, can be powerful in this regard.

            So our auras are already a type of protection around us. And unfortunately many people, by violating their own lifestream through the taking of drugs [and] through all manner of perversions, create openings into the auric field that allow darkness to enter their beings, [to] violate [the] sanctity of their own field of energy. Swearing itself creates an open portal for the entry into us of darkness. And as I have observed people that are very violent in their speech patterns, you see this constant violation of their aura and the infliction upon others of black magic through their voice when they speak words of hatred or use words that are demeaning or violent. Every time someone issues forth a swear word like that, it truly is a form of black magic that does harm to others, to the environment and ultimately to themselves as the karma of the misuse of the Word comes back to them.

            There are other things that impinge upon the aura and violate it to the point where people then open up to all manner of effluvia from the astral plane. Sometimes people become manic-depressive because their auric field is weak, and there are great mood swings in their lives. They can be very, very happy one minute and then totally depressed the next. They can be in an ecstatic state and then down in the dumps in a yo-yo action. If you know people like this, who have this issue or problem, it is because their auric field is weak and they are subject to the impressions of entities. Often they are encumbered and inhabited by various entities that sap their light, their auric light, and what we used to call the ectoplasm, which is simply a form of life energy that we all have that is a part of what we are provided from our God Source to give us animated life on this earth.

            As I read the books based on the readings of Edgar Cayce in my teen years, I learned more and more about the aura, more and more about karma and reincarnation, the reasons why things have occurred on Earth and in the lives of individuals and what could be done to mitigate the negative effects of people's choices by improving their state in life through spiritual work, through prayer and meditation and by sealing their auras by an action of the spoken word and by visualization.

You may have heard the story that I read—that as a young man, Edgar Cayce at one time was about to step onto an elevator, and he noticed that everybody in the elevator had a dark aura, a kind of grayish-black aura. It startled him and he decided not to get on the elevator. Well, as it turned out, the elevator had a problem and it crashed and everybody on board died. Now it doesn't mean that everybody on that elevator was a bad person because their auras were dark. It is just that their lifespan, according to their karma, had been fulfilled. And for whatever reason, it was their destiny in that moment to pass from the screen of life through an accident. So having been very conscious and being able to see this, Edgar Cayce avoided that particular situation. Had he not been clairvoyant, he may have been one of those who were deceased. So there are times when being able to see, [serves] us well in avoiding a heap of troubles, darkness, plots, strategies of negative forces, et cetera.

            Every planet has an auric field. I remember reading long ago when I read the book, Climb the Highest Mountain by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, how the masters were recommending that Earth's evolutions not impinge upon other planets in the system by sending probes and machinery to go to those planets and enter their auric field because often these planets may be more highly evolved than us. And the physical stuff that we send and the pollution that may occur are detrimental to [the] auric fields or atmospheres of those planets even though we may not think so.

            So if we are truly spiritual beings, we can travel to any planet by thought and be there instantly. And we don't require these manmade probes to go and scientifically analyze everything. For what purpose? Yes, there may be a little bit of scientific advancement that's occurred on Earth. We have a greater understanding of the seeming nature of the cosmos. But most science looks at this from a very physical level, not understanding the spirituality involved in the birth, the evolution and the ultimate destiny of each planet.

And so I prefer to focus upon a planet like Venus, send my love, travel there in my finer body and observe the evolutions upon Venus who are very loving and understand love in its highest aspects and enter that world through this level of understanding rather than seeking to go there physically in my human body. Much more work can be done when we are attuned by our spiritual advancement to these levels of cosmic consciousness than can simply be done when we spend billions of dollars to find out a few details of life about the solar system and the other planets and then bring that information back. What does it serve us? Do we become more spiritual individuals? Probably not.

            Having said this, I know that a number of astronauts who have left the Earth's atmosphere, looking back upon the Earth, have had spiritual realizations and experiences. In fact the entire noetic science field by Dr. [Edgar] Mitchell, one of the astronauts who, I believe, landed on the moon, came forth because of a paradigm shift in his being. He saw the totality of the Earth. He realized the spirituality of life and its wholeness upon the Earth. And so he sought to develop a means whereby we could engage in higher scientific experimentation with things like telepathy and telemetry and telekinesis and other so-called noetic sciences that deal with the advancement of the mind.
            Now we each have within us our own solar system—planets of our own consciousness. We have our seven chakras—seven major chakras, five secret ray or minor chakras, and then 144 even more minor chakras that are along the meridian grid of our electronic body. We are a living cosmos ourselves. And what we see in the outer universe we can take to heart within us as we meditate and reflect upon our true nature, our Selfhood in God. And as we understand the Kabbalah, true spiritual astrology in the Vedic tradition and higher numerology, symbology and alchemy, we as scientists of the Spirit, can really penetrate to the core of reality and of the higher science, the metaphysics of life and in this process earn our freedom by serving life, by loving all life free, by meditating and reflecting through inner deep contemplation upon the nature of all beingness.

 I believe that an understanding of the aura is essential to this because we are constantly moving through life and either impacting life by the power of our love and our auric field or we are being affected by others' auras, others' projections, others' intent and motives. So we must develop a powerful energy field of light around ourselves to engage in our highest spiritual work.

            During many of the Star Trek episodes there were occasions of [the crew members of the starship Enterprise interacting with] higher intelligence, life forms in other systems of worlds. And some had evolved beyond the need for a human body. And yet they could, if they desired, take form to appear humanlike in order to communicate with humanity. This sounds a lot like the ascended masters. Once you evolve to the level of being an ascended master or a cosmic being, you no longer have the human form like we have it although, for purposes of communication, you can project a form, like using a projector to create an image through which you can communicate, appear to humanity, et cetera.

We have heard the term “Electronic Presence.” And an ascended master can have simultaneously hundreds or thousands of Electronic Presences across the Earth. Each one is an image of them that they utilize the higher science of light to create in order to assist the lifestream who may be praying to them, calling to them, meditating or reflecting upon them.
            So El Morya can in effect be, through this aspect of a higher type of bi-location or multi-location, anywhere upon the Earth he so desires at any time to assist any lifestream. The same with Jesus. Think of all the millions and even billions of people who may be praying to Jesus or to Mary or to Gautama Buddha or Kuan Yin. Each of these great masters can project a flowfield of light, an Electronic Presence anywhere upon Earth to serve, to heal, to save, in some way to be with and to assist lifeforms on Earth.

Why not now enter into this same level of scientific work spiritually by imagining and sending forth an image of yourself to Japan to assist in the situation there, to the Middle East, to a loved one, to one who requires healing? You can be present in spirit by a projected ray of energy from your God Presence through your heart, through your third eye to anywhere you desire, to bless life, to bring wholeness, integrity, understanding, virtue. We have the power through our imagination to do this. And yet how many of us engage at this level? Taking time to meditate and enter into a higher form of meditation such as we've done through two of our rituals this morning allows us to enter into a higher equation of light. And when we do it together, it is more powerful because of the [dynamic of our] collective [or] universal consciousness.

            Our auras are powerful, resonating centers of light if we choose to make them so by our conscious will. Within this movement we know that we are serving those who desire to move into their adeptship. We don't desire the willy-nilly people who are simply curious to come and check us out, be titillated by some of the masters' words and then move on. We desire those who truly wish to become their fullest Selfhood in God, who know that they have a purpose, who know through the holy will, wisdom and love of God, that there is a life plan that they are engaged in consciously, working and striving day by day to fulfill. And for those of you who truly understand what we are about in this movement, you are called higher today to enter into this sacred science of the Spirit with us to engage in moving forward on your path as we collectively work to give birth to a new world of light, loveliness, peace, joy and happiness.

            It is no longer acceptable to hide your light under a bushel when you have the God-resource of truth flowing through you that must emerge, be shared, be delivered and be consecrated through your life toward the service of all. Many of you have studied many, many teachings, teachers, systems. And you've learned through each and every one of these some aspect of the whole, the integrity of what the spiritual path is.

So long as you keep striving and working, assimilating and becoming, you will reach the mark of your eternal perfectionment through love and harmony that brings you to that state of ascended master consciousness, cosmic consciousness that allows who you are and the impressions of your lifestream to co-create at a very high level with God. Buddhic mindfulness, the resourcefulness that is yours, each one, as you engage the Spirit, the Universe, the Source, the Great I AM in this endeavor, allows for your light to shine, the glory of God to be upon, within and flowing from your aura. Your aura, your light is the very life essence of your being. Others will be attracted to you and already are because of your happiness, your joy because you know God lives within you and the integrity of the light flows through you.

            If you have something to share on this that I have spoken of today, we have our Forum, our constant conversation and dialogue among heartfriends. I know each and every one of you has an experience that [is] beautiful of your oneness with all life, of your spiritual path that has brought you to an understanding of your higher nature. And so share it so that we can complement each other's work and bring it to the table so that in dining together and assimilating these eternal truths, we collectively grow.

And as we share, we spread that light throughout the earth. And we sow new seeds of thoughtful intent that give birth to a new garden of cosmic delight, a new Edenic consciousness that many may one day awaken to as they perceive with new eyes their own Selfhood in God as they change and shift paradigms to understand that God is within them and they are no longer sinners or lowly beings but true divine and holy creatures of the one Creator.

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