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Hilarion      March 23, 2011

Beloved Hilarion
David C. Lewis
March 23, 2011   7:22-7:43 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Know the Truth through the All-Seeing Eye of God
Discern What is Real in the Media Through the Inspiration of the Holy Spirit

Beloved Ones,
            Truth is alive this day. For the living fire of truth invoked by those who desire all that is real to be revealed unto mankind, comes forth, manifests and by the power of this truth, the way is made plain, all is self-evident and mankind, enlightened by the crystalline patterns of emerald perfection may move forward, marching into the light. There are many voices in this day and age speaking through the media, clamoring to get your attention, desiring to sway your thought processes, often by a sense of overbearing righteousness, even self-righteousness that they know better than the masses, that they have available to them aspects of the truth that the common man or woman do not understand. And the impressions that they generate through the mass media create a false sense of what is, that through the manipulation of the imagery through the third eye and that which mankind takes in through their vision brings forth another world of deception, illusion and even, in one sense, an anarchy of non-beingness.
            Blessed ones, all this may be wiped clean by the ray of truth that many of you may be the instrument for as you invoke the emerald light into the core of every situation such that from a higher level of perception, from all angles of awareness, true understanding is manifest through that ray that defines what is from the highest realms of reality where cosmo-conception and divine perception through the All-Seeing Eye of God occur. Yes, the Holy Spirit gift of discernment is the requirement of the hour for mankind. For if the people would be free, they must know the truth, they must discern through the power of that Holy Spirit what is truly acting within the world at large and within them.
            Therefore, this day I bring you a key, blessed hearts, that in order to understand and know the higher truths that we, the ascended masters and the chohans of the rays espouse, you must first have vibrating within your being a ray of integrity, of wholeness whereby when you receive our impressions they may be understood, they may be cognized, they may then be acted upon in order for higher gnosis to be yours. Your vehicle must be clear and free of all encumbrances, energies and forcefields of darkness in order for the higher perceptive powers of God-beingness to flow through your Higher Mind, you see. Once you are purified in body, soul, heart and mind, then there may be from the mind of God a cosmic download that occurs day by day unto you whereby your higher faculties may assimilate the Law of the One, the teachings of the adepts and the distillations of spirit that come to those who are moving upward and onward on their initiatic path of beingness in God.
            Many of you study the events of this world through various media outlets where those media are as unbiased as possible, simply providing what we would call “white-hat facts and figures” from a point of desiring simply to inform. Then you may receive these images and understandings with the alacrity of your mind, knowing what is occurring from the higher perceptive reality of your God Self. Yet when, beloved ones, through all manner of practices and slants, a biased view is provided that is often very difficult to see because the imagery is before you, cut and edited in certain ways, you do not see the totality of what has manifest, you do not hear the entire message of what individuals may have represented. And so through media manipulation, what they desire for you to behold comes across stamped with the energy patterns and the belief systems of the leaders of these media companies, truly these moguls of darkness, who through [a perverted] third-eye vision are creating the world that they desire for you to live within.
            Well, I say that you may live within God's world if you desire, and that world is beyond this human realm of the not-self manifestations. Therefore, ask the All-Seeing Eye of God to reveal the truth at every turn as you, viewing any media offering with the higher understanding of the Holy Spirit's viewpoint, perceive what is truly acting, what is behind the events themselves, the causes of revolutions and new initiatives, even through your government.
            Yes, dearest ones, it is good to question what you behold and hold that thought and that question mark in the etheric plane until you receive that download of truth that the legions of truth will give you, such that you may act righteously from your highest nature, you may behold and offer your own words of wisdom in situations that require your intervention or understanding. And you, by that ray of truth, may actually move others to a course of action that is the highest course of the Spirit.
            What can you trust, you may be asking, of that which is purveyed through the various media outlets, including the Internet in this hour? In some sense, dearest hearts, nearly eighty percent as a whole of what is offered through most of the outlets is not the ascended master perspective because of the bias that is behind what they are sending forth unto mankind. Therefore, I recommend that those who would know the truth continue to offer unto me, to beloved Cyclopea and K-17 even one of the prayers within whose preambles our names are mentioned before you view any media offerings and ask to be shown what is real, what is true. And our angels will inspire upon you the reality through the voice of God, that when you are in the mode of discernment and holy discrimination you may hear with clarity.
            Some of you are so invested in attempting to sway others with a certain viewpoint that the energy behind your motive actually colors what you are presenting in such a way that others will not listen because they feel the intensity of your resolve to change them rather than your desire to simply provide unbiased information. Be careful in this way! And understand that your job may simply be to invoke light, to allow the angels of revelation and witness to shine forth their rays into every situation such that the truth may be revealed and known everywhere. Is it truly your responsibility to bring a viewpoint to another that will change them, dearest hearts? Or should you seek always the course of self-change, whereby you are always moving upward and inward, higher and higher unto your God Presence to view life and all that is from the highest perspective of the All-Seeing Eye? It would be better for many of you who have invested considerable energy in this realm to look less upon what is occurring and offered through the mass media and spend more time in meditation with the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, whose cosmic awareness will provide for you great insight and reveal from within you what you require for the victory of your soul experience upon Earth.
            You know that what you place your attention upon, you invariably, through the law of flow and God-vision, enter into and, in many senses, become. Through the cosmic gift of eye magic, through imagination and through a truthful, resolute process of discernment through the gift of knowing—the gift of knowledge of the Holy Spirit—you may become all that it is essential for you to become as a God-conscious one as you enter into the highest processes of life itself, living toward the glory of God in all things, giving praise and thanksgiving for all that you have available to you within your heart, your chakras, your entire soul and being. And from a point of great conscious awareness, maintaining your attention upon your God Presence, [you may] enter into the highest levels of Buddhic beingness, God consciousness and Solar mindfulness, putting aside the temporary distractions of what occurs within the world of form that can embroil you, blessed hearts, in a miasma of astral effluvia as you continue to focus upon it day after day.
            Yes, the adepts are those who have gone within and discerned what is real of God within them. Many have formed communities of light, come out from the world of darkness to establish a circle, a sphere of light around them. You may do likewise. And as your attention is focused again and again upon the highest and most noble purposes—to bring enlightenment, peace and joy, happiness and love to mankind—then your mission will be fulfilled, your higher vision will emerge and you will be trued unto that eternal truth of the ages that the ascended masters and the Brotherhood of Light, the Sisterhood of the Spirit offer as a God-free gift unto mankind.
            I have brought this message to lightbearers within this movement because of what I, as the chohan of vision, have seen and witnessed in the daily affairs of many of you. I am championing your right to know the truth and to be that truth daily, dearest hearts.
            And so, I bless you with the sign of the All-Seeing Eye of God within the pyramid of light that I place again within your third eye such that the impressions of God and only true Christic light may flow through you. Know your truth, which is God's truth. And be real unto all in joy. I thank you.

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