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David Lewis      March 16, 2011

David Christopher Lewis
March 16, 2011   8:40-8:59 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


The Nuclear Disaster in Japan

It's Time to Change and Listen to Mother Earth
Within the Sun We Have All that We Require for Life

            Within the light of the sun is the key to deliver mankind from every problem, predicament, issue and all troubles. The sun is the source of light for our solar system, our solar family and all life evolving within this greater neighborhood of the Spirit. Helios and Vesta provide for us the means by which we can live, move and have our being as sentient beings and [have] all that we require in terms of divine intelligence, wisdom, understanding and knowledge to resolve all conflicts, to handle all that comes our way in terms of challenge.
            In this hour we have a major planetary challenge, with the effects of the earthquakes, tsunami and the nuclear power plant meltdowns in Japan. This is, of course, not the first time we've had a major challenge. We've had Chernobyl. We've had Three Mile Island [in] the eastern United States near Pittsburgh. Therefore, there is a way to deal with the issue at hand. The primary responsibility of us as lightbearers is to do the spiritual work, to accelerate light, to focus the light—the higher powers that have been provided us through the dispensations released by the ascended masters and our divine mentors—to neutralize, transmute the radiation, the harmful radiation, and simultaneously to bring mankind to higher awareness of a higher way.
            I listened a little bit to talk radio on Fox News yesterday, and I was disappointed in certain commentators who are still defending the use of nuclear energy upon Earth. The same scientists who blew up Maldek have reembodied upon Earth, and many of them were instrumental in bringing forth the use of nuclear energy in either fission or fusion, which is dangerous and has very, very long-term potential effects on life on Earth.
            It is time that we move into a new age of utilizing the energy from the sun and the crystal technologies of light from higher spheres and realms to power a new civilization, a solar civilization. Some will defend at all costs their agenda and what they consider to be the conservative agenda, which can be ultimately harmful to the Earth, Mother Earth, the balance of life on Earth. If there is any potentiality for a disaster to occur—a meltdown because of earthquakes, because of some anomaly, power outage, et cetera—do we jeopardize elemental life, our life and generations to come, who could experience cancers and other diseases as a result of our choices? There is ample energy within the sun, so long as the higher technologies are not suppressed by the powers that be and those monied interests within the oil and automotive industries, which seek profit and gain to no end and at all costs to civilization and to the Earth.
            It's time for a shift and a change. Mother Nature herself is behind the signals, the message to humanity to grow up, to learn our lessons and to move into higher awareness.
            I am disappointed in those conservatives who will defend oil, gas and these technologies to all ends without taking into account that which those who are looked at as liberal and green are attempting to do. It's time that we come together and solve the issues and the problems, that we move into higher awareness, not by defending our turf but by dialogue, by a field of unity, looking at the problems straight on, looking at the genius of those who have developed new technologies and resources and by funding that which is essential to bring harmony and balance back to the Earth.
            As I look at this image of the map of America, with all of the [Native] American Indian tribes, the First Nations tribes, I realize how they were attentive to the Earth, listened to the Mother Earth, knew the Earth. How much have we been disengaged from the Earth in recent generations in America through the development of technologies to the point where we can literally destroy vast areas of the globe, such as what we've seen in the Gulf of Mexico and now what's occurring in Japan and the Pacific? When will we learn our lesson?
            Yes, our current civilization runs on oil, and none of us desire[s] to see the price of gas go up to four and five and six and seven and eight dollars per gallon. Yet what will it take for us to shift and move into these new technologies? Will we continually be reminded by Mother Earth through all manner of cataclysms and disasters until we get the message? Maybe.
            Some on the left are attempting to bring forth conservation and a respect for the environment, [which] some on the right see as fanatical. Let us move into harmony and balance on these issues, beyond schism, toward a new way, looking at every decision under the microscope [and] using the golden rule to “Do unto others as [you] would [have] them do unto [you],” including Mother Nature and the Earth. [Let us] look seven generations [ahead to] the results of our decisions and see how they [might] affect life way beyond our own threescore and ten¹ and beyond—to the seven generations, as the native peoples have done—and realize that so long as we have moral principles and we make decisions based on these long-term consequences that we will then judge righteously, judiciously and maintain hope for those future generations, who look to us, even in the unborn state in the etheric plane, to provide for them a platform for their evolution. If we continually destroy the Earth, rob the Earth of its resources, its oil, shale, coal, et cetera, to power our civilization, to what ends will this ultimately lead?
            The sun, as the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov has said, contains the key. When we look to our Solar Source, our God Presence, and the Solar Source of Helios and Vesta, and Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun, we can discern the truths behind every issue and what must be done to resolve these conflicts in our decision making. When we meditate upon the sun, when we focus on solar technologies, we can move into a new arena of life on Earth and bring in a golden-crystal age. The gold [is] precipitated sunlight; the crystal [is] precipitated geometric mineral life that has been concentrated within the earth to provide not just beautiful gemstones for us, but the use of laser technology, light technology that can accelerate light for specific purposes.
            Think of all the deserts throughout the world in which we could have many, many solar panels gathering light from the sun, focusing it, charging batteries and using that energy to power civilization. Have we done it? Only minimally.
            Think of all the other natural technologies that we have available to us. I don't believe in fanaticism in either way. We've built a civilization based on oil, and yet we are learning now that it's time to change. We are learning the hard way. Mother Earth is continually telling us to change, and yet we're not listening.
            Within the Sun we have all that we require for life. Let those scientists, solar physicists, come forth and work consciously with leadership—business leadership, governmental leadership—to develop these technologies at costs that people can bear. If every man woman and child is secure in the knowledge that they will have what they require through the light of the sun focused through these technologies, then fear and want can be dissolved and we can move forward with compassion, hope, courage, with a divine vision.
            Some of the native peoples, the Hopi, [the Mayans] and others, have prophesied of what is happening at this time. Have we listened to the[ir] elders, and the elders who are the ascended masters, those who have gone before us and passed the test of life on this plane, and really heard their message and moved forward?
            America is a great nation, and yet it will only remain great so long as the people abide by divine principles in their lives, live according to holy ethics of the golden rule and other virtues of the Spirit brought forth by the avatars—Jesus, Saint Germain, Gautama Buddha and others.
            When a disaster such as this in Japan strikes, it gives us pause to reflect. We are affected; we are all affected. We feel the despair of many, the pain, the suffering. It washes upon the elements of our souls, our outer waking consciousness. And when we watch the news or look at the Internet or read the newspapers and see the effects of what has transpired, a part of us is deeply impacted and we desire, on behalf of humanity, to recalibrate what we have done in developing this current civilization and, through higher awareness, [through divine thought processes], retool that which has manifested into a new way.
            There is plenty of genius within scientists of the Spirit that can be downloaded from the divine world into the minds of those who are receptive to bring forth a plan of action that leaders of the nations can agree to, in some arenas compromising their own views to accommodate a new, divine way—not a one-world government or order, but a way that is the way of unity of the ascended hosts.
            Padre Pio is a key in this hour also for Japan. And I would like to see a visual of him standing over Japan, focusing rays of light through his hands, his secret-ray chakras, because I can tell you, I felt the power of his Presence even when I walked in and Boyd was playing the other Padre Pio song.
           We haven't given our rosary today, and yet we have done the spiritual work required. So you can give a rosary to Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, the angels and archangels of the five secret rays through the Rosary of Divine Quintessence, the Children's Golden Buddha Rosary, whatever works for you during this day to seal this session in light.

1. Psalm 90:10.

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