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Purity      March 04, 2011

Beloved Elohim Purity
David Christopher Lewis
March 4, 2011   10:40-11:00 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through Detroit, Michigan

Purifying the Chakras and the Electronic Body through Pranic Breathing

Beloved Heartfriends of Purity,
            I come this day investing within the Earth a light of cosmic purity that none can deny. For it shall rise up from within each one as an impulse of the Spirit, as a cosmic impression of great God-joy from the base to the crown for each one to feel a new empowerment of God-Light such that this Earth may fulfill its purpose and all evolutions thereon may enjoy the experience of being light and purity.
            The joy of purity I extend to each and every one. For, blessed ones, when you feel the light of purity radiating through your being, naturally you also feel joy in your world. Many of you have experienced, when you have engaged in conscious and scientific spiritual fasting, an increase in the availability of light flowing within your auric field. You understand the natural state of your beingness as a child of the light, and you may sing and dance and revel in this divine experience of beingness whereby God within you is close at hand and light flowing through you always takes a stand for virtue and divine benevolence.
            Yes, dearest ones, the light-essences that may flow through your chakras increase as you are dedicated to the fire of purity and its cosmic emissions through each petal, all those whirling orbs of light, which are sun-centers and cosmic generating stations, batteries of spiritual effulgence within you whereby you, in a direct relationship with God, can experience his cosmic impulses within your being.
           When mankind understand the nature of the chakra system and of the electronic body and how important it is to cleanse and purify this central framework of their beingness as God-men and God-women and God-children—in addition to cleansing the physical body through the sacred process of fasting—they will have delivered unto them higher mindfulness, new teaching, divine instruction. And all of this is for the purpose of allowing them to blend their being into the great God-beingness of the Great Central Sun.
            How, you ask, may you purify this electronic body? Well, blessed ones, it requires the removing of blocks and those particles of the not-self that you have allowed to cloud your true spiritual divinity, the Real You. Through breathing in pranic fire, there is the discharge of many of these anomalies within your electronic body that are causative of disease, decay and ultimately death. When there is the free flowing of light from your God-Source through the crystal stream of the crystal cord and through your entire four lower bodies—earth, air, fire, water; etheric, mental, emotional and physical—then you have the natural state of perfect health: spiritual health, emotional health, mental health and physical health, dearest ones.
            We have spoken many a time on the science of pranic breathing and how essential this is for your natural state of wholeness. And yet few have truly understood or mastered this science as the yogis in the East have, whereby they are able to sustain a longevity beyond the normal lifespan of most of humanity and bring great God-virtues, spiritual essences through their chakra system into play to deliver to mankind light, light, light!
            Therefore, I would recommend that during many of your sessions you take even a few minutes to allow this cosmic discharge process to occur, whereby by conscious breathing of Solar light-essences you see the purification of your entire electronic body and the ennoblement of the spiritual virtues of your God-Self within every particle of selfhood, every solar cell within this system of light within you. And as you do this, blessed ones, many of you who have experienced health issues in your physical body will actually feel a reprieve, a lifting and a gentle pressure of light that will flush out those impurities gradually within your other four lower bodies, which will allow you to gain greater health and cosmic equipoise.
            You see, blessed ones, all true healing flows from the etheric into the physical plane. And though it is important always to engage in those physical health processes that allow you to maintain the vital force within the slowest vibrational body of your entire system, when you focus for a time on the memory body, the fire body, and allow that spiritual quintessence to burn up those anomalies, there is a magnification of light within you that is stupendous and allows for the free flow of all of the God-essences within you.
            Many of you have noticed that over many years, as you have accumulated toxic poisons into your system because of the environment as well as what you ingest, you do not have the sensitivity to feel the impressions of the Spirit as you may have in your youth. Therefore, bring greater God-youthfulness into the equation by being the light of purity manifesting through your being and allowing light, light, light to flow through you day and night, blessed hearts.
            The Master Jesus, the Master Maitreya, the Lord Gautama and many others mastered this science of light to the extent that there could be at any time, at any place the instantaneous release of spiritual fire through a transfer of that light unto others for their miraculous healing. It may be so in your world if you accept a new radiance of purity, a new stream of beingness, dearest hearts. Thus, begin somewhere! Begin today and feel the new impressions of the new world that is glowing all around you in the etheric plane, that world wherein angels and masters and cosmic beings abide and in which you may begin to reside also in a portion of your Selfhood as you rise in spirit to know this holy domain and realm of being.
            Now, blessed ones, I would tell you a story about the Goddess of Purity, who abided long, long ago in the early time of Lemuria as a temple virgin, who dedicated her lifestream to the invocation of pure light through her being day and night. She was able to sustain for the Earth an intense focus of that light of purity. This created a cosmic vortex of such stupendous radiation that every lifestream within a certain radius, a certain circumference, felt great God-joy and upliftment within that greater auric field that was created by the blessings of her spiritual activity.
            Consider, dearest hearts, how each and every one of you, through focus upon the purity of the Mother-stream of light within you, may likewise nurture a village, a city, a state or a nation. When you are dedicated, through one-pointedness, to the power of purity and the intrinsic nature of light of the Great Central Sun that may flow through the crystal-essence of your being, and you see this as a fountain of stupendous radiation flowing forth through you day and night, you will be amazed to see changes in many realms—changes in the environment, in the weather, in the economy and in the lives of many, a decrease in crime. And this, blessed ones, is one of the greatest spiritual practices that devotees of this movement and of other spiritual activities can engage in in order to bring about, collectively, a golden-crystal age of love-wisdom upon Earth.
            You see, when each and every one of you is focused on this light of purity, then a greater mandala is formed and the antahkarana of purity is fired by the spiritual essences of each and every one. Therefore I encourage you, as the Elohim of Purity, to begin a practice daily of simply being still and engaging in this spiritual practice of breathing pure pranic fire-light. And once you have reached a certain level, many of you will attest to that which I have spoken of this day and will realize that, in addition to all of your other practices, this one will bring you one of the greatest joys of your life and of your spiritual evolution upon this Earth. Yes, dearest ones, this will raise you into the ascension currents! And it will be a precursor to that which will be the ultimate destiny of your soul as your union with your God Presence in pure white light.
            Now I bless one and I bless many who have so dedicated themselves already in this way and would accelerate the light of purity to a new level and tier of God-beingness. In joy I have come, O Lord, Alpha and Omega, and brought to this Earth, to these holy ones your message of purity this day. I thank you.

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