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Aloha      February 17, 2011

Beloved Elohim Aloha
David Christopher Lewis
February 17, 2011   11:08-11:17 am HAST
Kauai Pilgrimage


Elohim Aloha Welcomes HeartFriends to the Garden Island

Aloha to My Beloveds Who Have Traveled Far to Be upon These Shores,
            May the blessing of all Maidens of heaven who serve within the temples of light above the Hawaiian Islands be with you, and may leis of light be draped around your head in this hour. These leis are composed of the virtues of heaven embodied within nature and the flowers that grow here. Each one has and carries a specific frequency of eternality that is for you. And the sacred aromas within these flowers you may imbibe throughout your days here as you drink in the light, both of the natural world and of the essences that flow from our retreat, which are here to grace your lives and the lives of all heartfriends with whom, in accord, you live and move and have your beingness as a sacred community of light worldwide.
            Each of you who has come here represents a greater number of heartfriends who wish they could be here with you. And so they are, in spirit, accommodated within your auras, your light-energy field as you invite them, through your own witness, to experience the sights and sounds of this sacred island, the Garden Island.1
            Many of you have been gardening souls and light for eons of time, and it is fitting that you should have a time of reprieve within the environs of our own Garden of Eden here to enjoy the fruits of your spiritual labors, the benevolence of that which you so lovingly offer to life of your own inner essences of joy, conscious awareness and Presence. So, blessed hearts, take all of your experiences here with great tender regard and use them as you ooze them from your being and heart to bless life wherever you walk, wherever you abide, wherever your world travels take you in spirit.
            Some of you have seen the sacred dance and the movement of the hands of those who very consciously use mudra of the Motherland to accept and to deliver light-energies through the flow of the motion of their hands within this dance. They honor the sun, the wind and the call of the Source within the elements, as the native peoples here have done since time immemorial.
            Walk consciously. Observe where you place your feet, your toes and even your nose, and you may feel and even hear the intimations of numerous angel devas who support the work of the greater deva of light of this Garden Island.
            I am Aloha. I welcome you with my aloha spirit, as Peace also blesses you on this day of peace, which is a day of the sun of a new awakening within you of the spirit of joy, friendliness.
            Mahalo, mahalo2 to each one for coming and for bestowing the honor of your light here with us.

1. The island of Kauai is often referred to as the Garden Island.
2. Mahalo means  “thank you” in Hawaiian.

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