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Kuthumi      February 13, 2011

Beloved Kuthumi
David C. Lewis
February 13, 2011   8:45-9:11 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through Sacramento, California

Kindness as a Way to Personal Adeptship and Planetary Peace

Gracious Hearts,
            I am with you in spirit and in matter this day. For as above, so below, as I bring a vessel of kindness, an urn of compassion, I would distribute the sacred oil of the Spirit unto your soul for your upliftment and the upliftment of the entire planetary body. As I have pondered with El Morya and Djwal Kul all that our disciples are desirous of receiving from the table of the Almighty, and as we have considered all requests of your heart and musings of your mind, we have determined that through the science of stillness and the presence of peace, greater God-fulfillment may be yours and you may receive from on high the specific antidotes to what assails the soaring of your soul. You may receive the specific elixir destined for you that will raise you upon celestial wings of light to your eternal state of divinity, whereby the godhead, ever-present and tangible in its eternal manifestations, may be yours to love and to cherish, to behold and to feel such that your valued life, having received all spiritual impetuses and quintessences, may understand your eternal nature in God.
            I speak in metaphor, and yet I speak in truth within the reality of the present state of your beingness within this matter plane whereby you undergo initiations, testings and trials to determine that which will be provided next on the plate of your evolutionary cycles. Therefore, I come and I effuse a stream, a distillation of kindness unto your auric field and into the present awareness of your consciousness, whereby that which you ennoble within life outside of self will also be ennobled within you; that which you are determined to see as the realization of planetary peace will first be accommodated, mastered and fully realized within your Selfhood, your soul experience.
            Every ascended master has come to terms with the selfhood that has been outside of God that has hidden the truth of being. And, having resolved the issues of mediocrity within this quasi-realm of non-beingness, the initiate steps through the veil and ascertains through the freedom flame of God-glory that only true Selfhood in and as God will suffice in the sacred journey of light that brings the adept-in-becoming to full awareness in Spirit.
            We have been enthralled within our own divine sense-experience to see how many are moving through the cycles and the coursings of the blessing experience into greater God-glory whereby you may realize your purpose in the moment, you may understand your nature within the eternal Now, you may cognize that which God has implanted within you as the energy and the specificity of his heart-centeredness, whereby you may be both blesser and blessing to a world.
            Some have been shocked into a new realm of experience as they have attempted in some way to reach the portals of divinity when they realize that the kingdom of heaven has always been within them, has always been present, as Jesus said.¹ And yet, the elusiveness of the eternal conscious awareness of God within has been the predicament of those who have been satisfied with religiosity and not in true co-creative spirituality.
            Therefore, beloved hearts, come to my fount of compassion and kindness. Learn with the Magi the ways of light and white magic. Know who you are by seeing clearly within the crystal mirrorlike pool of God's holy resource of light, that which is your God Nature, your eternal beingness. And through selflessness and surrender to what is in the God-Now of the present moment, come into a holy alliance with the Buddhas and the brothers and sisters of light who stand before you to usher you to your higher Selfhood as you let go of the old outworn matrices and accept and assimilate the vibrant new energies of the Spirit.
            The flame of cosmic Christ peace Jesus and I emanate as World Teachers with Omraam to a world that would understand in this hour what is available to incorporate into civilization as you know it as a new mode of living in kindness to bring about a new solar world. We are investing and reinvesting the frequencies of our Christic essences into the lifestreams of those who take responsibility, who see that they are only invested with authority when they have first humbled themselves before the Lord as servant sons and daughters of the Most High.
            Yes, the Master Omraam, as a Divine Shepherd of your souls, has answered this messenger's calls to be his guru and benefactor to move forward this movement of light into a new domain whereby self-mastery and adeptship is the norm of those who are invited to participate with us in the sacred sciences of light. And many of your youth, having already attained to a higher frequency of love, light and inner understanding, will respond to your offerings only when there is clarity, authenticity and the virya of youthfulness that sings within their souls and rings within their minds with the truth that they already have had implanted long ago by solar lords and mentors of God beingness.
            You see, blessed hearts, it is not so much that you must create a program to program others, but that you must be in reality that of which you speak as spiritual attainment and shine forth with solar brilliance the who-ness of God that is your true Selfhood. And when kindness oozes through your entire being and the youth feel this essence, they will naturally be drawn by the cosmic magnetism and the charismatic fire of your Presence to your offerings and participate because they see clearly the longevity of opportunity before them to engage in community and sharing with great God-joy and happiness.
            Spontaneity, as one of the virtues and essences of the Holy Spirit, brings about the creative flair that the joyful ones will understand and resonate with. Too much recitation of scripture or words, even of prayers, does not suffice for those who have the eternal song of the spirit resonating within them already. And therefore, create the space for new possibilities and discussions of what is important to the present moment of beingness upon this earth, the challenges of the hour that beset even the brightest of souls who are sent to this world to offer their hearts toward its evolutionary victory in light.
            Each of you has a key and a keynote. Each of you must sing your song with sublimity and accuracy ere you will be found ascending to the sun of your Source. For many, repetition of your own inner harmonic scales will be essential. And yet, let these be moving, streaming, developing in their intercourse with the divine worlds. And let a new co-creativity emerge within this movement, whereby the spontaneity of the word on your lips and ready within your heart may be offered to the universe, dearest ones.
            I am present wherever kindness and compassion are modeled and offered. For within the sacred space of conscious awareness that is exhibited within acts of kindness, I, Kuthumi, bless, charge and honor all with light, even as the energy veil of the not-self is dissolved and transmuted within the process, the scientific application of the holy oil of beingness within those thoughtful and graceful acts, words and visions.
            Dearest ones, later this year I will hold a one-day class on kindness in the same mode as that which the Lord Maitreya has conducted recently. I trust that my disciples and those who see themselves moving into their true and full adeptship will prepare their own vessels to receive the oil of gladness that I will offer and the blessings of Christ-peace which I will bestow to each one.
            I am with you in your suffering and in your elation and states of divine bliss. For, blessed ones, I know something of these. For as the Poverello of old, with the stigmata—the marks of my Christ, of my Lord—I was simultaneously living in the divine agony and the ecstasy of spirit and matter collapsed into the central point of God's heart.
            Blessings always to the true and noble ones who love God, who love each other and who love themselves as God loves them. I thank you.

1. Luke 17:21

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