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Serapis Bey      January 31, 2011


Beloved Serapis Bey 
David C. Lewis
January 31, 2011      8:40-9:01 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

Serapis Bey on the Crisis in Egypt and the Middle East

Beloved Hearts of Fire,
            I come this day to seal this nation, this hemisphere and the Earth in light, for there is a storm abrew. You have seen it outpictured in the weather. And you have seen it outpictured in the Middle East and upon the continent of Africa. And therefore I, Serapis Bey, desire to invest a portion of the ascension fire directly within the auric fields of our devotees, of our disciples of light, such that they may brace themselves for the onslaught of what comes upon the emotional bodies of the lightbearers when there is an outcry in various nations through a sense of injustice and there is a stirring of the elements and Mother Earth herself is affected. And we, the ascended masters, even feel in our realm the emanations of this distrust of leadership and governments as it outpictures through what has, at times, manifested as an unruliness or a mob action that could lead both to the overthrow of governments and to circumstances that sometimes do not bode well for these peoples and nations.
            Therefore, blessed ones, it is incumbent upon you who understand the dynamic of the oneness of all humanity at inner levels and the antahkarana and the grid of light through which and by which all is sustained in oneness throughout the creation to lend your light momentums toward the steadiness of the ship of civilization, the righting of that which, in the temporariness of the now, seems to be out of kilter. For when you are centered within your own higher reality, you can be the stabilizing force and God-power for humanity. And with Atlas as an example or with the Elohim, and especially Hercules and Amazonia, you may anchor pillars of fire within the Earth that will weather the storms, that will allow you to succeed in all your efforts to bring light to this equation, the light of the ascension, whereby the higher purposes of the ascended masters may be given birth and wide berth within the Earth.
            Yes, dearest ones, you know even the effects of solar radiation, having studied the Master Morya's discourses on the Advanced Studies of the Human Aura. And those of you who are constant in your study of the stars, and specifically of your own home star embodied by Helios and Vesta, understand that when there are solar eruptions, there are great waves of electromagnetic energy that come to the Earth and play upon the Earth's magnetic field. And often these, themselves, result in the uprising of the emotional bodies of many among mankind. These play upon the delicate fabric of the Earth's geomagnetic sphere and of the evolutions evolving here. And thus, you should understand, ramp up the action of your prayers and meditations to invest the light within the outer layer of protection of your own auric fields as well as that of your nations and the emotional bodies of the evolutions evolving here such that there will not be an intrusion of psychic forces or demonic pools on the astral plane to erupt into what could be mass revolution, war and destruction.
            Blessed hearts, those of us who study cosmic history, and especially the cosmic geophysicists such as Surya and Cuzco, understand the delicate nature of life on this Earth as I have alluded to. And therefore, they adjust frequencies and invest light from the great pools, the resources of light garnered through the invocations and prayers of the lightbearers in this and even in past ages such that the higher balance may be held and civilization as you know it may move forward rather than backward.
            Dearest hearts, even this thirty-three day vigil that Afra has called forth is supremely important for each and every one of you to fully engage in with the resource of your heart and soul, third eye and being such that, one with us, all of the dynamics of cosmic forces may come into play to support the highest outcome for what is occurring in Africa and the Middle East, which will, I say, affect life in many nations across the Earth, including the United States, Canada and Mexico, as a result of the effects on the price of oil and the geopolitical climate as a whole that will ensue based on who comes to power, who rises to the top of leadership within these nations. 
            We are playing our options at the highest level. And the Great Divine Director is duly involved in these processes. And [he] has, through sponsoring ones in Sweden, allowed the messenger to be closer geographically to this situation upon the European continent to lend the resource of the causal body of the messenger to this equation. Yes, it was foreseen that this would be a time that is essential for the light of God-freedom and the essence of the power of the Great One, the Manu of the Seventh Age, to be directed into this crisis such that the staunching of the loss of life may occur and that the Brotherhood's plan may move forward according to the dictates of cosmic and human law in this realm.
            Therefore, blessed ones, I suggest that during this time, in addition to the giving of the thirty-three calls to Arcturus, that you also engage in the call to Hercules an equal number of times each day during these seven days of the messenger's absence from your shores such that the twin pillars of the blue and the violet rays may lend stability here and everywhere that lightbearers exist. 
            I, Serapis, stand in Luxor and direct my gaze into Cairo and the cities of Egypt in the north and send a ray of light as a warning to those [of you] who are up to no good to watch and wait for the Lord God to direct you in your affairs and not allow the dictates of hell to influence you in this hour. And I send legions of Seraphim to surround the crowds and the uprisings of this most important nation within the Middle East. For, as some of you know, one third of the Arabs, or the Muslims, of the entire Middle East live within this nation, and its influence is felt far and wide. And lest there be an imbalance in the geopolitical climate of the entire planet that could even lead, if unchecked, to a world war, we, the masters and the Chohans of the Rays, support together this sacred work to balance this equation in this hour of world change. 
            The legions of light, the mighty Seraphim are now in place with swords raised around the entire nation of Egypt to defend the light of God within this people and to defend the highest manifestation of this transmutative shift in these hours. And we will stand; and we will continue to send rays of light that balance all until, by God's grace, a peaceful settlement is arrived at whereby the leader of this nation will accede to the highest will of God, hearing the outcries of the people and standing forth, both with dignity and with holy resolve, not to allow this situation to devolve into a major world crisis and calamity. 
            Therefore, blessed ones, support the Holy Christ-Buddha Self of the leader of Egypt in this hour, for there are many forces playing upon his mind and his heart. It is a delicate balance to know exactly what to do in this situation. For at some level of his being he has felt that he has supported peace in this region, even receiving aid from the United States and supporting a just position vis-à-vis Israel that has lent itself toward congruity with the peaceful prospects of harmony in this region. And he, himself, is concerned at what could ensue if the wrong forces sway the people and move into positions of power. 
            Therefore, put your trust and faith in God that the Karmic Board and the Chohans and the Elohim know all the factors involved, the dynamics in this time of transmutation and that we will lend the resources of the Spirit toward the virtuous and highest manifestation of that holy will, wisdom and love of God, arrived at consciously with great forethought and the dignity of the Spirit.
            Dearest ones, I hope that I have addressed unto you some of your concerns in what you have seen outplayed within the media, realizing that you are key to this process yourself as you maintain harmony and balance in your world. And therefore, I honor each and every one of you. And for those who were able to make the pilgrimage a few short years ago to our shores, to my temple, to the Valley of the Kings and to Cairo, use the talisman of your own consciousness to project light here. For you have walked upon this soil, you have ridden the camels near the pyramids, you have entered the King's Chamber and chanted the holy OM with great God-intent.
            And now you are called by us to resonate fire for the higher pathway of light to be fulfilled. Blessings of Christ peace. Lux fiat, I say, in the name of the Holy One of God. Thank you.

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