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David Lewis      January 30, 2011

David Christopher Lewis
January 30, 2011   9:03-9:17 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


Shifting into a New Field of Beingness: a Paradigm of Unity

We Must Accept These Higher Realms of Beingness
as the Present Reality of Our World Now

            There are laws of heaven and laws of earth. The laws that govern heaven are not the same laws that govern earth or that we experience in this plane. Within the heaven world, karma as we know it does not exist. For in the sublime state of perfection and oneness with God, all of the effects coming from causes that are problematic to the soul have been dissolved. For the soul has resolved itself with the Oversoul, the God Presence, and has merged fully with the sublime aspects of the Divine One.
            When we shift paradigms and decide that we will move into a new field of beingness whereby higher principles, values and precepts are the governing beatitudes of our lives, we disengage from those aspects of our former selves—the not-self, the human ego—and we engage in this beautiful celestial world of light that has always been all around us, permeating everything, and yet which we could not fully feel, know, cognize or experience.
            When one becomes enlightened, such as Gautama or any of the Buddhas, that one awakens to this inner world, the true reality of all that is. When we awaken to our higher Selfhood in God, knowing that we are divine beings at our core, not lowly sinners made solely of the earth, earthy,¹ but truly created in the beginning in the image and likeness of God, then we can employ, by the avenues of the Spirit, the quintessences of our true virtues and God-qualities in our lives with beauty, alacrity and grace. And these bode well for us on our spiritual path of adeptship because we are, through this process, entering into a relationship with those who have mastered this plane and are now abiding at a higher vibratory rate in the heaven world.
            Those of us who aspire to our Buddhahood, our adeptship in God, realize that from the human ego point we will never accomplish this. And so there has to be a day-by-day surrender of our selfhood outside of God and a day-by-day acceptance of our Selfhood within the circle of God's identity. So long as we remain in a flesh body we will have to deal with the elements of the earth, earthy. And so in the human condition, through stagnation and the laws of mortality, we may again sink back into our human selfhood. Yet within the realms of light, from our state of immortality, we may rise again and again into that which and who we truly are.
           This is the dynamic, the complex, the conundrum of living in this plane, [where,] from the human standpoint and vantage, we seem to engage again and again in the problematic aspects of our lives. And yet we know that so long as we put our faith and trust in the Divine and change our paradigm to accept the higher laws of superphysics, metaphysicsbeyond that which Western scientific thought has accepted now for hundreds of years[and] we enter into the physics of divine love, the superphysics of our superconscious, everything that we require is offered unto us. The universe wraps itself around our beingness to accommodate this new level of feeling, thinking from the mind of God, hearing, seeing, touching, tasting.
            Those of you who have had mystical experiences of oneness with your own God Presence, with the universe, with whatever name you use to describe God, have had this supersensorial feeling of the unity of life, of the sublimity of beingness. And as you remember, reexperience, reengage in that supersensorial divine experience, then the Spirit can again flow through you, and you can move upward, inward again and again into that realm of light and true love that is the realm of the ascended beings, celestial spirits, our divine guardians, guides and friends.
            When we say on our website on the home page that we desire to experience the ascended masters daily, what we desire is to experience what they know, what they have realized, which we also truly desire to fully understand and become because we have put our faith and trust and belief in the One. And by the paradigm shift of our hearts and minds whereby we decide no longer to operate in the realm of duality and limitation and mortality, we begin to fully get it and to operate in the realms of immortality, nonlimitation, unity.
            Just a few days ago I brought to the sanctuary from my home a beautiful talisman, [which] we've put on the bottom shelf of this round table in front of me. This was a gift from heartfriends in Mount Shasta, Bruce and Catherine Catlin. It shows the knights of the Round Table with their swords drawn and pointing toward the center of that circle, each one with [his] helmet removed, holding it in [his] left hand and obviously plighting [his] troth to the one purpose of the Round Table and what it represents.
            Within our movement of the Hearts Center we believe in the circle of oneness; we believe in the divine equality of each one. No one is better than another within [his or her] divine station. And though we may have each walked our own pathway through many lifetimes, and some have developed those inner talents and gifts to a higher degree, yet at our core we are all God. We are all of God, a part of the quintessence of the One, and therefore we focus on this. We believe, we accept from this paradigm of unity.
            Any of you who have read the books of Dr. Richard Bartlett, The Physics of Miracles or Matrix Energetics, know[s] that there can be this very beautiful change in our entire attitude when we understand the higher laws of quantum physics. [This understanding] move[s] us out of the realms of action and reaction [that] we learned in science and physics when we grew up, and [the belief] that the world/the universe is like a model—with planets and systems [like spinning tops, et cetera]—and we enter [into] a whole new dynamic and world of higher belief, knowing that what we place our attention on we become, what we accept as our paradigm becomes true for us.
            And so if we would have instantaneous healing, we must accept the possibility of it. If we would have our adeptship, our Buddhahood, we must accept the realms in which those levels of beingness reside as the very present reality of our world now rather than, through disengagement, thinking that they are not available for us or that we can only attain to them at some future time. Future time—this is really procrastination and a copout. All that is available of the beauty and sublimity of the divine worlds is available now within the Eternal Now of our hearts and the present reality of Godhood within us.
            Let us use the concept of the circle, the whole, the one, the undivided, the unified as we bring to bear in all of our prayers and songs and services the unity of man within the divinity of God. It has always existed for those who could accept it. The Brotherhood has been one, of one accord, truly vibrating with one chord of light and love and harmony for eons. It's time that we vibrate with that same accord within the OM, the sacred sound of the universe, in the inbreath and the outbreath of God's beingness.

1. I Corinthians 15:47

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