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Angel of Peace      January 27, 2011

Beloved Angel of Peace  
David Christopher Lewis
January 27, 2011   8:45-9:01 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

                                         The Quiescent State of Perfection Is Your True State of Being
                                              There Is the Flowering of Your Divinity in That Stillness

                                                                        Choose Peace at All Costs

My Angels Stitch Up the Rents in Your Garments with Cosmic-Christ-Peace Light

            I am the Angel of Peace. And I come this day with Micah at my side in order to extend to sons and daughters of God here and everywhere the fiery flame of peace that ennobles the soul, that brings, through the highest intention of Spirit, that flame of stillness and presence into the center of your being whereby you may experience what the Lord Jesus did in the hours of his meditation upon the Father-Mother Light and before he drew forth that light in all manner of blessings, of healings and miracles.
            Through your own solar plexus, stilled within the Sun-Presence of light, there is the flowering of your divinity in that stillness whereby a holy tranquility may abide within you, even unto the point where there is no longer the movement of the not-self [and] the full empowerment of your true selfhood in God arises naturally because you have surrendered all sense outside of the One. And therefore that divine light may resonate, may vibrate in a very high frequency as that cosmic form of silent stillness.
            There have been times, blessed ones, in your life [when] you have felt fully the hush of the Spirit and you have been in awe at that light vibrating within your entire being as you have communed in nature with the one Light. I bring to your remembrance this highest state of the supremacy of your soul within this Light such that again and again you may know Cosmic Christ peace fully within you and honor that God-Light in all of your affairs, your works on behalf of others, the extension of your heart in all manner of givingness. For in this state, healing currents, the fire of wholeness may emanate through you to the point where others are even healed because of the serenity that manifests in the Divine Presence of you connected with the One.
            You have observed how when you are in this state of divine sublimity that you access your higher powers and you begin to see and feel and hear and know, in wonderment, what is truly vibrating in the spiritual realms of light around you. And from this point of a heightened state of awareness, the flowering of all manner of graces and blessings occurs as you simply know God and [know] that God is everywhere, shining forth with that brilliant light of perfect peace.
            Though at times I come with a sword of the Spirit to cleave away that which dishonors peace within the world, this day I come within the sanctuary of your heart to heal even certain patterns within your auric field, rents in your garments. And my angels stitch up these rents now with Cosmic-Christ-peace light such that from this day forward, so long as you remain tethered to your holy divinity and in a state of compassion and living in harmony, this new light-essence may ever abide within you, and you will be safe and secure living in this new space of peace and beingness.
            I suggest that you consider putting aside anything in your world that has a jarring effect upon your emotional body. For these elements of your life do not serve you well, blessed hearts, through your intent to rise into your adeptship and the full flowering of your selfhood in God. Consider what brings you peace and its antithesis, and choose to dissolve those elements, interactions and annoyances that often perplex your soul as it is attempting to rise in Spirit to merge with the Oversoul of your true being in God.
            The quiescent state of perfection is your true state of being, blessed ones, and all outside of this is less than your highest choice to live in. Therefore choose peace at all costs. Choose the integrity of your unity in God, even when others may attempt to divide you, to discount who you are as a God-realized one. And know that your integrity is firm as that light is born again and again within you day by day, as you affix your attention upon the I AM Presence and blend the resources of your Selfhood with other spiritual aspirants who likewise are determined to manifest their highest Selfhood in Spirit.
            Now the stitching and the sewing within you is complete and a new light shines within your plexus of the sun. I see it emanating and blazing forth with new possibilities for your Self-realization manifesting in myriad ways in days, weeks, months and years to come. May the peace of your Presence flow, and may you be lifted up in light and joy forevermore. I thank you.


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