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Lanello      January 05, 2011

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
January 5, 2011   8:40-9:09 am  MST
Livingston, Montana
Broadcast through Mt Shasta, California

Lanello Clears the Way to Victories in 2011,
Creates a Wider Magic Circle of Light and Shares a New Publishing Plan

Blessed Hearts,
            In the fullness and the power of the Holy Spirit, I come. And on this day I wield a sacred sword of light to clear this year before you of all obstacles that yet remain in the way, unawares to your soul or outer self and yet clearly within our view. Yes, dearest ones, you have had a tremendous investment of light during your New Year's conference. And those of you who have participated heart-mindfully, have received a cosmic charge that will move you through this entire year with great God-determination and joy to many victories that are just within your reach to be fulfilled.
            Yes, dearest hearts, God places the next step within your reach. Yet, you must stretch to see if you can move beyond the domain of all limitations, sense of being outside of the circle of the Now and reinvest your energies in this great God-ideal that we together hold dear before us.
            I am Lanello. And on this day, the Twelfth Day of Christmas, I come to once again blaze forth the sacred fire to create a wider magic circle of light around this activity, which I see now within my mind's eye as being able to fulfill much, much more than what some of you had previously surmised because of the tremendous investment that those who feel a cosmic level of resonance with our message and our mission have themselves offered on the altar of the Most High God.
            Yes, dearest ones, I proclaim that the victory is here! And that so long as you remain true through faith and a fiery determination to bring this new perspective into view, then you shall see greater numbers of heartfriends joining your ranks. You shall see a new vision for the growing of community. You shall see teachings coming forth that, I must say, will be some of the most transcendent and ineluctable that you have ever experienced in a number of lifetimes, harking back to the original communion with Sanat Kumara when we came with him from Venus to offer our hearts in this great mission of light.
            You see, blessed ones, there are certain spirals and cycles of initiation within the space-time continuum that are essential to be realized. And you, together as a community, have caught that vision through the dispensation of the Karmic Board. And I come this day to tell you that, based on what has been received during that twenty-four hour cycle, that over $200,000 worth of supply, property and personal assets have been offered upon the altar of this movement to move it forward! Blessed ones, this is a tremendous God-victory that each and every one of you should celebrate this hour on the birthday of the messenger! And therefore applaud the Karmic Board, the sponsoring masters of whom I am one, and yourselves for working this miracle of light! [Applause.]
            There is a smile upon the face of the entire Brotherhood of Light this morning as we now see new possibilities before us of what can be accomplished. And for those who have given to the utmost, we say that your cosmic level of asset receipt is on the way in many ways, including a new level of cosmic joy that shall sing within your heart day and night in anticipation of what the Lord of the Universe will and is now bestowing upon you as a boon and a blessing to your soul.
            Some of you, blessed ones, have fulfilled a major initiation in givingness. And therefore for some there is even the balancing of one or two percent of your karma or your dharma as a result of what you have offered to us together. Therefore now I speak of the cosmic magic circle that I draw around the nations. And in that hour when I, as Longfellow, penned the poem Hiawatha, you saw how I saw how when the nations of those sons and daughters of God of various clans or tribes would come to the circle in honor and respect of each one, blend their voices, enter into the peace pact, there would be the moving forward of the mighty plan of the Great Spirit.
            And so it is that the Maha Chohan this day invests a portion of his being through this movement and this messenger to carry forth the Word in this year into a greater level of God-beingness. And the charge of light that you will continue to feel through the discourses, darshans and dictations, as well as in many of your sessions, blessed ones, conducted through the heart of the messenger, will be awesome in terms of the release of light from cosmic worlds that will descend into the plane of matter within your world.
            Likewise, I announce in this hour that there has been a shift and that the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov is now one of the sponsoring masters of this movement. And the Lord Lanto has stepped up into another office that he has been called to by the God and Goddess Meru for the illumination of peoples and specifically of the Chinese people, moving forward one aspect of the plan of the Brotherhood for this Age of Aquarius.
            Therefore, as the Master Omraam has offered his great heart of light, you will see a focus on community, you will see a focus on the expansion of the circle and of a great God-desire of many to gather within that sacred circle to form local communities that we have spoken of already. The investment of light from the Karmic Board will accent and accentuate this work and dharma. And we ask you, blessed ones, to consider how, if many of you will make the determination to be ready and available to plight your troth to forming these local communities in the physical, that much greater work on behalf of humanity may manifest because of your personal investment in this path.
            Therefore, there is a realignment of frequencies, there is an open door for contacting many more youth who will move through this stream in the future. And there is a new ennoblement whereby certain paradigms of the past will dissolve that no longer must hold sway within your worlds. Certain jargon, certain terminology, certain use of words and phrases will be let go, blessed ones. And in great God-joy, that which you embrace together will cosmically magnetize those whose hearts are already afire in the Spirit with great understanding of an aspect of your future mission in the Now to join your work with us.
            Long ago I held this vision. And as I worked with the Master Morya El, both on the inner and the outer, he showed to me this movement. For I knew, even at the foundation of the Summit, that another would be born, even during the last years of the physical life of my Beloved. And therefore, blessed ones, we together are moving on. We together are recreating this world. We together are focusing through a new lens and a new cosmic perspective light from far off worlds and from the greater attainment within your own atomic structure and soulfulness to bring in, through your joint and collective investments, a new way of light, love and joy.
            We suggest that this theme, “Light, Love and Joy,” be on your lips throughout this year. And even as you meditate upon the thoughtform of the cosmic cornucopia of light, offered by Sanat Kumara through his disciple Gautama Buddha, you will see this cornucopia manifesting in myriad ways, in multifaceted means, blessed ones, as joyous anticipation of what God will reveal to you, each one, within your heart as you arise each morning to greet the dawn, to gaze upon the sun, and to sing the song of your soul as Mother Mary has so eloquently spoken of.
            We have shown the messenger early this morning a vision of many new tiny tomes of light that will be released through the publishing efforts of this movement. It does not take years and years of work to release that which will inspire those whom we desire to bring into this movement, blessed ones. Yet, it does require creativity and a certain packaging, using beautiful color and design to inspire some to pick up these inspirational books in order to then be prompted to read the words therein. And the electricity of light from the Maha Chohan will inspire them. The cosmic impetus of fire, released through the word that many of us have already invested, will gain new ground through eyes and minds and hearts who will read them in time.
            Therefore, we ask the council of this movement, along with the publishing team to consider a new way that we have shown the messenger because we see clearly that many releases may be offered upon the altar of the Karmic Board sooner than you think because of their great dispensation and the abundance that you now have.
            This itself, dearest ones, along with the refinement of your Meru University classes and courses and all that we will continue to release, will bring wider and wider circles of possibilities to humanity to find our message through this movement and to bring forth within their worlds a cosmic shift of light such that they, too, may feel the impetus of the Holy Spirit and the light within to fulfill their own mission and vision.
            It is a new perspective that we are showing you. And yet, we have already given all that is essential for you to move forward. What is required is a clear plan, even projecting into the future seven years of what will be fulfilled through many hearts. And I say, blessed ones, that the twelve-year dispensation of this messenger has already been extended now two years, based on the requirements of the hierarchy of light to continue to release dispensations and the sacred Word unto humanity through this movement.
            Of course it means that the movement will move on past the voice of this one delivering our hearts' fire. And yet, there will be other voices of light who will speak for us in future years whom we will in due time reveal to you. It is not for any to be concerned in this hour or to, in some egoic way, feel that they are called in this moment to invest themselves in this way. The Holy Spirit will speak unto those whom we are even now preparing on the inner. And therefore all will be fulfilled according to ancient karmas and dharmas and according to the cosmic cycles of light of the Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light.
            Dearest ones, I ask you to review what was released during this conference and mindfully incorporate a number of the dispensations and releases into the cosmic stream of your plan for this and future years, knowing that though you humanly do your best to come up with the business plan, there should always be a fifteen to twenty percent open field whereby we may inspire upon you new opportunities, based on the movement of mankind and the evolutions evolving upon this Earth through the stream of life.
            You see, even we from our realms cannot discern all because of the free will experience and the choices of humanity. And therefore there is the crystallization of frequencies and energies in your dimension through these choices that occur day by day through the confluent stream of awareness and the outpicturing of life itself. We guide, guard and direct. We never encroach upon free will. And yet, we see the handwriting on the wall, warn when it is essential, and give you bits and pieces of the highest possibility that you may engage in, accept if you wish, and move forward with us the great plan of light.
            The sponsoring masters, assembled now as one, bless physically and tangibly in this hour each and every one who has given or is in the process of fulfilling their pledge to give of their light energies and abundance to this movement. Through the blessing conveyed heart, head and hand, each and every one of you receives your just portion of the fire of the Holy Spirit for this New Year. Guard it lovingly. Succor it with your compassion and devotion. Bless others, even as you have been blessed. Enter into the blessing experience through presence and great heart-joy. Increase the fire of the compass of compassion that Kuan Yin has spoken of whereby this new direction that we offer may be seen clearly, and your pathway together will be lit by the fire of heaven.
            I am Lanello. I lead, even as I gainfully and obediently follow my gurus and cosmic mentors. Remember that each and every one of you is a servant first and a leader second, that those who have offered the most through their givingness are those whom we call to direct the course of our cosmic ventures. Therefore honor the true self of those who lead. Look to the higher sunfulness and not sinfulness of themselves. Yes, so long, blessed ones, as you let go of ancient patterns of sinfulness and embrace new sunfulness, you shall always, in joy, be victorious.
            This is my message for today. On the morrow, be prepared for the fire that will descend through your heart. I am toning within you a hum and a hymn of light. You may remember that little melody that I composed. I am singing it to you personally within your soul and augmenting it with a new tone and tint of divine light. Commune with me and I shall commune with thee. Thank you.

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