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Maha Chohan      December 15, 2010

Beloved Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
December 15, 2010   8:59-9:15 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


The Inbreath and the Outbreath of Life
Love Lives On—Love Sings On!

All Will Be Fulfilled According to the Seasons and Cycles of Light within You

Be at peace, my children, for all is well. There is no reason to worry, to fear or to be concerned of the future. For within the sacred space, the hallowed auric light of the Now, the Presence of God is here with you and all will be fulfilled according to the seasons and cycles of light within you.
            Life is precious. Each one of you has that life beating within your heart as God's Presence with you, as God's Spirit, which allows you to manifest consciousness, awareness and move within that Spirit to fulfill your life purpose.
            There is a time for every season, and a season within every divine cycle of light for the fulfillment of a lifestream. You know not when you shall be called home. And yet the Lord, who gives and receives lovingly of his Spirit, emanates his Presence unto you and then one day receives your Presence back unto himself in the alchemy of wholeness.
            The inbreath and the outbreath of life itself is a science that I know, for I breathe the breath of life into every soul at its point of birth in this plane, and I receive that same breath of life from the soul and return it to the spiritual essence of the One at the passing of that soul to another plane.
            Fear not that you shall remain as a spirit being in higher planes of being when you pass, when your life mission is fulfilled and the sands in the hourglass fall. For, blessed one, all shall be well when your time comes so long as you ennoble the Spirit of God within you, [you let] the tender care of loving presence [flow] through your heart and you nurture that Spirit within self and within others to the glory of God for the fulfillment of his will, wisdom and love.
            One has passed. One has been taken, in a sense, back to the bosom of the Lord, and his beloved remains in the Earth yet to serve another day, another round, another year or decade or more. Yet there is the continuation of the bonding, spirit to spirit [beyond the veil], of souls wed to another in the flesh, [which] allows for God's essence to remain within the sacred tryst of light of a holy union. For souls devoted to the Godhead continue to serve, one in this plane and one on another.
            I highlight this dynamic this day, beloved ones, because each and every one of you has a twin soul, a twin spirit with whom you can commune, attune and discourse beyond the seeming veil of the flesh when you rise in spirit to participate in a higher form of communication and presence through the gift and the gifts that I offer one and all [and] you use them wisely.
            Every son of God has the ability to feel the Presence of God within if he chooses to do so with conscious awareness. Is it so different, then, to feel the very spirit and Presence of another kindred soul who may be vibrating beyond the physical veil? If you feel your Presence truly, because you have attended to the ways of the Spirit by putting your attention upon God and only God, then it is not so different a dynamic that you may place your attention upon the Presence of a beloved one and feel that selfsame light around you in your midst, even holding the spiritual hand of your friend of light when you feel the requirement for support, comfort and personal love.
            The disciples were stunned by the sudden departure of their Lord Jesus two thousand years ago. And yet he said that he would send the Comforter to come. And therefore I came and bestowed a greater witness of the Presence of the Lord unto them to give them peace, to give them an empowerment. For if the Lord did not take his leave from this Earth, there would not have been that greater empowerment of each and every one to fulfill the greater mission vouchsafed to them in that hour.
            So, dearest hearts, realize that though a loved one may have passed, that one is in a greater presence of God-power to accomplish his divine purpose in a new body of light, in a spirit of fiery love. And this is what you may tap into in order to have a greater ability to deliver the sacred fire to comfort others because you have been the beneficiary of the comfort flame of that one who has risen in light to live in a higher plane of being.
            Yes, there is the temporary feeling of loss because of the personal attachment to the very lifestream and physical being of your beloved. And yet love lives on. Love sings on! God's virtues, through the very essence of that one, are yours to drink in, to know, to feel. And by this you may give birth to a new level of your own Presence, because the powerful Presence of that one is ever available to you, O holy one of God.
            Within the tears that are shed, God's light yet prevails. And even in those tears, my comfort, my fire [are] with you. For these will water a new life, many new seeds, projects and souls whom you will serve with a greater fire of loving purpose because you have experienced the pangs of death and [also] the new life that comes through the resurrection of one so noble as this who has taken his leave and yet who remains ever with you in spirit.
            [Master chants “Hallelujah” 3x]
            In the presence of light I have come, comforting my own and loving you with that personal love in this moment, O soul, O great soul of light, whom I claim even as one of my many beloveds upon Earth.

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