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Victory      December 10, 2010

Beloved Mighty Victory
David Christopher Lewis
December 10, 2010   7:40-7:57 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through the Mount Shasta Center

You May Be Victory in Action

I Have Come to Reinvigorate You
To Live Fully in God's Presence Is an Experience You Must All Have

Dearest Ones,
            The light of God is supernal, the light of God is eternal and the light of God may dwell bodily, mindfully, heartfully and spiritfully within you each moment as you choose God's light to be present where you are. Each day a greater element of God's eternal nature may be yours as you breathe in and out the Spirit's fire. Each hour you may be a witness to that which God employs through your own individualization of that eternal light as you are conscious, present in the Now and available to the Lord to direct the frequencies of his love, wisdom and power everywhere.
            Yes, dearest ones, you may be Victory in action. And thus I come again in this hour to acclaim the eternal light that always prevails through those who have set their jaw toward a divine purpose, who have established a base and foundation of light within their auric field, who have determined that come what may Victory's energy will be anchored through their voice, through their form, through everything that transpires through their being because they have chosen that this is their way, this is the way of God and that Earth's domain is ready to receive the full fire of this light.
            Feel with me now, deep within yourselves, the indwelling Presence of God as the energy of Victory. Feel what this manifests as, as a heightened awareness, as an ever-present boon, as a sense that nothing can stop the beauty, the amore, the grace of God acting through, vibrating in and manifesting as every aspect of holiness, of virtue and of divine beingness where you are.
            There is no disease. There is no death. There is no denial of God within this framework, blessed ones. And that which you set your mind to must be fulfilled because a victory spiral has begun and all of the elements within the great universe of God's eternal being come into play and into action because you have set a divine intention through your mien in alignment with the face of the Great Beloved.
            Yes, we are in a great battle in one sense. It is the battle of light over darkness. And yet within the eye of the storm, there is always peace, perfect presence and equanimity that sustains this eternal fire such that you do not experience elements of war or a consciousness devoid of that Presence. You know—you simply know that God is where you are and that though the forces of darkness in some sense may continue to attempt to assail you, to strip from you your virtue, your light, your essence, it will not be so because Victory is becoming of you, and you are becoming fully enlightened in this joy spiral of my being, blessed ones.
            Yes, I feel at times that even the most honored and dedicated disciples on the path cry out for assistance, for in moments of human despair they feel something less than the full presence of Victory. And this is when I come and deliver my fire and give unto you a cosmic boost, almost a cosmic spanking, though it is done with only love for your souls. For I would move you unto eternity! I would move you into a higher spiral and orbit of light. And lest something—some little demon here or thought projection there or conglomerate entity of baseness or crassness—impinge upon your greater auric field, through a simple gaze into the Sun of your own Presence, an affirmation of who you are and an invitation to me and to my legions, I am there in your midst! And I deliver you from everything that could compromise your highest purpose, blessed ones.
            You see, I have been involved in God's business for eons. I have ascertained what comprises and composes God—and that is energy. And I have incorporated, concentrated and assimilated that energy within the core of my being to the extent that everywhere that I zoom across the cosmos, this concentration of verve, virya and vivacity manifests for the benefit of all. And I leave particles and essences of the great V consciousness everywhere, and these you may literally eat or drink if you choose to quaff this holy elixir of light and eternal fire.
           Dearest ones, those who have conquered themselves know of what God is composed, for they have seen the end from the beginning and a new beginning from that ending in the eternal cycles and spirals of light. They have said to themselves, “O God, I know who you are, for I feel your effulgence, your beauty and your grace within my heart this day and I choose to manifest that light and be it fully unto all.” This declaration, blessed ones, becomes a cosmic affirmation whereby you are sealed within the greater auric field of all of my angels, who then dote on you, who then arrive at any moment to produce within your world a beautiful montage and focus of light.
            You may draw from these energies, these eternal essences, to manifest your victory through every project, through every thought and through a new projection of light that manifests through your third eye, empowered by your mind and will and focused with crystal clarity through a heightened vision that is yours because you have ascended in consciousness to a new realm of being in Victory!
           O holy ones of God, virtue is within the ethers itself. And you may draw forth from every element of space exactly what you require when you simply ask the Lord for it with humility, with harmony, considering that God will increase the amplitude of your sine wave field and auric pattern and that the molecular structure within your body temple will accommodate the alchemy of precipitation in the space that you occupy because you have enlivened it by your awareness of Victory.
            The Ascended Master Saint Germain has given you many keys to precipitation. How many have fully utilized every step in the process to alchemize themselves first and then, through this cosmic accentuation of light, manifested what they desire with godly intent in the Now? It can be so, blessed ones, and I suggest that first you focus on the light of Victory in your aura! And especially in these hours of the last days of one year transiting to the next, it is imperative that you feel and anchor the light of Victory fully within your four lower bodies such that you may accommodate God in his greatness, in her richness where you are.
              As you do this, as you call forth this light and accept fully in the call its manifestation, you will know God! And there will be no equivocation of his Presence where you are, you see. This is the joy of every ascended master—to live fully in God's Presence of light always. O blessed ones, it is an experience that you must all have! And there is no compromising God in this stance of light, for you have been assumed fully into beingness, and God's energy washes upon you and through you every moment.
            I have come this day to reinvigorate you because some require a cosmic boost to get them to the place and the space where they can fulfill themselves and their mission. And so anytime that you require this cosmic implantation of light deep within you,  replay this, my HeartStream, and know that you will prevail, that God in you will assail all that comes as darkness, and it will be no more because the life and the light of the One has embodied within you.
            I am Mighty Victory! I stand with every disciple who has determined to be an adept, to be the One with Morya, to sing with Mother Mary, to glow with the saints above and to ascend daily into the Presence of God where they are.
            I thank you with all of my heart fires, dear ones.

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