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Mother Teresa      December 02, 2010

Beloved Mother Teresa
David C. Lewis
December 2, 2010   7:00-7:31 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Charity As Active Love Is What Will Move Hearts Endowed
by God's Inspiration to Join Your Efforts

Beloved Ones,
            I come this morning early to sanctify this sanctuary in light with the presence of many angels and Sisters of Charity who desire from the heavenworld to augment your work and service with their light and presence. Under the sponsorship of Beloved El Morya and through the love of our Lord Jesus, I served many in India. And you are aware of the work that still is accomplished today through the hearts of the self-sacrificing ones who give fully of themselves as a free-will love offering, cherishing souls, even as they serve the wracked bodies of the lame, the homeless and the dying.
            What I would offer you, dearest ones, this morning is a sense of the possibility before you to increase the light through love and service that becomes available to you for your sacred work. For from the heavenworld I have seen the effects of your magnanimous prayers, of the directed frequencies of holiness that flow through your hearts when you are in congruency with God. And [I come] also to give you a perspective that the abundance that you have called forth comes in the guise of what some have called golden souls who are truly laden with light in their auric fields, who know and feel the Presence of God flowing through you and through your holy offerings, and who will come to assist you when your plans are clear, when you have secured that sacred space of light whereby the greater healing mission of Mary may ensue.
            Yes, blessed ones, though I had nothing except my raiment and a dream and vision inspired upon me by my inner guru, Saint Thomas More, your own Morya, yet I drew unto me many daughters of great light who in their charity work fulfill the words of Jesus to "love thy neighbor as thyself,"1 this love manifesting tangibly through healing hands and through the offering of their beingness in simple acts of courtesy and kindness.
            You have guessed now, I am sure, who I am, as your Mother Teresa. And though it may discomfort some to think that I would come and speak through a male voice in America about the greater mission and work of charity across the world, yet I see clearly that your own givingness is what is essential for Mary's vision and message to go far and wide across this earth. Not to embarrass this one, but yet to give you a sense and an understanding of why he was chosen for this work, with El Morya's permission, I open his Book of Life to show you an embodiment where in India he performed the selfsame work that I was engaged in, day and night serving the homeless, the forgotten, the poor, and the maimed.
            And in that work, an indelible record was left that I tapped into along with my beloved sisters and it empowered us through the feeling of our sense of oneness with the heart of Jesus to move on and strive and work throughout the day and the night until every last mouth was fed that we could possibly assist. Yes, hearts of love, many of you have also served in this way in one or a number of embodiments. And yet, in this one you are called with great voices of light and fire to deliver the sacred energies of the Spirit through your understanding of the science of the sacred Word throughout this planet. For from this level, through your own holy office as saints in the earth, a greater work ensues and higher possibilities for world transmutation and the accomplishment of God's greater plan are afforded many.
            You have been handpicked by the angels and by the ascended masters because of your heart development, you see. And that which you resonate with within the messages conveyed through this movement has allowed you to soar in your own spiritual development and in the sacred processes in which you are engaged that allow you to fulfill your personal mission upon earth, even as I was privileged to fulfill it in humility amongst the masses in the darkest of the dark regions seemingly, within a teeming people bereft of outer abundance and yet rich in the spirit of fellowship and love.
            Though I have been beatified and many look to me, I always redirect their gaze and the energies of reverence that I feel emanating from them to the heart of my Lord and my God such that they may be empowered to continue on in their missions, to go all the way to the heart of God through their service in love, fulfilled through charity. Thus, having been called by the master to give you this perspective, even as you seek greater tangible availability of funds and resources to accomplish your aims, realize, dearest hearts, that at the core of this mission is love. Love is what will sustain you! Charity as active love is what will move hearts endowed by God's inspiration to join your efforts. And lest you think only that the alchemy of visualization and of some sort of almost magical means of precipitation is the way to fulfill your greater goals, let love be fulfilled within all. Let givingness be impressed through your vision and let a prayer, a simple prayer for peace, solace and harmony always be on your lips, uttered silently as required as you extend your heart through your hands in loving service to others.
             I would like to share with you also now what I have seen and what has been impressed upon the mind of this one as to the givingness of the Master Morya El in securing the dispensation announced yesterday. This was the ultimate act, even from the ascended master realms, of self-emptying, as the Lord of the First Ray gave to the utmost all of himself to you whom he considers to be those who can move forward the plan of the Universal Brother-Sisterhood of light in the earth to save sentient beings in all realms, in all lands. He has seen the equation of light and darkness. He has gone to the Great Central Sun himself, kneeled and prayed and stayed on his knees until he received the required energies as an initial grant to offer the world itself this great dispensation. And likewise, his master and guru Melchizedek, seeing Morya's strong intention, lent a huge resource of spiritual fire from his own causal body to this plan, which I say, was mulled over for quite some time by cosmic councils [who], until having almost been peeved by the intensity of the desire of this master, stamped in letters of living fire his application “Approved”, for a season.
            "What will that season be?"
you ask. Only God knows. What I can say, dearest ones, is that, it will require a groundswell of support from many who have touched the garment of this teaching and dispensation. And some who have known of, or resonate with, even one particular aspect of what we are offering and engaging in, our call to come forth and give of themselves, either in service or through their abundance or both. For you see everyone has something to offer the Lord.
            One dear heart communicated that all that she could give was $10.00 per month. And yet, I say that even this self-sacrifice was great in the eyes of God, knowing the dynamic of the personal economy of this one and her family. And so, dearest ones, the widow's mite itself given by many accumulates to be a mountain of light. I am drawing forth from my own causal body an essence of light of that which has accrued because of my work and the work of my holy sisters in the earth. And I am delivering a stream into the heavenly coffers that are a part of this dispensation. These may be accessed as a greater number of you commit to this cause, fearing not any loss or sense of loss of what you think is your own and letting it go and letting God act through it to accomplish his holy will and love. Yes, blessed ones, you can't take it with you, so you may as well let it fulfill the highest purpose through charity to assist through an avenue of the greatest good, the Lord's plan in the earth.
            Within a temple of light that has been created by angels of charity as a result of our work in India, the master Kuthumi, the divine Poverello, now plays his organ. And streams of light flow forth from his heart and through the grand sound created through his holy mindfulness to touch the hearts of many upon the earth who have served him and his Lord in past lives. Each and every one is being called on inner planes to awaken and to offer something to God to allow Morya's dispensation to continue for as long as the great law will allow.
            You see, blessed ones, it is a planetary dispensation, and if you consider that Morya himself, as Abram, having brought the tithes to Melchizedek of the spoils of battle received the great commission in that hour on the inner to fulfill that holy will, to be a father to many nations and peoples. And so, many look to him, Abraham, as the progenitor of their religion, their faith. And so he stands, the great Lord of the Will of God, to call all in the Middle East once again to harmony, unity and peace.
            His hand is raised. And in a sacred chastisement of those who continue their evil ways of division and violence, a ray goes forth to secure new possibilities for resolution of conflict and war. This is the work of the master of the Holy Will of God. He is everywhere around the world, lending the resources provided unto him as the father of many nations to accomplish the ends of God-good.
            Yes, your vigil and the giving of your prayers and songs to him has afforded him new opportunity. And I for one would suggest that some of you continue through a concerted effort to call to him daily such that his dispensation will expand, that many will know new possibility for their dreams to be fulfilled and for the new earth that you all hold dearly within your heart to be given birth within this planetary home, [that it] may emerge because some have listened to the voice of God, obeyed and decided by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to fulfill the Lord's Prayer by action through love.
            My message is truly for all peoples and all aspiring saints in the earth. My love flows to all who continue to look to or pray to me as a new saint within the Catholic faith. And lest some feel that I cannot speak through one who does not follow that religion, I say, remember the words of the Master Jesus, "I have many sheep who are not of this flock."2 Yes, he serves them well in all faiths, though some do not understand or acknowledge him.
            O beloved ones, I thank you for your presence here, early, for the trek that some of you are making over mountains and through slush and snow to offer yourself to God in this holy service. May you all be blessed in the flame of Christ peace and abide within his heart eternally. I thank you.

1. Mark 12:31, Matthew 22:39
2. John 10:16

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