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Zarathustra      November 22, 2010

Beloved Zarathustra
David C. Lewis
November 22, 2010    8:52-9:00 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montan

                                  I Impart the Sacred Fire unto You as a Cosmic Torch of Living Energy
                                                to Get You into the Mode of Action, Action, Action!

Blessed Ones,
            I come to increase the heat within your hearts this day, for I perceive that some of you require a boost of sacred fire such that you may fulfill the mandates of heaven given unto you from within to accomplish that which you have set your heart's intent toward this year. There yet remain five weeks within this year for you to accomplish that which you have told the Karmic Board that you would fulfill, dearest ones. And therefore, I recommend that you review that which you have set your pen to, either at Winter Solstice last year or at the beginning of the year, or also at Summer Solstice or during your World Freedom Conference. For there is yet much that we may secure in terms of dispensation and yet we require the work, the labor, the love of those who have promised something to their own sponsors and mentors and yet have not fully brought them forth into manifestation into reality in this world.
            I am Zarathustra! And I impart the sacred fire unto you as a cosmic torch of living energy to boost you off your seats and to get you into the mode of action, action, action, I say! Yes, dearest ones, at times in the colder months in the northern climes, some of you prefer to sit upon your chairs. And yet, I say that this is the very time when the fire of God within you must ascend, that the fire of God within you must be active within your world! And therefore, I come in this short delivery of fire to impel you higher, to impel you higher, to impel you higher in light!
            If you would see an economy corrected and trued to that which heaven affords, then I say first look to your own economy and see where you have left off of believing in the One Sent, in the Lord God and have in some way not honored the divine will through giving to the utmost that which you know you must righteously give. When each and every heartfriend and servitor within this movement abides by the great law of the tithe, the law of inner givingness, then you will see the correction made, both within the economy of this movement and within the economy of the world at large. Therefore, take the responsibility to act in your own domain, for this is a microcosm of the greater domain of the world, blessed ones. And when you are true to self and true to God, then we may be true to you in the highest sense and move heaven and earth and move the hearts of men and those within the banking houses and the legislatures of the land to fulfill that will inviolate within the law of the Word.
            This alchemy with El Morya is a personal alchemy for you if you choose to make it so. It is not something that can be relegated to another or to those whom you think have the power to act. You have the power to act now, blessed ones, and to move into action to resolve all issues that yet remain for you to resolve in this year, in this hour, in this moment of cosmic history. Therefore, I have come. I have set the seal of my word and fire within you for you to now fulfill fully through your own word and through your own work. I thank you for that which you have offered heaven. We have taken the light energy this day released through your heart's love. And you will see miracles, I say. Yes, you will see them beginning to occur, and the old order unraveling and a new divine methodology of the spirit manifesting in your world.
            Blessed ones, it is a joy to deliver this fire to the earth! Take it. Use it for the highest purpose of light in God. Blessings to all. Amen.

            Zarathustra came with a cosmic chalice in which the sacred fire burns. And from this cosmic chalice of fire, he hurled that fire into each one of our hearts as a challenge and as a grace. Let us use this light wisely throughout this week and the remaining five weeks of this year, blessed ones. Thank you for your heart's love today.


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