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Fortuna      August 28, 2010

Beloved Fortuna
David Christopher Lewis
August 28, 2010   7:00–7:07 pm MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana

Grateful Givingness and God's Immutable Law of Compensation

Dear Hearts of Love,

            Congratulations on fulfilling a major milestone in your alchemical experiment this week. Truly you have come together to focus on a specific goal and have proven that when you provide an impetus for givingness, souls of light rise to the occasion. Your spirit of alchemy is alive and well, blessed ones.

            One key in raising abundance through the science of precipitation is to intently clothe your goal with a garment of light through adding the elements of divine seeing and feeling. Have the new visuals you have created and displayed on your website been helpful? We say yes. We have smiled and laughed with you as you have seen them and played them again and again. And the image of me is actually closer than you may think to how I have appeared to some.

            Dear ones, winning through a new can-do spirit of givingness has brought the nectar of fruit from heaven to your plate. And one day you will all partake of that abundance as various gifts of the Spirit, as offerings and blessings and boons from numerous realms of light—as Above, so below—in your domain. Collective alchemies, where you pool your resources toward a common ideal, are always more powerful and productive than attempting to go it alone. Within the dynamic of certain higher forms of sacrifice, surrender, selflessness and service, a new spiritualization of consciousness occurs, and everyone within the mandala is the beneficiary of each one's givingness, great or small. The widow's mite may add a cosmic thrust of God-desire to the higher equation involved within the whole, just as the larger donations offered by those with greater available physical resources accelerate and geometrize the integer of the sum total.

            Just as in your decree sessions, where there is the squaring factor based on the number of individuals who are collectively participating in holy prayer and visualization, so in these group alchemies momentum builds and we in heaven are happy to engage, as we are allowed, to add a quotient of celestial fuel to your fiery work. And since we are experts in this divine science, you can be sure that our gifts are pure and rich in divine light, infused with the afflatus of the Holy Spirit, who is the cosmic distributor of every good and perfect gift of God.

            Those of you who have studied your own givingness and recorded in detail that which you lovingly donate to various causes of light will note how heaven multiplies your contributions with great specificity and that your abundance flows back to you in a number of seemingly miraculous ways. We say that all can afford to give, and that based on the purity of your inner motive, as well as your tangible outer generosity, you will be amply compensated from the coffers of heaven with all manner of blessings. Those who give freely without any desire for remuneration always receive back much more than what they have surrendered with glad-free hearts. This is the working of God's immutable law of compensation.

            Amaryllia has come and initiated a wide spiral of light that is manifesting through the work of many devic beings of the four elements. These are harvesting from the four corners of the Earth the light frequencies within their domains that will allow your spiritual work to continue with great cosmic intent and joy for many months. For when you partner with the precious elementals, they do all they can to bring you the fruits of their own conscious work for your divine enjoyment. Singing Amaryllia's prayer daily¹ will bring this dispensation into dynamic action again and again, by God's grace.

            Dear ones, it surely is the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom,² the Solar consciousness of the Holy City and of the cities of light in the etheric octaves around the Earth. When you have assimilated enough of this Christic awareness, you naturally travel in your finer bodies to the sacred retreats of the Brotherhood to receive their progressive teachings, training and blessings. This is another aspect of the abundance that is yours when you have proven the law through being a grateful giver.

            Good fortune to you. Great fortune to you! God-fortune to you all. I AM Fortuna, and I seal you in the light of your own Solar radiance now.

1. Amaryllia's Abundance Flows, prayer # 50.008 in the Prayers, Decrees and Mantras book.

2.  Luke 12:32.


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