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Serapis Bey      August 13, 2010

Beloved Serapis Bey
David C. Lewis
July 13, 2010   8:11-8:23 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

  No Longer Consider Yourself as a Follower,
But as a True Leader of Men and Women 

Precious Ones,
            The journey to the sun is a daily affair. And that journey begins within your heart each morning as you arise, face the sun and invest yourselves in the splendor and the divine rays of the holy Father/Mother God whose emanations reach your heart and whose holiness may be expressed through the centrality of your being, the divinity of Selfhood.
            As through the ascendancy of the Spirit, the glory of God is manifest within you. We come this day to spread our rays in a cosmic array of light around the Earth, and specifically in the environs of Mount Shasta where many angels and divine beings are gathering, attentive to the Spirit, to be a witness for the Master Saint Germain and many others who will deliver our light, our ray, our divine splendor and fire to the Earth. We trust, blessed hearts, that you will join us in this cosmic endeavor, for each and every event that we sponsor is meant for you personally, as well as for the Earth. Our way is not the way of the majority of mankind, but reserved for those who love God, who are attentive to the inner voice and the promptings of the Spirit, who would live in a higher heartstream of light, quickened by holy purpose and ready for the afflatus of that Spirit to recreate within themselves the sacred space wherein God lives and reigns supreme.
            The noble purposes of our Brotherhood have been clearly defined for eons. And those who have tapped into the mysteries of life and the ways of the divine force—the true one and only power of holiness and glory—know that through inner reasoning in the seasoning of the spiritual fires within they have come to the point of beingness where only the Source—the true source of light of the One God—will work for them in their lives, for all else is meaningless in the greater reference point of the spiritual journey and pathway.
            There is no anarchy in heaven, blessed ones, brought about by chaos and the ways of the dark ones, but only light. And the Holy City¹ in the midst of the divine throne room of the One is expressive of that sacred space that also lies within you as your own personal City Foursquare,² the white cube of the Mother frequency of purity. Therefore we come this day on the day of purity to crystallize a stream of divine radiance around each and every heartfriend who is true to the inner purpose of their life's mission to be a witness to the glory of God and the ways of righteousness through their evolutionary experience in time and space upon Earth in this life. You have been called by divine spirits and your own personal sponsors and holy masters to lead the way for many. And it is time that you no longer consider yourself only as a follower, blessed ones, but as a true leader of men and women whose souls look to you for divine guidance, inspiration and holy prodding.
            There is much that occurs at inner planes when you engage the Spirit in these divine rituals that have flowed like milk and honey³ from our altar and through the voice of the messenger through this activity and through many more of you who are stepping up to be participants in delivering our word as best as you have codified it through your own awareness and expressed it through givingness, co-creativity and your own Solar essences. Yes, dearest ones, it is a new day where many may be engaged in this activity and the ways of light, love and harmony.
            I am Serapis Soliel. I live within the Solar Presence of purity and the seraphic stream of beingness that knows only of the ascendancy of God within the Now and the purity of his mind within Self. I am recreating you in this moment if you should accept the disciplines of the Spirit, to be present, on time and in your chair for the sacred space that you have created around you for our delivery, for our message and for the movement of light that truly moves worlds for those who believe and accept by divine faith in the frequency of heartcenteredness, our Word.
            Therefore, be on time and know who you are for our delivery. For every discourse, darshan, dictation and conveyance that is brought forth is delivered by dispensation. And we have secured through the agency of the Spirit and the givingness of our hearts, these grants of light for each and every one of you, blessed ones. And therefore it is incumbent upon you to expect miracles, to know the truth, the way and the life within your own domain and to be ready for the new way and the new ray that we bring and offer with God-gracious hearts.
            Lux invictus, I say, this day. Blessings and salutations to the holy ones of light.

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2.  Revelation 21:16
3.  Exodus 3; 33

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