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Djwal Kul      August 06, 2010

Beloved Djwal Kul
David Christopher Lewis
August 6, 2010   8:03–8:21 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

I Emanate a Frequency of Cosmic Christ Peace

Through Our Sponsorship, Begin to Know Yourself as God in Reality

             In the name of the living God, the Brotherhood eternal welcomes to this fount of illumination and love all who are ready to receive the higher impulses of spiritual light and radiance from their own God Presence and Solar Source even as we extend it through the voice of truth as this opportunity for you to have the divine nourishment that you require in this hour of Earth's transition to a new age of freedom.
            Dearest hearts, the ways of the righteous are not the norm within the Earth. For we value the higher way of the Divine, and humanity does not often recognize, see or even intuit that which heaven proffers unto the hearts of all as a freewill gift of the Spirit, as a blessing from the holy realms of light, and as that which is the fullness and the effulgence of God vibrating deep within the heart of true Selfhood in God.
            I am Djwal Kul. And this morning I emanate a frequency of cosmic Christ peace as I have felt it and understood it in the very presence of Lord Maitreya. It is a frequency of the cosmic Christ consciousness that permeates the higher etheric realms of beingness as that Logoic light that all may know through stillness.
            The current course of Meru University¹ may be an enigma to some who have not fully cognized the eternal truths of the mystic way of love. Often, blessed hearts, the enchantments of the lower realms attempt to dissuade you from reaching the higher levels of Solar love and of living within the heart frequencies of the Divine One, which are accessible everywhere and always, but only for those who attune to the Spirit through a humble means, placating not the human but authentic in their desire to be of divine service to life.
            The words of Rumi resonate through the cosmos in a specific frequency based on his attainment and the attunement of his essence to the heart of the Beloved. In this you have a portal to your own higher heart energies and to the spiritual fire that nourishes the cellular structure of your being in many dimensional planes. When you tap into this resource of love through the wisdom of the sages, the saints, and the seers of the ages, you may know God within and without. You may recognize God's voice, God's aura. You may begin to see with new vision what is real and what is simply a chimera—that which is, in its illusory qualities, only a facsimile of the divine reality of beingness.
            When you understand your creation within the heart of God as a conscious monad, as one who may experience the allness of God within the vessel of selfhood, then your frequency and your life experience, held inviolate within the mind of the Beloved, has validity and value from the point of reference of your life. And you begin to honor that same experience that all others have, that all life-forms, life frequencies, life essences also manifest in the specificity of their co-creation of their beingness.
            From these inner realms of light, the ascended masters reach out to those among humanity who have made themselves ready for higher initiations and a greater supernal path of beingness. For those who desire a swift and sure ascent, we are here. And Meru University is a viable portal through which you may learn and grow and begin, through our sponsorship, to know yourself as God in reality. Some have glimpsed beyond the veil and yet have not fully reached the attainment that they seek, which seemingly is just beyond their grasp or full cognition. The oil of spiritual energies that we offer through our sponsorship bridges this gap so that you may feel and understand and begin to vibrate at those frequencies where you truly see and know, and the Beloved is there for you to adore and to become.
            The mystical elements of the true path of love are hidden from the vain and the vulgar, the vile and those who have willfully ignored the inner impulses of spiritual fire within their breast. We pray that no matter where you abide physically in the Earth, you will look up and will look within to know our love and our willingness to assist you in your highest endeavors, to bless you, and to give you every boon and opportunity to blend the resources of your spirit with the Great Spirit.
            The cooling effects of spiritual radiation are felt and known by those who through faith and belief accept the sponsored one who speaks for us, whose heart is true and pure, who desires to be of service and who, through the laws of gratitude and correspondence, allows the Solar essences to flow into the world, into your world. Those who through their own disbelief or nonacceptance do not see the potential for newly sponsored amanuenses that can, through humility, speak for us, also lose the opportunity for this grace and benevolence to be theirs. Those of you who have trusted the process and the divine principle behind this sponsored activity have been the great beneficiaries of our love, our wisdom, and the power of the light that is inculcated within the words that flow as living light essences to you.
es, we live and move and have our being in many dimensions, for the Spirit moves, soars and wings its way where it listeth, where the desire of God transcends all time and space and in its becomingness reaches out into the affairs of the entire creation to extend holiness, peace and perfect presence to all.
            Abide within the light, blessed hearts, and your true reality will shine. Your noble essence, brilliant in its beingness, will manifest for all to see. And some will respond and be quickened by your love extending our love to all.
From the Great Silence, I have come. May cosmic Christ peace ever be yours, O blessed ones.
            I thank you.

1.  Meru University Course 1006, “The Sufi Way of Mystic Love,” sponsored by Djwal Kul and the Maha Chohan occured in 2010, using the book, Love's Ripening: Rumi on the Heart's Journey.

Additional Comments by David:

            Meru University Course 1007, “Our Mystic Oneness,” to be held at Mt. Shasta, sponsored by Saint Germain. We will be learning about Shakespeare and the Path of Initiation. Instructors Brian Sweeney and Marcia Guyette, using Shakespeare's play The Tempest and The Shakespeare Code, a book by Virginia Fellows, who is now ascended, to assist in understanding the life of Francis Bacon, why he kept his identity secret even as he worked with others to bring forth the Shakespearean plays, sonnets, and all the writings. He laid a foundation through the English language, an understanding of spiritual right and wrong, the path of initiation. Register early so that you can have the required materials to study.

            A few weeks ago Mother, Clare de Lis, came to me, concerned that many of the Meru University students were not really doing the assignments or the work. So I again extend to you, by courtesy of the word of the master, their desire for us to really enter into the work of the study, to discipline ourselves to read some each day in those hours or moments when we have time to be silent and to go within even as we read and study.

            I think all of us could be better disciplinarians of ourselves if choose to set aside the time, to schedule our day in such a way that even with busy work schedules and family commitments, community commitments, meetings, etc., we can, if we choose wisely, have the resource of time at our hands to enter into this sponsored activity with full conscious and waking awareness, to be true blue students of the masters.

            Some of you I have observed over the years take seriously these courses and really put your heart and mind into them, and you know you have benefited from the study, the meditation, and the spiritual practices you have engaged in. I feel that some who never or rarely contribute during the classes are not fully engaged.

            And therefore, I am recommitting myself even as I hope you will recommit yourselves to be engaged at this level. When you do this, the masters take note, your Higher Self can lock in the experience, and you truly receive those higher impartations from the masters and from your own God Presence that do you great benefit and that move you along the initiatic path through the oil of the blessedness and the grace of the spirit that is yours because you have focused and made that commitment to the master and to yourself, to your community, and to all the beloveds that comprise the great Beloved of our oneness.

Regarding the various rosaries, David said:

            I can tell you that the Kuan Yin Rosary of Mercy is having great spiritual effects upon the Earth already from our giving of it, along with the Children's Golden Buddha Rosary, the regular Golden Buddha Rosary, the Rosary of Divine Quintessence, and the Rosary of Faith. All of these spiritual practices and rituals are creating a new world before us. And you are great participants in this activity, and the effects are far beyond what you can even imagine humanly as I see them in the etheric worlds, feel them, and actually feel your heart essence flowing through your voices and hearts when you, in your homes and wherever you abide, participate with us.

            We all feel this at a deep inner level and we know each one's essence. And as we all become more sensitive to the light, we feel these frequencies of each other's hearts. The blending and the merging and the streaming forth of this commonality of our oneness is beautiful to behold even as the angels, the devas and the divine spirits carry these frequencies wherever they are required across the earth and within the earth to assist our planet and all evolutions evolving hereon to manifest a golden crystal age.

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