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Maha Chohan      June 30, 2010

Beloved Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
June 30, 2010   8:05-8:11 am MDT
Find Your Destiny on Earth through Solar Evolution—
Experience Oneness with Nature under the Big Sky
Luccock Park Camp, Paradise Valley, Montana

The Great Spirit's Blessing to All

I Empower You to Allow Self-Realization to Be Your New Norm and Standard

Gracious Ones,
            Welcome to our 2010 summer conference under the Big Sky. Together we have come to experience oneness with nature. Together we are here to realize our divinity and our destiny through Solar evolution. Together we gather to be warmed by the sun, within and without, to listen to the water and the wind and the dance of the bumblebee and to follow the stars coursing through the cosmos, to fulfill our reason for being.
            I am here to extend a blessing and an anointing to each and every one of you who has intensified love within your hearts through your devotional life lived to the glory of God. I am here to expand this blessing as a tangible release of sacred fire and of the power of the Spirit within your life to increase your awareness of the ever-present reality of beingness, of Solar light within your cells, your aura and your Buddha nature. For that Buddha nature is beautiful. The time is now and the space is here when you may fully embrace it, accept its radiance in your life and continue to evolve within this sacred body temple to be who you truly already are.
            The Holy Spirit streams its grace to all. I am a representative of Spirit, and my sacred process of the expansion of love that manifests through omnipresence, [which] you too may know throughout your life, is here and now available for you to experience. As devotion to beingness accelerates and acceptance of the power, wisdom and love concentrated within this essence permeates your being by your surrender to the Divine within, you may know a new “Lux fiat,”¹ a new Solar genius, a new celestial brilliance.
            Divine evolution is ongoing. Once you have truly tasted the eternal realms through the portal of your heart, you may feel the pulsation of the divine quintessence in every moment, in every place within the eternal Now. All sense of separation dissolves and you live and move and have your being in this sacred state of oneness. Many of you have had this experience in fleeting moments of awareness. I am here to empower you to allow self-realization to be your norm and to be a new standard in your life.
            Many of you are now using conscious language as taught by Robert Tennyson Stevens and applying the loving teachings that he presents in your speech and within your life. Realize that this process will manifest from the within out, and that at times you may find yourself using old patterns of words, phrases and sentence structure that [do] not fully honor your newfound exuberance in deciding to embrace and practice this teaching. Forgive yourself and continue. And forgive David if within his service he too, as our amanuensis, continues to speak words that are outside of the sacred circle of what you now consider as conscious language and your new spiritual standard.
            All is good, blessed ones. As you evolve as a community and honor one another in ways great and small, what matters is the love that you share and the commonality of your collective experience of beingness, of living in your Presence.
            Those who have moved a little higher in their understanding and experience will assist your entire community to move forward as they lovingly hold the field of oneness for all. Allow this process to unfold naturally, without judgment, ego identification or human evaluation that originates from the carnal mind. Let it be. For our journey in time together during our event is manifesting with great grace. The divine acumen of all is shining through [the] Now.
            I invite you to raise your hands to the sky and receive the Solar impulse of my blessing, our blessing, today. And as you feel my light and its tangible radiance, bring your hands to your hearts and bless yourself on my behalf.
            I am our Maha Chohan, and I love us.

1. Lux fiat, Latin, meaning, “Let there be light!” 


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