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Cyclopea      June 30, 2010

Beloved Cyclopea
David C. Lewis
June 30, 2010   11:38-11:54 am MDT
Find Your Destiny on Earth through Solar Evolution—
Experience Oneness with Nature under the Big Sky

Luccock Park Camp
Paradise Valley, Montana


A Cosmic Visioning Session with the Elohim

Dearest Hearts,
            With me now, enter into the sacred science of perfect vision as we recreate ourselves in the here and now. See in
your mind's eye the entire universe existing and manifesting within you. Yes, you have solar systems, galaxies, supernova, comets and all manner of solar worlds in the process of being born, living and transcending dimensions occurring within your heart, within the deepest recesses of your being.
            Infused within this vision is the essence of celestial joy and Elohimic light that I bear and allow you to feel and to have impressed within your solar cells, the atoms and microscopic and microcosmic particles of you as a son or daughter of God. Take the universe as you can cognize it in this moment and miniturize it within yourself. Bring the power, wisdom and love of its full flowering essence and divinity into play within you. And I use this word consciously, for, blessed ones, as a co-creator it is essential that you learn to play with God within you again.
            When you were born, as an ideation in the heart and mind of the Divine One, it was for the purpose that God could play with you and that you could play with God. And yet through some sort of delusionary, unconscious aberration, mankind has lost the sense of his and her childlike nature to be able to play with God and the universe within.
            Therefore, feel how you felt as a child in this life when you were at your peak in being happy and suffuse this nature of divine joy again through your entire being by accepting the cosmic principle of perfect vision within every cell of your being today. The Elohim, in addition to being the creators of worlds, are playmates of God. Yes, we have always abided in this spirit of co-creativity. And it is within this manifestation that we bring the whole essence of our nature into play, into being, blessed ones. Yes, you are recreated in this hour again in the image, likeness and holy architecture of that original ideation of you as God that the Lord held inviolate within his mind's eye, the All-Seeing Eye, the all-knowing, all- feeling, all-hearing, all-smelling, all-being nature that is embedded within that one point of divinity that is the All in all within the center of the Cosmic Hub.
            Can an eye hear? Can an eye feel? Can an eye touch all that is? Through the sensing of perfect vision which is beyond the human sense of sight, there is recognition of the very nature of being. For the All-Seeing Eye is that beingness, is that essence, is that realty of divinty that knows because it sees all. But the seen and the seeing, blessed ones, is beyond the human sense of sight that you know.
            As you enter into a playful spirit again and again and again in your mind's eye, the universe in all of its glorious manifestations, permutations, exultations and revelations is yours to experience, to know, to intuit, to realize. Right within this word “realize” you see that it takes real eyes to realize who you are! And those real eyes become the one eye of unity and perfect vision to know God, the beloved, as that All in all within you.
            Most of you spend much time in looking outward through your outer vision to the world "at large." Consider looking inward to the world "at small." And you will begin to cognize what the Elohim understand of the nature of life, the nature of light, the nature of love, the nature of all that is. Yes, there is expression and there is impression, blessed hearts. That which you express outwardly may first be felt inwardly through the holy impressions that are still in the process of being fashioned by your divinity ineluctably, deliciously, fastidiously by your conscious Presence of light-beingness.
            Every co-created work is really about play. Therefore, in a playful attitude of gratitude, let your work be easy, choose to make it simple, redefine it from this day forward as your "sacred playful labor of love", blessed hearts. No longer toil or sweat through your work, but relax and enjoy life in the play that is ongoing and the scenes and the acts within those scenes or those scenes within those acts that are outplaying on the stage of life within you. [Cyclopea inhales then chants for fifty-five seconds.]
            Peace be yours forevermore, holy friends of light. Amen. Thank you.

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