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Rose of Light      April 26, 2010

Beloved Rose of Light
David C. Lewis
April 26, 2010  8:15-8:30 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

                                        Your Soul's Original God-Intent Is to Be A Child of the Universe,
                                                         A Specific Gentle Rose Love Field of Light

            From the center of the rose of your heart I emanate frequencies of God-love into all domains of being and into the sacred space created by your Higher Self that is the secret chamber of Godly love within you. I am Rose of Light. And a certain distillation of the Spirit I bring this morning to express within the atmosphere, the auric field of the earth, as a precursor to what all of the evolutions of this planet may experience during the golden-crystal age of Aquarius dawning.
            Blessed hearts, if you could feel God's loving intent as the expressive nature of his being throughout the totality of your life, you would know a certain coursing of the Spirit through your being that is indicative of that holiness, that virtue that is the veritable love of the Almighty One.
            The omnipresence of God is the all-encompassing love of his spirit to all life that you may feel any time that you choose love over anything less than God, that you may know as compassion when you choose to elevate your heart to accept the radiance and the blessedness of the Divine as understanding as you nurture divine knowingness within love that sees all, that feels all, that experiences all of the quintessences of the Divine One through a heart that simply knows because it is one with the Eternal.
            There are many fragrances of love that are expressive through the Sons and Daughters of God ascended, each one with a particular frequency and essence that is unique in its rendering of an aspect of the various virtues of God's heart. Yes, there are many roses in heaven that bloom continuously in an unending orchestration of the music of love, whereby many celestial spirits, in harmony and in unison, send forth their particular orientation and expression of love that is a part of the entire panoply of light as heaven's gift of the spirit to the universe.
            When I ascended and chose the name Rose of Light, I saw into the very center of the perfect rose of God's eternal heart what the Divine One intended for every son and daughter to experience as that holy love. And as I adored the very heartbeat of God and sought to feel that pulsation through the crystal of my being always, God endowed me with the roseate auric field of presence that I blend with the crystalline frequencies of angelic hierarchies of light to amplify the feelings of God in many domains, upon many worlds and especially upon this world, your own Earth.
            Just as Venus the planet outpictures holy love in its purest aspect, so after my ascension I spent many cycles of time in imbibing the Venusian fires of holy love into my higher love-field of crystal Selfhood. And this was an aspect of the concentration of that holy fire of love that was essential for my greater mission to bless life upon this Earth, to raise it as a sister planet to Venus, to know the totality of that love that would be required for the Aquarian dispensation to be initiated and fulfilled through the light of love within the hearts of all mankind.
            So you may be expressive of this new Venusian field of beingness as you embrace compassion in the heart of Maitreya through all that you know and experience in your daily life, blessed hearts. As you look upon the Lord and see the flame of love bursting forth through his knowing smile, your soul hearkens back to its original God-intent to be expressive of who you are as a love-being, as a child of the universe, truly a specific gentle rose-field of light. And you may take your place within the greater garden of all roses of light that the Lord is preparing for those who love him with all of their beings that one day will emanate the fragrance of Aquarius for all to know and feel upon Earth.
            Some of you have had the experience of walking in a field of flowers in your meditations and in etheric gardens of light as your soul has taken flight of your body temple at night. And often the Queen of Light and the ladies of heaven have been there to embellish your soul with a specific radiance of holiness as you imbibe the aromas divine of roseate love celestel. These experiences are yours to know, to remember and to have reenacted again and again during your silent times of contemplation. For in a field of divinity you may know the tender regard of God for your soul and you may see yourself with me also as a rose of light.
            So, cherished ones, emanate love each day with a new expression of holy purpose through your efforts, through your beingness, through simply living alive for God and love. [Rose of Light breathes in, then out gently for 10 seconds.] I am creating a new atmosphere of compassionate love everywhere upon this sphere for the sensitive ones to receive and thereby be blessed in oneness in heart and in Spirit. I thank you.

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