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Sanat Kumara      March 27, 2010

Beloved Sanat Kumara
David C. Lewis
March 27, 2010   10:00-10:27 am MDT;  6:00-6:27 pm CET
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through Bergvik, Sweden

The Initiation of the International
Council of Heartfriends

Beloved Sons and Daughters of the Living God,
        I come this day with a very important announcement from the ascended masters of the Universal Great White Brotherhood who oversee the spiritual destiny of the earth and her peoples. In collaboration amongst the many councils upon the earth in the etheric octaves of light who meet regularly, focusing upon specific arenas of activity around the earth, we have come to the conclusion that within in this sponsored movement of The Hearts Center that there should be an international committee formed of representatives or delegates from the various nations where heartfriends and servitors of the light abide.
        This international body will both represent the lightbearers within their nations while also providing an impetus for the delivery to the august body of the Brotherhood above of that which is occurring upon earth from your domain and perspective that we will utilize as we move forward the spiritual progress of the nations. Heretofore within this movement the leadership has been composed primarily of a council formed within the United States of America which has initiated the foundation of this sponsored activity. And much groundwork has been laid for the future expansion of the light within The Hearts Center into a greater arena of activity worldwide.
        You have witnessed the various pilgrimages and travels of the messenger with various heartfriends and of other sponsored events within various nations. And we have seen an upsurge of the release of light in various areas of the globe with a great influx within Scandinavia itself as a result of the dedication of a number of lifestreams who have seen to it that a foundation has also been laid for the going forth of the Word and for teachings to come forth representative of the specificity that is required within your nation.
        It is our desire that, as soon as possible, that you within your nations elect a delegate who will report to an international body of representatives, and that each year during your World Freedom Conference in early July, that that representative be sent in person to attend and to represent your nation. One of the purposes of this request is that a progress report come forth on the events within your nations, the heartsharing that has occurred, the growth that has been sustained such that all heartfriends receive an understanding of the very nature of expansion of this movement worldwide. [Another is] that your delegates represent on your behalf various requests for spiritual activity, for future events and pilgrimages and those things that the world body of heartfriends may contribute toward the growth of this activity in all nations.
        These sessions that you have begun each month from Sweden whereby you have brought to bear an understanding of the activities within the European nations of the light and the interplay of the forces of light and darkness that are occurring, has begun the very process that we saw long ago as essential for the magnification of our work throughout Terra. So in this hour we come to request a more formal process be established, and that monthly the international council of The Hearts Center movement meet to discuss what may be on your agenda based on what you collectively see as essential to bring forth these teachings in many languages such that the victory of the light in your domain in this era be achieved.
        You have before you upon earth a representative body called the United Nations. But this, blessed ones, is only an outer manifestation of what we have requested and deals primarily with political activities, economics and other social needs of mankind. What this world body of delegates will be engaged in is a spiritual representation. And so its purpose, though similar in one respect, is much different. We suggest that one day during your World Freedom Conference each year be set aside specifically for the sharing of the activities that have occurred within your nations, that you celebrate your victories, your progress, that you bring something of the culture of your nations to bear such that all may share in this collective spirit of universality that also brings a harmony and a unity to bear within this movement.
        Collectively you can work for a number of weeks and even months before each summer World Freedom Conference to prepare these reports, your requests and all that you will share, possibly as a power point slide presentation such as you have seen today and recently during Meru University. You may bring something of the culture through music, drama, art and even science. Truly, blessed ones, when all consider the gifts of many heartfriends you will be amazed at the collective cosmic consciousness, solar awareness and gifts of the Spirit that will emerge from your hearts as a cornucopia of light to flow forth to grace the earth in this sacred endeavor of your communion as a great world body of spiritual aspirants.
        I ask the current council of The Hearts Center movement to set forth a plan of action whereby this sharing may occur. And even though this year not all countries may yet be represented during your summer conference in person, let their sharing occur electronically such that you will ennoble through this activity the very light essence of all sons and daughters of God evolving upon Terra in all nations, blessed hearts.
        I send a ray into the very heart of each nation in this hour that will expand as a cosmic activity of light through a number of spiritual strivers and conscious ones who will pick up on this divine request and make it manifest in the world of form in which you live upon earth. Dearest hearts, there will be accompanying you many divine spirits, who at inner planes and dimensions of being currently represent your nations and their peoples. They will trail along within you. You will feel the magnanimity of their presence in your midst.
        And you will see as it were in the etheric octaves placed over a certain cosmic rotunda of the gathering place that you select, a most magnificent array of light, consciousness and spiritual splendor. Even celestial beings from far off worlds will come to see this activity as messengers for their home planets and systems and bring the essence of what you share during these sacred days back with them for all to see what is occurring upon earth within the lives of the heartfriends of The Hearts Center who are representative of a high level of adepts upon this earth.
        Dearest hearts, every planetary home has such a spiritual council in the heavenworld. And it is time that upon earth there be reflected in your domain, as Above, so below, the same activity. For each time you engage in this level of holy communion you bring an essence of the etheric octave into play in your domain. And heaven becomes more tangible in the world of form in which you live. There are great spiritual beings living within each nation upon earth. The culture, the specificity of how these ones interact and manifest God Consciousness is different, is truly unique according to the long history, the dharma and the karma of these peoples and nations.
        Yet, blessed hearts, blended together as one there is a holy representation of the culture of the Divine Mother manifest everywhere such that if you could pool it into a great cosmic gemstone of light it would say to the universe, “This is what earth is composed of—diversity in unity, a plurality of beingness within the One and the oneness of all.” It is the great vision of Micah, son of Archangel Michael and Faith, to be with you during these sessions. In great joy he will come to place a standard of light in your midst that is the flag of the Brotherhood at inner levels of being. And so you may also desire to carry with you a small standard representative of your nation and your people. And that in a ring these standards, pennants or flags be placed before each delegate to remind all of who they represent, of their purpose and their mission.
        Dearest ones, the activity of light, the upsurge of spiritual fire that is continuing to be invoked in Scandinavia and specifically in Sweden is causing a shift for the light on a planetary scale. And for this the entire Spirit of the Brotherhood applauds those of you who have been diligent in maintaining your focus of light and of invoking the spiritual fire of heaven daily for the earth. [Sanat Kumara applauds for 5 seconds.] Keep on keeping on as true Keepers of the Lightning, as servitors of the Brotherhood of the Spirit. And know through the holy offering of selfhood, through all heart activities in which you engage, a greater connectivity with all heartfriends worlds without end that will ultimately manifest as the victory of the light for all.
        I am Sanat Kumara. And the Holy Kumaras stand in honor of their representatives upon earth who have remembered who they are, who have awakened to holy purpose and are delivering the goods, the spiritual goods, day after day on behalf of all sentient beings evolving upon earth. I thank you for your heart's love. For as you know, blessed ones, it is through love that victory is always manifest. God bless you.

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